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LANCO MG CLUB ( 06/16/09)


By Bruce Bubeck

I went to the Cars of England show on Saturday June 6th at the Oakbourne Mansion in Westtown, near West Chester. This was a new location. The show was sponsored by Delaware Valley Triumphs and was also a concours judged show for the Jaguar Clubs of North America. As an official JCNA event, there were some very high end E-types, XK120/140/150s, and even a 99.9 point SS100. The Jags were divided into “driven” and “trailered” categories. One of the XK120s was trailered from Ontario. The Jaguars were given the prime real estate on the grounds near the mansion's unique water tower. In addition to the fantastic collection of Jags, there were MGs, Morgans, TVRs, Triumphs, Aston Martins, Rolls Royces, Rovers, Lotus', old and new Minis, Austin Healeys, an Allard, an AC and some Brit Bikes. The show did not have a popular vote contest but non-Jags 15 years and older could be judged. There was good food to be had, bag pipers, and a DJ. The vendor area included the local Range Rover Dealer, Lotus Dealer, Triple C, Ragtops and Roadsters, and a few others. I'd estimate there were just over 100 cars in attendance. All in all a very nice show in a nice setting.




2009 Original British Car Day Report

By Charlie Baldwin

The 2009 Original British Car Day was held on Sunday, June 7 at Lilypons Water Gardens near Buckeystown, Maryland. It was a beautiful warm sunny day. One of the problems that British car owners have had with this show at this location is that there is little shade available to relax and get away from the sun for a while. This was a big problem when the show was held later in June, but is better now that it earlier in the month. However, early in June may have other weather problems associated with it. Last year there was a heavy shower before the show was over and another recent year the whole day was miserable and rainy. The organizers have seen fit to make the day of show registration $25, which certainly would lessen the day of show registrations.

Turnout for the event seemed to be less than usual, perhaps because of rain in the days leading up to it. Even so, there were some interesting cars present. It is very seldom that one sees a Turner that isn’t racing at a vintage race event, but there was one in normal street trim in attendance. Also, there was an interesting MG TC police car, complete with a bell on the front apron. I also saw an MG TD that had come from Ontario. Early MGBs were in short supply with only two present. The MGB tourers were separated from each other, so it appeared that few were there. There was a good row of MGAs and some Midgets and MGB GTs. I only saw one MGC, a GT.

MG TC Police Car

The classic Mini was the featured marque and there were quite a few of those. Other British marques - Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Morgan, Sunbeam, Triumph, Lotus, TVR, Rolls Royce, and Bentley were all represented, though numbers of them seemed down from previous years. There was a large empty area in the show field for the Land Rovers and Range Rovers with only one showing up.

Vendors were also present, with parts, apparel, and restoration services offered. To sum up, perhaps the economy is holding down participation, but this particular venue may be helped with some tents being provided for shade and a change to the pricing structure to encourage more day of show attendees after the weather for the day is determined.

According to the Winners List, the following LANCO members won awards:

Neal and Jackie Brewer - 1st Place - Austin-Healey Bug Eye Sprite

Alan Tucker - 2nd Place - MGB GT

Michael Egliskis - 3rd Place - MGB GT





By Sally Harbold

Friday, June 12 was hot and sunny as the LANCO gang left f or MD. The group was headed f or “Capital Classic 2009” at Havre de Grace spons ored by the Capital Area Austin Healey Club. The group included Charlie and Eileen Baldwin in their Healey and Jim and Sally Harbold, Sue and N orm Wright, and Andy and Kay Myers in their MG’s. Bruce and Sue Hurley joined us in the PM in their Healey. After a lunch stop in P ort Deposit we arrived in Havre de Grace, checked in and had dinner at a local restaurant.

Saturday we caravanned to Millard Tydings Park and enjoyed tours at the Maritime Museum and The Decoy Museum. Our Group was divided in 2 groups - where some sailed on an early sailing of the Skipjack “Martha Lewis”; they enjoyed a beautiful, “clear as glass” trip and had a great sailing! The later group ran into a thunder st orm and FINALLY docked after a soaking, cold rain including a lot of thunder and lightning! A “drenched” group arrived back at the hotel with dripping clothes and, in some cases, a wet car! Ask Charlie Baldwin how long it takes to put the top up on his Healey!!

After warming up and drying out, we went to dinner at MacGreg or’s where we enjoyed a nice dinner, including a great dessert bar! A highlight was a “Name that Car” game that included some of the most unusual cars we had ever seen! Luckily our own Charlie Baldwin finished 2 nd - guessing 9 correct cars out of a Power Point presentation of 20 cars. This was followed by an inf ormative talk about the Responsible Harvesting of Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay, including the recovery of oyster shells to aid in re-construction of the oyster beds in the bay.

Sunday dawned clear, with a cool breeze, and promises of a sunny day by noon. We began a 2 hr. drive which included bald eagle sightings (complete with a nest of eaglets), an abandoned canal from Civil War times, an old grist mill, and the Conowingo Dam. At the dam we again viewed a bald eagle in flight, herons and other birds, as well as a reservoir draw-down releasing thousands of gallons of water on the down-stream side of the dam. We arrived (under sunny skies) at the Celtic Festival at the Steppingstone Museum. There we were treated to a Pipe and Drum C orp, Scottish Singers, Sheep shearing and Sheepherding, Highland Games and Dancing, Welsh Clogging, and a large number of vend ors selling all things Celtic! We said our farewells and headed home with many happy mem ories of a great weekend enjoyed by all. The entire weekend was meticulously co ordinated by Michael Oritt, of the Capital Area Austin Healey Club. If you ever want to enjoy a super weekend – look for news of “Capital Classic 2010”; it is a weekend not to be missed!



By Steve Dellinger

The middle of May means “Import Carlisle”! Several LANCO MG Club members attended one or more days of the weekend – some had cars on the show field, some were there shopping for parts and Mike Lang was there trying to sell his 1972 MGB GT. My 2005 MINI Cooper and I spent Saturday on the show field with the Carlisle Minis group, which was well represented by both “classic” and “new” minis/MINIs. I spent a good deal of time talking to the “classic” owners, as I had just purchased a 1974 Morris Mini 1000, which was to be picked up the next day. For a change the rain held off until later in the day. Not too many MGs on the show field this year. The size of the vendor area seems to be smaller every year – probably a combination of online sales and the current state of the economy.

MGs on the Show Field


Mike Lang’s BGT for Sale


Numerous “New” and “Classic” Minis were in Attendance.


Sunbeam Alpine GT


The “Sevens” Showed up in Force


Not British – But Still Nice

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LANCO MG CLUB ( 05/19/09)


The “Crew” at the Pinnacle

Our meeting was held Sunday, May 17 th on the patio at McCleary's in Marietta. Our next event will be our Longwood Gardens Tour. We have 11 cars signed up so far. We will meet east of Lancaster at Rockvale Outlet in front of Cracker Barrel at 10:00 AM on Sunday June 21 st. If you would like to join up, check out our web site ( for more information

Look forward to seeing you all at our next event.

And have a safe drive in your fun cars, MG safe always.


No Dust in Sight at the “Get The Dust Off” Rally

Story and Photographs by Dennis Blevins

The warming promise of an early Spring day, the cars and crews anxious to be freed after the pent up weeks of winter, hours and hours and hours of preparing a perfect driving event for the club – what could possibly dampen the spirits raised by all these thoughts and activity? Rain!!!

My British Car Doesn’t Leak!

Sunday, May 3 rd dawned to steady drizzle for the twenty-first running of the “Get the Dust Off” rally. Before registration for the event opened at 10:00 a.m. the drizzle had turned to a steady, and at times heavy, all-day soaker. Regardless of Mother Nature’s whims, seventeen teams turned out for the MG’s of Baltimore/Washington, DC region SCCA co-sponsored event. Six of those were the brave-hearted “historic” teams of Carole Jefferson and Carol Tucker, Jack and Liz Long, and Lenny Casper and Nancy Parr in their MGBs, Sergio Zarbin and Tom Psoras in Sergio’s Midget, and Brian Blood and Steve Keller and Len and Jason Picton in their SAAB 96’s. The weather conditions undoubtedly kept many of our “historic”/recreational teams at home.

The seventy mile Monte Carlo style route took the competitors from the start at rallymaster Eric (and Mary) Salminen’s home in Kingsville, MD to the finish at the Fiore Vineyards and Winery near Pylesville, MD – just south of York county. During the run of the course seventeen checkpoints were encountered, nine of which were manned for scoring. The continued inclement weather kept all activities indoors at the winery. The use of automatic “time allowances” provided for quick completion of the results and generally overall low scores on the day. Highlights of the scoring include Lenny Casper and Nancy Parr finishing second in the Historic I class (1960’s) with 105 points and Carol Tucker, navigating for Carole Jefferson, taking third place in the Historic II (1970’s) at 175 points. Commemorative bottles of Fiore wine were awarded to the first, second, and third place teams in each class. Additionally, dining gift certificates were presented for the “hard luck” award (Brian Blood and Steve Keller – ’69 SAAB – brake failure immediately after the start) and longest distance traveled to compete (Greg Lester from Akron, Ohio). Participants of the recently held MGOB rally school faired particularly well –Sergio Zarbin and Tom Psoras won their class (Historic I) in Sergio’s MG Midget and finished third overall tallying a meager 36 penalty points and the novice team of Mike Klinkle and Jeff Holmes placed sixth overall with just 61 points, placing just behind four national SCCA-competing teams.

Rallymaster Eric Addresses the Group

Rallymaster Eric was kept busy all day retrieving parts for the DNF teams (brake fluid for the Blood/Keller SAAB and an alternator for the Mazda Protégé of Jim and Jeff Wakemen). Many thanks are due to his large and varied team of volunteers, including wife Mary, Alan Tucker, Bruce Bubeck, and Dennis Blevins, for manning the checkpoints, safety and pre-checking the route, and scoring. The proceeds of the event – approximately $350 - were donated to the ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) Association.

Some additional comments from Len Picton……

“ My son Jason and I have been fixing up our 1973 SAAB 96 for two years. We missed several deadlines in construction. It is said that such a car should get a 5/50/500 test (5 miles of driving followed by checking everything, followed by 50 miles of driving, etc.). We didn't get all that done. In fact, the rally was our 50 mile test. On the way to the event, we had to turn back home to get the key to the locking gas cap. When we did, the driver's side wiper flew off (a severe handicap in the pouring rain!). We just made it to the start in time. To say that we were pleased with the outcome is an understatement - the father and son project won its class”.

Keep your calendar open for the “Mason-Dixon Trials” to be held on July 26 th!


Another New Venue for the May 17, 2009 Meeting

by Steve Dellinger

This month, the Club tried yet another new venue for the regular monthly membership meeting – McCleary’s Public House (Irish Pub) in Marietta, PA. The weather was warm enough to hold the meeting on the (albeit the heaters were turned on!). President Larry Ciarrocca convened the meeting, with twenty-six people in attendance. The weather was partly cloudy and in the low 60's, but 11 British cars ventured out to the meeting.

McCleary’s Public House

“B” for Sale

Recent events attended were discussed, including (1) the April 26 th fun run”; (2) the (soggy) Artistry in Motion show; (3) the MGOB Rally School and subsequent “Get The Dust Off” Rally and (4) the Carlisle Import Show. The drive is about 1½ hours / 50+ miles long – with food (and restrooms) at the end. The next “fun run” is scheduled for sometime in June – a trip to Maryland for crabs. Gloria circulated a signup sheet for the Longwood Gardens trip on June 21 st.

Don’t Eat My Fish and Chips while I take Your Picture!

Those Heaters Really Worked

Sally Harbold provided some updated information on the “wine tour” scheduled for Sunday, July 26 th. (The Mason Dixon Rally is scheduled for the same day). Andy Schneggenburger reported that the event flyers for The Taste of Britain show have been mailed. Future events discussed included British Invade Gettysburg on July 12 th, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (July 17-19) and a car show at Long’s Park in Lancaster on August 15 th.

Craig Haberle reported that he has recently “rediscovered” a 69/70 MGB that has been in storage since 1978. Sounds like a future restoration project!

Steve D. picked up a ‘74 Mini 1000 on his way to the Meeting

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April 19, 2009 Meeting

From the Desk of Larry Ciarrocca

Well it's time to take off the cover on your MG. … So charge up the Battery and wash off the dust, Spring is here.

Let’s also do some safety checks for fun driving:

Check all belts for wear
Check wiper blades and washer
Change oil and filter
Let's not forget transmission fluid also
Check brakes and also emergency brake
This is very important - check the tires for side wall cracks and also check between the treads for splits in tires. Also check those valve stems.

Now you’re ready for spring and summer fun, so have fun driving, knowing your car is safe.

Looking forward to our first fun drive coming up on April 26 th. Hope for great weather.

Our Longwood Garden tour is set for June 21 st. Have a good group going. If you would like to go, check our web site for more information .

Also coming up will be our first wine tour and a cover bridge tour - keep looking for more updates.


New Venue for the April 19, 2009 Meeting

by Steve Dellinger

This month, the Club tried a new venue for the regular monthly meeting – the Lyndon City Line Diner in Lancaster. President Larry Ciarrocca convened the April membership meeting, with twenty-five members and Junior Member Mark Walter in attendance. The weather was cloudy and in the low 60's, with a chance of showers, so eight British cars traveled to the meeting.

The “Crew” Heads In!

Most of the meeting was spent discussing revisions and/or additional details related to the event schedule for the year. Information was distributed on the “fun run” scheduled for Sunday, April 26 th. The drive is about 1½ hours / 50+ miles long – with food (and restrooms) at the end. This will be a fair weather event – if it rains we won’t go! Four cars are signed up to participate in the Mount Joy Memorial Day Parade on May 23 rd. Gloria circulated a signup sheet for the Longwood Gardens trip on June 21 st. A minimum of 15 people are needed to qualify for the group rate of $12 per person. Sally Harbold has organized a “wine tour” for Sunday, July 26 th – which will include a “drive” ultimately ending at the Moon Dancer Vineyards & Winery near Wrightsville in York County. Mary Lynne Naples is working on an overnight trip sometime in the fall – possibly involving train rides (more to come on that). Planning for The Taste of Britain show will begin in earnest in the near future.

MG Mechanic Shawn Miller brought along some “bits” to pass around – including an adaptor he made to facilitate balancing of wire wheels and some syncro rings which aided in showing why the old tranny doesn’t like to downshift some of the time.

The Meeting’s Just About to Start.

It must be spring – because a lot of cars are suddenly for sale, including the following:

Charlie Baldwin – 1960 Austin Healy and 1953 MGTD

Gloria Ciarrocca – 1970 MGB

Andy Myers – 1979 MGB

Dale Glatfelter – 1972 MGB (Supercharged)

Any more??

Remember to take advantage of the Classified page on the website!

What Are You Planning, Sally?


By the way … the food and service at the City Line Diner was excellent!


REMINDER – LANCO MG Club members can have photos of their LBC(s) included on the Club’s website. You can email up to three photos to Jack Butler at


B.I.G. is Fast Approaching!

The British Invade Gettysburg (B.I.G.) show is only a couple of months away [Sunday, July 12 th]! Ralph Ericksen’s granddaughter has developed a new website specifically for the annual event []. The site includes a brief history of the B.I.G., photographs of past events and information/registration materials for this year’s event. Mailings have been made to several car clubs. The registration form can also be accessed from the LANCO website. Ralph has already received 100+ preregistrations. Show hours this year are from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (rain or shine). Preregistrations (@ $7 per car) will be accepted through June 14 th. The day-of-show entrance fee will be $10. Ralph has indicated that he has already received 100+ preregistrations!

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March 8, 2009 Meeting

by Steve Dellinger

President Larry Ciarrocca convened the March membership meeting at the Gettysburg Family Restaurant in Gettysburg, with twenty-six members and one guest in attendance. The weather was relatively warm, with a slight chance of showers, so nine British cars traveled to the meeting.

What Exactly is Tim Selling out of his Trunk?

Most of the meeting was spent discussing revisions and/or additional details related to the event schedule for the year. Andy Schneggenburger indicated that postcards will be mailed shortly to announce the events scheduled for the next several months. Sally Harbold solicited more input into the previously-discussed “wine tour.” The proposed date for the Longwood Gardens trip was moved to June 21 st to avoid a conflict with the Havre De Grace event the weekend before.

Ralph Eriksen provided an update on the planning for the British Invade Gettysburg (B.I.G.) show. The registration form will be on the website shortly. Ralph has received mailing labels from several clubs and is currently assembling the mailings/return envelopes for registration. Photographs of the Martins’ and the Wrights’ cars have been sent to The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg – who will include them in a separate mailing to the 3,000+ addresses on their mailing list. Setup time for the event will be @ 8:00 AM – the show starts at 9:00 AM. Helpers from previous years have been “volunteered” to assist again this year. Anyone else interested in helping should contact Ralph directly. The local Convention Bureau will pay for the cost of mailing the “pre-registered” packets, which among other things, will include information on the new Gettysburg Visitors Center and the recently-restored David Wills House.

Most of the Members Seem to be Listening to Larry



After Dinner, the Discussions Continue



Bob McFarland Decides that He can Beat the Rain Home!

Steve Dellinger provided an update on the Meeting of the Marques International Motorshow, which is put on by the Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club (SVVSCC). This year, the event has been expanded to an international theme – with an emphasis on charitable fundraising. The event will be held on Saturday, May 30 th as part of the Children’s Miracle Network Community Celebration at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, PA. The Car Show will run from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM. Cars will be grouped by broad classes only - Antique (1984 and Older) British, European, Asian, North American and Motorcycles; and Modern Era (all 1985 and newer vehicles, hot rods and kit cars). More details on the new event can be found on the SVVSCC website [].

Larry reported that the 2009 Banquet has been confirmed for Saturday, December 5 th at David & Steve’s Fireside Tavern at the Historic Strasburg Inn in Strasburg, PA. This year’s banquet will be a buffet. More information will be available in the coming months.

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February, 2009

B.I.G. IS BACK!!!!!

Thanks to the persistent efforts of Ralph Ericksen over the past year+, we are happy to announce that the British Invade Gettysburg (B.I.G.) Car Show will celebrate its 9 th year at The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg, in Gettysburg, PA on Sunday July 12, 2009 [visit the Outlet Shoppes website @]. This has been one of the most successful, quality shows in the Mid-Atlantic area. British cars will have exclusive use of the Main Street parking from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM. There are over 70 first class outlet stores at this complex.

Scenes from Previous Years’ Shows

There are also two new tourist attractions in the Gettysburg area this year. The new Gettysburg Battlefield Visitors Center is a definite “must see.” The Cyclorama and accompany short movie will give the visitor a clear vision to the famous Battle of Gettysburg [see for more details] Also new is the Wills House on center square in Gettysburg. This completely restored building is where President Abraham Lincoln stayed the night (and finalized his speech) before his historic Gettysburg Address. Check out the LANCO website @ for further details about the car show or contact the event chairman, Ralph Erikson at


February 8, 2009 Meeting Wrap-Up

by Steve Dellinger

President Larry Ciarrocca convened the February membership meeting at the Elephant and Castle Pub and Restaurant in New Cumberland, with thirty members in attendance – including new members Matt Gross and George Long. Andy Schneggenburger reported that we currently have 134 members. The sun was out and the weather was warm for February, so quite a few MGs ventured out, as well as a Healey and a couple of new MINIs.

Most of the meeting was spent discussing the event schedule for the year. The big announcement of the day was by Ralph Eriksen, who reported that the British Invade Gettysburg show is ON for this year. It will be held at the Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg on Sunday, July 12 th (from 9 AM to 1 PM). This will give show attendees time to visit some of the new attractions in the Gettysburg area, including the new Battlefield Visitor Center and the recently renovated Wills House downtown. A working budget for the show was approved and dash plaques for the show were discussed.

Next month’s club event will be a meeting at the Gettysburg Family Restaurant in Gettysburg (see event information below). Ralph has invited several members of the British Road Rovers Touring Association (BRRTA) to the meeting to discuss possible joint events. A wine tour event was discussed – Sally Harbold will investigate further. A late May/early June trip to Longwood Gardens was also discussed.

May 15-17 is the Import Show in Carlisle. It was decided that, due to the lack of members available to man the LANCO MG tent, we will not rent a space in the swap meet area this year. Tim and Joan Martin are working on a location for the May 17 th members’ meeting – more to come on this next month.

Steve Dellinger reported that the Meeting of the Marques, which is put on by the Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club (SVVSCC) and has historically been held at the Allenberry Playhouse (Boiling Springs) in September, has been moved to May 30 th – and will be held as part of the Children’s Miracle Network Community Celebration in Hershey. More details on the new event will be placed on the SVVSCC website [] in the near future.


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From the Desk of Larry Ciarrocca

By Larry Ciarrocca

Well here we go again - a new year for Lanco MG Club, and a list of new club officers:

Larry Ciarrocca
Secretary and Editor
Steve Dellinger
Treasurer Jim Harbold
Events Coordinator Sally Harbold
Web Editor Jack Butler
Board Member Lenny Casper
Board Member Tom Naples

I would like to thank all the officers that are leaving office for all the time and support they have given the club over the past years. I would also like to take this time to welcome all the new officers and look forward to a great ‘09.

The X-Mass dinner had a very good turnout, even if the weather wasn’t good. We had 35 guests at the dinner.

Since we knew it was a rough year for a lot of people, we as a club decided to up our donations. The Club gave $1,500 to Toys For Tots, Lancaster County and $500 to Toys For Tots, Adams County.

We did have our first board meeting on January 8 th, to go over this year events.

Let’s all make 2009 a year of Great Times and Joy with our Friends and our MGs. Let’s make this a year of safe and fun times - so drive your MG!


Christmas Banquet Wrap-up

by Steve Dellinger

As in previous years, on Saturday, December 6 th, members of the LANCO MG Club convened at the General Sutter Inn in Lititz for the Annual LANCO MG Club Banquet. Despite a snowy evening, 35 Club Members and guests attended. Following an hour - long cash bar, dinner was served promptly at 7 PM. After the excellent dinner, outgoing President Andy hosted the festivities. This year, the Club presented the Lancaster County Marine Corps League Toys for Tots program with a $1,500 donation. A $500 donation was similarly made to the Gettysburg Chapter.


Roman Milanowicz presents Andy a Plaque from Toys for Tots


This year’s Enthusiast of the Year Award was presented to Lenny Casper. Mary Lynne Naples received the Tour Guide Award for her work organizing the fall trip to Leesburg, VA. Brooks Thompson got the "Fuel Efficiency" Award for a failed fuel pump on the Leesburg trip, and Larry Ciarrocca received the "Healing Hands Award" for having John Twist getting him sorted out at the NAMGBR show in Valley Forge.


 Mary Lynne Naples accepts the “Tour Guide” Award


Gloria accepts the “Healing Hands” Award


Members receiving awards for years of service in the Club included the following:

25 Years
20 Years
Larry & Gloria Ciarrocca
Jim & Sally Harbold
Larry Spangler
15 Years
10 Years
Bruce Bubeck
Dale & Claudia Glatfelter
Eric & Mary Salminen
Bob & Peg McFarland
Tony & Rose Ann Sinkosky
Andy Schneggenburger & Kelly Hartlaub
Alan & Carol Tucker

Andy expressed recognition for last year’s meeting hosts, as well as for the numerous ”A Taste of Britain” Volunteers, other Event Volunteers and new Rally Hound members. Special “thanks” were also given to the following members:

Jack Butler—Web Site

Steve Dellinger—British Marque Liaison

Kay Myers—Baskets for TOB

Sally Harbold - Organizational support for the Picnic

Ed Manbeck - Table Decorations for the Annual Banquet


Club Participation Award from this Year’s “Rocks”

The festivities concluded with a story by Joan Martin.

Another enjoyable end to a successful year!



January 11, 2008 Meeting Wrap-Up

by Steve Dellinger

Newly-elected President Larry Ciarrocca convened the first membership meeting of the new year at Isaac’s Restaurant in Lancaster, with twenty-nine members in attendance, including Sally Harbold, who is recovering nicely from back surgery. Larry provided a summary of the discussion at the Board meeting held on January 8 th. The Treasurer’s report was also presented.

Larry conducts his first meeting as President

Most of the discussion during the meeting focused on the scheduling of events for the year. In addition to regularly scheduled Club events, Larry suggested the idea of also having several “fun runs” throughout the year – which could be organized by individual members and may only involve a small number of cars/members. Several possible “overnight” trip destinations were discussed including another early October trip.

Charlie Baldwin and Dennis Blevins demonstrated the Lanco MG Yahoo Group website, which can be used for discussion among members.

Charlie and Dennis Demonstrate the Yahoo Group Site

The future of the Club’s book and tape library was also discussed. Jack Butler will put the listing of materials in the library on the website. There was also some discussion regarding the venue for the 2009 Annual Club Banquet. Options will be presented for further discussion at the next Club meeting on February 8 th.

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