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January 2013

Annual Banquet – December 2012

By Steve Dellinger

The annual LANCO MG Club Holiday Banquet was held at the Fireside Tavern, Strasburg, PA on Saturday, December 12th, with 46 members plus two guests from Toys for Tots in attendance.

 Door Prizes Ready for the Drawing

Banquet dinner choices this year included Chicken Piccata, Braised Roast Beef, Broiled Salmon with Dill Sauce, salad, mashed and roasted potatoes and vegetables. For dessert we had Bourbon Chocolate Chip Pie or Raspberry Cheesecake – complemented with freshly brewed coffee or hot tea.

Sally addresses the Group for the Final Time as President

A donation was made to the Lancaster County Marine Corps League Toys for Tots program. In November, we also donated to the Toys for Tots, Gettysburg.

Gil Bixler from Toys for Tots presents Award to Sally

Awards for the year included the following:

Years of service in the Club:

25 Years of Service: Dennis and Carol Blevins, Andy and Kay Myers, Kent and Connie Williamson

20 Years of Service: Loretta and Charlie Sawyer

15 Years of Service: Steve Dellinger, Tom Gates, Bruce and Sue Hurley, Hank Lingenfelder, Bill Shields

10 Years of Service: Charlie and Cindi Filand, Michael and Betsy Lang, Mike and Helen Schaller, Susan Wagner, Charles and Carla Welt, Norm and Sue Wright

The Blevins and the Myers receive their 25-Year Service Recognition

This year’s only special award – the “Hard Luck Award” went to Skip Partlow for his adventures on the way to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix.

“Hard Luck Award” Winner Skip Partlow

Sally expressed recognition for last year’s meeting hosts, as well as for the numerous ”A Taste of Britain” and “British Invade Gettysburg” Volunteers, tech session organizers and other Event Volunteers. Special “thanks” were also given to the following members:

Steve Dellinger- Newsletter Editor/Photographer

Jeff Shank & Mike Lang – “Chefs Extraordinaire” for the annual picnic

Kay Myers - Table Decorations for the Christmas Banquet

Larry Ciarrocca and Andy Schneggenburger - TOB Registrar and Tech Support

The festivities concluded with a reading by Joan Martin and the annual carol sing led by Sally, accompanied by Bruce Deisinger.

Bruce Deisinger on Keyboards

Another enjoyable end to a successful year!



January 2013 Club Meeting

by Steve Dellinger

Newly-elected President Ralph Spayd convened the first membership meeting of the new year at Isaac’s Restaurant in Lancaster, with twenty-three members in attendance. One old and one new British Cars were also in attendance. Minutes from the November 2012 meeting were distributed. The Treasurer’s report was also presented.

President Spayd presented some new ideas aimed at increasing participation by heretofore “invisible” club members. The first of these will be “Coffee, Cars & Conversation” – which will occur on the first Saturday of the month from April through October. Interested participants will meet at 9 AM at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia (Route 441 exit of U.S. 30). As stated by Ralph, this will be “An informal gathering of cars and owners to meet, BS and solve the world’s problems.” Other area British car clubs will also be invited to participate. The morning may just be spent “chatting” for an hour – or may be the starting point for a “drive” elsewhere.

 President Ralph Addresses the Membership

Most of the discussion during the meeting focused on the scheduling of events for the year. In addition to regularly scheduled Club events, several “fun runs” have (or will be) also been scheduled throughout the year – which could be organized by individual members and may only involve a small number of cars/members. Possible locations included the Boyertown Auto Museum and the National Watch and Clock Museum. Due to the “aging demographic” of the club, the idea of some mid-week runs was also discussed.

President Ralph also announced a monthly “Name Tag” drawing – which will officially kick off at the March Club meeting. At each regularly scheduled Club meeting, the name/number of a Club member will be drawn. If the member is in attendance AND is wearing his/her name tag – they will win the pot! $10 will be contributed to the pot. If no one wins, the pot will roll over to the next month’s meeting. The last drawing of the year will be at the November meeting. Any remaining money in the pot at that time will be returned to the treasury – and the process will start again the following year. [More specific details will be posted on the Club website – including the names of those “winners” who weren’t in attendance when their name/number was picked!]

It was reported that the flyer and registration form for this year’s British Invade Gettysburg (BIG) Show have been placed on the website. This year’s show will be held on Sunday, July 14th. The date of this year’s A Taste of Britain show is Sunday, August 25th. Larry Ciarrocca reported that the show committee will be meeting in the near future.

The club is in need of an Events Coordinator – a willing volunteer would be greatly appreciated!

What to Order?

Under “new business” the concept of a Club membership survey was discussed. As nearly all of the members now have email addresses, it was decided that the survey will be email-based. While the total Club membership averages excess of one hundred, a much smaller number of members actively participate in club events. The survey will be an attempt to solicit participation from existing members that don’t currently participate in club activities. Members will be queried regarding their interest in attending car shows, attending club meetings, going on short runs and/or longer (multi-day) trips. Information on suggested events, runs, etc. Suggestions on the current operations of the club will also be solicited.

New Officers/Board Members for 2013 - 2014

It was reported that the Board will be reviewing the existing Club By-Laws and recommending some amendments. The draft amendments will be presented to the membership at a meeting in the coming months. The preparation of a Roadside Assistance Book for Club members was also discussed. The general concept of the document would be a listing of club members arranged geographically, with contact information (in case of emergency) as well as notations on the club member’s interests (such as car shows, driving/dining, wine tours, rallys, road trips, mechanicals, etc.). The development of a members’ cell phone list was also proposed.

After detailing such an ambitious agenda for the upcoming year, President Ralph adjourned the formal meeting – for food and continued conversation.


Charlie makes a Point


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February 2013

The View from “Behind the Wheel”

by Ralph Spayd

Not sure what to call my “President’s” report from our LANCO membership meetings yet, so I’ll go with this title for February. You may or may not see the same title for the March report, but I do have two years to figure it out! What I can report, from this vantage point, was a very pleasant view looking out at about 39 members and guests. The February meeting was held at Morgan Cars Mid-Atlantic/Europa Macchina in Lewisberry, PA and our hosts Lori and Dennis Frick were incredibly gracious. A big thank you to LANCO Board member Charlie Baldwin for setting up the meeting. The highlight of the day was after we adjourned and Lori and Dennis gave out rides in the 3-wheeled Morgan……what a rush!!

Morgan Cars Mid-Atlantic / Europa Macchina

Our Hosts – Dennis and Lori

We have several “irons in the fire” for 2013 and some new ventures planned. The Board of Directors is finalizing the review of the club’s by-laws and our membership survey questionnaire. We plan to have a mass mailing out to the membership by March to collect and update our membership files. Also, the packet will include other key pieces of information. Speaking of which, a key piece of information included in you packet will be your “official” LANCO name tag. As explained at the meeting, you’ll want to be wearing that at the April meeting….it could be profitable! Our Coffee, Cars and Conversation casual meeting at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA is finalized. The kick off will be the 1st Saturday in April at 9AM and is a rain or shine event. We plan to meet for about an hour and we’re inviting all local British cars (and their owners) to enjoy some camaraderie and coffee. We’re optimistic we can solve the world’s problems, but don’t want to set the bar too high for the first meeting. What would we then do in May?? The year looks to be a busy one and the calendar is filling quickly with car shows, drives and other events. Our March meeting will be at Coakley’s Irish Pub in New Cumberland, PA on Sunday, March 10th. I look forward to seeing everyone from my vantage point “behind the wheel”.


 Ralph and the Bentley Share Center Stage


The Bentley Alone!

PS: Pleased that Bruce wasn't’t there to play “Hail to the Chief” as threatened. Just can’t trust retired music teachers…….right, Sally?! Oh, BTW Tim and Joan, we all waited after the Morgan rides for rides in the new Jag…….maybe March???

The Martins’ New Toy (perpetuating "cylinder envy"- wm.)



February 2013 Club Meeting

"Three Wheeled Fun"

by Ralph Spayd

I can safely speak for everyone who took a ride in the 3-wheeled Morgan that it was a blast. The weather was chilly, but the red faces and wide eyes were more a product of the open cockpit experience shared with our drivers Lori and Dennis as they drove us, one by one, around the industrial park.

Gloria Gets the First Ride

I do need to back up a bit, but am still excited just thinking about the experience. OK, now from the beginning. The LANCO MG Club held our February meeting at Morgan Cars Mid-Atlantic/Europa Macchina. Their operation is located at 501 Industrial Drive, Lewisberry, PA and owners Lori Van Houton Frick and Dennis Frick graciously hosted our meeting. They are a Moto Guzzi dealer as well as an authorized Morgan 3-Wheeler dealer. In addition, Dennis heads up a very first class restoration shop specializing in vintage Porches, Mercedes Benz, and other classic vehicles. The operation is divided into three sections. When you enter the building you see the Moto Guzzi show room, which is very impressive. In addition there is a sole surviving Mercedes “truck” from the late 1930s which survived the war and is in pristine condition. Also, some very impressive Porsche engines and an in-process restoration of a Derby Bentley.


 Moto-Guzzis and “In-Process” Bentley

 1952 Mercedes-Benz 220 Lieferwagen

Next you enter the “clean room” which held 2 Porsche 356’s with just immaculate paint work. They do all the restoration assembly work with painstaking care. Then you’re into the shop area where an ongoing restoration of a Bentley was happening. In addition a beautiful 911 was on a lift as well as custom sheet metal/fiberglass body fabrications of a Porsche 904 recovering from a fire. Their attention to detail is second to none and they serve clients from across the US. It appears no challenge is too big for them to tackle.

Porsche 904

The Morgan 3-Wheeler was the hit of the day. Lori and Dennis took turns piloting us one by one, in a tight fit in the 2 seat Morgan. They are open cockpit vehicles titled as motorcycles. The 3-wheelers weigh in at about 1100 pounds and are powered by a 115-horsepower S&S V-twin, fuel-injected, 2-Liter motorcycle engine mated to a Mazda 5-speed gear box. The engines are shipped from the US to the Morgan factory for assembly and yes, they are still using ash for the frames! The model we got to ride in was a BRG with saddle tan interior, just absolutely gorgeous! The ride to say the least was “exhilarating”. The meeting and the day was a huge success in no small part to our gracious hosts Lori and Dennis.


 Bruce Gets Ready to Head Out!



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March 2013

LANCO MG CLUB (03/19/13)

The View from “Behind the Wheel” by Ralph Spayd.

And another good view it was as we held our version of “March Madness” aka the club meeting at Coakley’s Irish Pub in New Cumberland. Not exactly club meeting related, but the drive down the main drag in town to Coakley’s will shake the cobwebs loose. I’ve been starting the meetings with some car trivia questions and this month we found out there are some Mustang “purists” in the club, but what would you expect at an Irish Pub - car hooligans!!! We gave Charlie Baldwin a round of applause for pulling together last month’s meeting. Charlie set the bar pretty high and it will be tough to top February’s meeting, but we’ll keep trying.

And the Winner is …

 Lots on the agenda this year as driving season is kicking off. We’ll host our initial Coffee – Cars & Conversation at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia on April 6th at 9AM. It’s open to all British car owners and enthusiasts and is scheduled rain or shine. We will have a small contingent heading to the tech session at Triumph Rescue on March 23rd. But our main order of business at the meeting was the presentation and review of our by-laws proposal. I want to thank my board of directors for the extra effort to get the proposal ready for the March meeting. After some discussion and minor changes to the proposal, we’ll be posting the by-laws on our web site for final review and vote at the April meeting. We did learn that Al Little is our resident “wordsmith”, but I suspect most knew that and we’re going to tap Al’s wisdom in April for some “real” trivia (no Mustang stuff). Our membership survey is complete and will be mailed out to the members in March. It’s “short and sweet” and will take just minutes to complete. It even comes with a return envelope - couldn’t be easier. We’ve got a full calendar of events posted on our web site at Check it out and come join the fun, heck maybe even host an event or tour. Check out our two major events, British Invade Gettysburg on Sunday, July 14th and A Taste of Britain on Sunday, August 25th.


Is anyone listening??

What did he say?!

During “member true confessions” Dennis Blevins did share his latest rally experiences and his renewed faith in GPS....makes a believer out of you! And Brooks Thompson shared his experience in trying to get ahead or was that trying to get a head off his car. In either case, good stuff with a successful ending. But Brooks did admit it was easier a long time ago in a far, far galaxy! We hear ya brother! Also we have an offer from Skip Paltrow to lead a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield before the April meeting. If interested, RSVP to Skip and plan to meet at the Cross Keys Diner at noon.

Well that’s sufficient ramblings for another month. Join us on April 14th at the Cross Keys Diner in New Oxford at 3 PM.

P.S. - You’ll receive a signed note from the LANCO board of directors crediting you for a romantic Valentines dinner………..priceless.




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April 2013

LANCO MG CLUB Meeting (04/16/13)

The View from “Behind the Wheel” by Ralph Spayd

We’re definitely off and running this season. We held our 4 th meeting of the year at the Cross Keys Diner in New Oxford, PA with almost 40 members and guests attending. The Cross Keys is a great place to hold our meeting and they are very accommodating, Thank you. There were several members that met at the restaurant at noon for a quick tour of the Gettysburg battlefield. Led by our own Field General Skip Partlow. The group had a great day with perfect weather. In true battle fashion, Jon and Edie were laid low on the battlefield by a sneak attack from a Mr. Lucas, but the troop’s rallied and made it back without any mortal wounds, just some head scratchin’ and lots of free advice!

Al Little Talks Trivia

It was a busy meeting and we held our 1 st name tag drawing. The winner was Richard Wilhelm. Although Richard’s name tag was there, Richard was not and missed out on the $40 prize. So we’ll “roll” the kitty to $50 for next month. Remember you have to be there with your name tag to win. We recapped our inaugural Cars – Coffee & Conversation held on Saturday, April 6 th at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia. A well-attended event with 14 members and good coffee. We mailed out 166 club surveys in early April and have begun receiving responses. Lots of good input and we hope to have the summary results by July. Good insight and comments from the membership. It will certainly help us to map our future. We presented our LANCO car fire extinguisher program. The goal is to get 100% of the membership equipped with a car fire extinguisher. The club will help to underwrite the initial cost and we plan to batch an order for a unit discount. We’re still evaluating what type, but may look at both dry power and haylon units for the membership. As suggested, we’ll want some instruction in the proper use of a car fire extinguisher.

Inaugural Name Tag Drawing – But No Winner!

We also reviewed the details for our May 5 th road trip to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles. We’ll stop for an early lunch at Blind Hartman’s Tavern in Temple prior to the museum tour. The tour is designed for comfort as I’m the 60+ year old group leader and always have a keen interest in knowing where/when is the next stop. Finally, we discussed a change to our meeting format. I’ve proposed we have our meal at 2 PM with our business meeting immediately following. It was met with mixed comments and is still being evaluated. April is really the “kick off” month for shows and tours. LANCO has a full scheduled planned. Check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the British Invade Gettysburg on Sunday, July 14 th and A Taste of Britain on Sunday, August 25 th. Come join us in May at Tom Hertzog’s European Imports in Maytown for our tech session on the 19 th at 1 PM or join the ladies at LEPCO in Marietta at 1 PM. We’ll eventually find our way to McCleary’s Irish Pub in Marietta by 4 PM. When we leave will depend on a motion to adjourn. Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Al for his mind piercing trivia question and outstanding prize and Bruce for “volunteering” to sell 50/50 tickets - nice job guys.


LANCO April Coffee, Cars, & Conversation by Ralph Spayd

We held our initial Saturday AM gathering at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia, PA. on April 6 th. We’ll be meeting on the 1st Saturday of the month from April thru October at 9 AM. The April gathering had 14 people in attendance and is a casual gathering of British Car owners and enthusiasts. Nothing formal is planned, just a chance to meet and BS with old and new friends and have some coffee. We will be meeting outside so keep that in mind. There was a rumor for the May meeting we may head off for breakfast after the initial gathering? We’re also “talking” about using the meeting as a starting point for some short drives. Again, nothing formal, so stop by, bring your ideas and thoughts (I know it is early) but coffee is available!

“CCC” at the Turkey Hill Experience



LANCO Battlefield Tour by Skip Partlow

In commemoration of the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg, members of the LANCO MG Club took part in a run/tour of the battlefield. This was conducted before the club’s monthly meeting. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny spring southern Pennsylvania day. These types of days are custom made for driving your LBC with the top down and the sun in your face.

Great Day for a Tour!

The run included battlefield sites that encompassed all three days of the battle. It began at Herr’s Ridge, where the battle started and finished at the Angle where Pickett’s Charge saw the end of hostilities. The overall battle was discussed along with specific anecdotes that made the presentation more enjoyable. The only low point of the day occurred at the first stop when one of the cars wouldn’t start. Even after pushing it and trying to jump it the car was dead as a doornail. Imagine an LBC not starting, who would have thought that would happen? Thank goodness for AAA! All in all a good time was had by everyone.

Look at That!!



Attention LANCO Ladies:


The Annual Ladies Non-Tech Session will be held on May 19 at LEPCO (Lawn Equipment Parts Co.), 1475 River Rd., Marietta, PA. We will begin at 1 PM. Our own Carol Blevins, our Mary Kay Lady, will be there to show you what’s new in the Spring Line and Sally Harbold and Sue Hurley have a Card project to do! Be sure to join us to have a little fun and catch up with each other (Guys – we don’t even need a subject to talk!) See you there!


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May 2013

LANCO MG CLUB (05/14/13)

 The View from “Behind the Wheel” by Ralph Spayd

The “view” for this month will be a look into the future and a recap of past events. We’re somewhat out of order for our May membership meeting as we moved to the 3rd Sunday of the month due to Mother’s Day. We will be having our annual tech session on May 19th, hosted by Tom Hertzog at European Imports in Maytown while the ladies will be concurrently meeting at LEPCO in Marietta. We’ll all join together at LEPCO for a quick business meeting and then head off to McCleary’s Irish Pub. I’ll make a bold prediction that we’ll have a good time!

We had a great turnout on Sunday, May 5th for the drive/tour of the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles. See the attached article for more detail. We also held our 2nd Coffee – Cars & Conversation on May 4th with about a dozen coffee drinkers attending. Watch the club web site as we’ll be using that venue as a launch for some drives and tours later this year. Our survey results continue to “trickle” in and we’re currently at a 50% return. If you haven’t done so, please take a few minutes to complete the survey. It will save me from sending out the dreaded 2nd notice email! There are some definite trends and opinions surfacing in the surveys and the data will be invaluable in planning our future programs and events. I’ve settled on two types of car fire extinguishers for our club purchase program - a standard dry type and a haylon type extinguisher. Both are very reasonably priced. The goal is to insure ALL club members are carrying a fire extinguisher when we travel in our LBC’s. You may be able to save your “baby” or help someone else in an emergency. The car show season is in full bloom and every weekend will be featuring car shows and events. A very complete listing of shows and events is posted on our web site. Speaking of, check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the British Invade Gettysburg on Sunday, July 14th and A Taste of Britain on Sunday, August 25th. Hope you joined us on May 19th or if you missed us, catch us in June on the 9th at 3 PM at Gilligan’s Restaurant in Harrisburg.


LANCO Coffee – Cars & Conversation by Ralph Spayd; photos by Skip Partlow

Our 2nd coffee- cars & conversation was held on Saturday May 4th with 12 enthusiasts attending. We had a nice mix of cars with 3 MGAs. Nice turn out guys! Victor and his bug eye made it and we hope he’ll be a regular. Skip was still lamenting his AC installation, but had to keep it in check as Dale stopped by…..I hate when that happens!! Got some good info on how to supercharge my MGB with lots of other good info and stories swapped by all attending.

“CCC” at the Turkey Hill Experience

After the July meeting, we’re planning to visit the National Watch and Clock museum in Columbia. Details to follow in the June update. Again, nothing formal, so stop by, bring your ideas and thoughts (I know it is early) but coffee is available! The next gathering is 9 AM on June 1st at the Turkey Hill Experience. Check out the LANCO MG Club at





Boyertown Museum & Blind Hartman’s Tavern, by Ralph Spayd; photos by Skip Partlow.

What a beautiful day for a drive through the Berks County countryside. We did have an eclectic mix of cars for the journey (Gloria and Larry drove their “other car”…nuff said), so we had plenty of support vehicles just in case. We actually left the Sheetz on Oregon Pike on time and started our 50 mile trip on May 5th to the Museum with 10 cars and 17 intrepid travelers. Our 1st stop was at Blind Hartman’s Tavern for lunch. Al took a side tour of Temple, PA and we’ll let him write a separate trip report! After filling up at the Tavern, we were off to Boyertown and the museum.

The museum features cars, bikes and wagons from the south central PA area and is on the site of the former Boyertown Autobody Works. It struck me as we looked at the Conestoga wagon, the horse drawn carriages and the 1st car, how much our technology has morphed in that 100+ year span. You really get a sense of the development of motorize transportation from hand crafted vehicles to the assembly line built Model T’s and A’s.

Ready for the Trip


Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles

Conestoga Wagon ca. 1827

Three Cars in a Row

The 1907 Dragon

The museum’s vehicles are well presented and I’d recommend it as a destination. We had a tour guide which helped our understanding of the exhibits. They had a 1950’s “Adams” and it think it would still be a hit at car shows! We left the museum and took a quick stop at Jen and Jessie’s for some ice cream. I have duly noted the club likes to drive their cars AND eat! We made it back without an incident and had an enjoyable day driving and sharing company with good friends. Check out the LANCO MG Club web site at for future drives and events.



GTDO Recap by Dennis Blevins; photos by Bruce Bubeck.

Thirty-two teams came out on May 5th to participate in the twenty-fourth annual running of the “Get the Dust Off” rally. Organized by the MG’s of Baltimore (MGoB) and sanctioned by the Washington D.C. region of the Sports Car Club of America, the event provides competition for eight groups of teams including four for our “historic” sports cars. As has been for the past several years, the rally route began at rallymaster Eric (and Mary) Salminen’s farmette in Kingsville, Maryland and ended at the nearby Dejon Vineyards winery. While traversing the three-hour timed route the competitors were treated to seventy miles of scenic and twisty roadways of Baltimore and Harford counties and faced dozens of known checkpoints while following the Monte Carlo style route instructions. However, only fifteen of the controls were manned, and scored to one-hundredths of a minute per SCCA standards.

Getting Ready to Go!

Upon reaching the finish location, the competitors and workers were treated to wine tasting provided by Dejon personnel and grilled hot dogs and sausages prepared and served up by MGoB staff members or enjoyed their own tailgate-style lunch while the rally organizers tallied the scores. Best over-all score of the day of 17 points (remember, hundredths of a minute!) was achieved by the SCCA national rally team members Dave Teter and Dave Head competing in their rally-equipped Subaru WRX. A total of twenty-two awards were handed out. Of interest to LANCO MG club members; Alan and Carol Tucker, competing in their 1980 MGB, took home the third place award in the Historic II class, Bob Bates and navigator Michael Egliskis captured first place in the Vintage class in Bob’s 1952 MG-TD, and Richard Barnes and Michael Reick finished fifth in the novice class in Richard’s ’76 MGB. Complete scores can be found on the internet at .

“T” Crosses the Bridge

Additional items of note include: The father-daughter team of Chris and Gillian (age 6) Bean finished second in the SCCA “equipped” class with a total of 22 points, two other teams included “minor” members, ages 12 and 15, the MG’s of Baltimore club awarded a one-hundred dollar gift certificate to the winery to the best-finishing MGoB team of Chris and Diane Horant, and Dejon Vineyards held a free raffle with the top award being a complimentary private wine tasting and winery tour for ten people. This event is always held on the first Sunday in May – mark your calendars now for 2014!

Midget at Speed


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June 2013

LANCO MG CLUB (06/18/13)

 The View from “Behind the Wheel”. By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

We had a very busy month with our monthly “Coffee – Cars & Conversation” on Saturday, June 1st. We could best describe it as the “M” meeting, as there was MGs, Miatas, Mustangs, MINIs and Victor’s “Mugeye” Sprite (kinda a stretch) but you get the picture. The Turkey Hill Experience is certainly a popular place to meet and best of all we had two new members join the club.

“CCC” at the Turkey Hill Experience

The tech session at Tom Hertzog’s European Imports was a huge success with 15 members attending. Tom is never short of informative words and the session was well received covering a broad range of topics to support our LBC’s (Little British Cars). The problem we always have is we need to keep it to about 90 minutes, but the Q&A’s just keep coming. We did adjourn to LEPCO in Marietta for a quick business meeting. A big thank you goes out to Tim Martin for graciously supplying the meeting room and the bullet proof podium. I liked the added security……a tough crowd! Our ladies held their own tech session at LEPCO and did some very creative craft projects. Thanks to Sally and Sue for pulling it together. We did adjourn to McCleary’s Irish Pub for dinner and a good time was had by all.

Meeting at LEPCO

“After Meeting” at McCleary’s

We’re certainly in the thick of things as most weekends are consumed by car shows and events and the LANCO Club is no exception. We had members heading in all direction from Hellertown to Lily Pons to Indy, and North Carolina. We’re anxious to hear about Jack’s NC trip in the rain! We held our monthly name tag drawing for $60 and Tony Sinkosky’s name tag was drawn. But Tony wasn’t there and you need to be present to win. So next month we’ll roll the kitty to $70.00. We’re about ready to place our order for fire extinguishers. We’ve got 15 members committed. Anyone else who is interested, please contact me ASAP. We’re also kicking off our “Green Table” for members to swap/sell/recycle whatever to whomever. Andy S has graciously agreed to chair the project as we suspect he has the most stuff to move! The basic ground rule is if you bring it and it don’t move - YOU take it back home. Some pretty simple rules. We’ll be caravanning to the PVGP on July 19 th. This is an annual pilgrimage for the club and should be a good time. Sandy and I bumped into Jon and Edie and we got the update on their Gettysburg car issue. It’s reassuring that things do work out for the best. Ask them, it’s a great story. Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the great article in the Lancaster Sunday News about our own Bruce D’s work at the Vietnam War veterans’ memorial. It’s a great story you should all read.

I want to take just a few words and wax philosophical. I spent this past Friday and Saturday working at the Hershey Hill Climb, sweeping turn #3. Not too glamorous, but it was a very rewarding experience. Saw some great cars, met some great people and helped expose some new people to our love of cars. Watching the kids get excited as the cars flew by was wonderful. We all enjoy cars as that’s why we’re in our respective car clubs. Take a few hours to help out at an event, volunteer in your club. As the Nike ad said “Just Do It”. Share your passion and interest with someone new. Keep our respective marques alive. It won’t happen without your involvement……nuff said. We have a very complete listing of shows and events posted on our web site. Speaking of, check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the British Invade Gettysburg on Sunday, July 14th and A Taste of Britain on Sunday, August 25th.


Import Carlisle - 2013.

by Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

Several LANCO members spent one or more days at this year’s edition of the Carlisle Import Show. Jim Harbold sold his MGB; Dale Glatfelter was trying to sell a BGT, and Alan Tucker was on hand trying to sell a car belonging to one of his customers. This year’s featured cars were the Swedes (Saab/Volvo) – with large numbers in attendance. As has been the case in recent years – not too many MGs! Old and new Minis/MINIs were once again well represented.

Jim Harbold Sold His “B”

Buy a Car from this Man??

John Twist Demonstrates how it is Done

Charlie Baldwin – Hanging Out with the Healeys


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July 2013

LANCO MG CLUB (07/16/13)

The View from “Behind the Wheel” by Ralph Spayd. Photos by Skip Partlow

Great timing for my report, as LANCO just finished our “British Invade Gettysburg” car show today. We had 201 cars on the main street at The Outlet Shoppes at Gettysburg. The weather cooperated with a light wind, no rain, but some warm temperatures. Everyone wanted to park on the shady side of the street!!!

Nice Mix of Marques

A big thank you to Bob, Margaret and Sheila for coordinating this event, as it was no small effort on their part, thank you! Also thanks to all the LANCO club members who helped with registration, parking and the hundred other details required to pull off a successful car show. It’s a great venue for a show and we thank the management of the Outlets for allowing us to use the Main Street.

Some of the “Registration Crew”

I’d be remiss if I didn’t report some news from the show. Thanks to Ralph E. for taking us over 200 cars. I think the bright light we all saw was not the sun, but the big grin Skip had as he showed off his MGB which is now sporting AC. Dale G. did an excellent job and it looks like a factory install. Sure would make a nice article for the British Marque….hint, hint!

Checking Out the New A/C

The brothers Butler should write a book on their experiences and fixes. I met a couple of perspective club members. Bruce couldn’t find Darlene at the shopping mall. Steve D. will be moonlighting as a tour guide this week and note to self, contract Larry C. if I need to negotiate anything, he’s good!! But just like the “Naked City” there are a million stories and if you get that one, you’re dating yourself!

Jag on the Green

We have no formal club meeting in July as we use “BIG” as our club meeting/gathering point. Our next membership meeting is the LANCO picnic on Sunday, August 11th at Rocky Ridge Park. By the time you read this a brave group of club members will have attended the PVGP on July 19 – 21 hopefully without incident or defying gravity……check w/ Sally & Jim on the physics. Lots of summer activities planned for LANCO. We’ll be visiting the Marshall Steam Museum on August 4th, a covered bridge tour on September 15th and of course Coffee – Cars & Conversation the 1st Saturday of each month.


One of the Older Participants

Finally, we did receive a copy of US Senate Resolution 176 proclaiming July 12, 2013 as “Collector Car appreciation Day”. Nice to be appreciated and recognized by our government! We’ll give the copy to Gloria for filing in the archives. We have a very complete listing of shows and events posted on our web site. Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for A Taste of Britain on Sunday, August 25 th.


Pics from the July Edition of Coffee, Cars & Conversation.  Photos by Charlie Baldwin

The Prez was on vacation in a “less humid” place – but the get together continued without him.

 Gloria Checks Out the Sprite

Nice Looking Group There!



Don’t Forget the Twenty-Fourth Annual “A Taste of Britain”.  

On Sunday, August 25, 2013, the LANCO MG Club will once again present the “A Taste of Britain.” Come join hundreds of other owners of British Vehicles and Motorcycles at Forney Polo Field (on Church Street in Rothsville, PA) for a show AND a polo match. The Show Field Opens at 10:00 a.m. for Vehicles and the Polo Match starts at 2:30 PM for the coveted “A Taste of Britain” Cup.

This is a “non-judged” show – just a fun gathering for all, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to local charities. Visit the LANCO website [] for a registration form, driving directions, etc. Pre-Registration Deadline is August 15, 2013.


Marsh MGA Coupe - Hits the Road!. by John Marsh

In 1973, Margie and I bought a 1971 MGB and kept it for 20 years till in we were poor seminary students. By that time all my kids knew the car and loved it. It only had 2 gears left, needed much body work and we had to move from Philadelphia to Bolivar, TN. So we sold it. Margie said we’d regret it and we did. Every time our kids turned 16 and got their driver’s license, they reminded me of the old MG!!

Fast forward to 8 years ago, when Jonathan was in a junior in High School and Margie saw a used ‘74 MGB for sale on Roosevelt Avenue in York, PA. She said Jonathan and I should go check it out and buy it. He and I checked it out, but I wasn’t ready to turn MG keys over to my High School-age son. So, he and I worked up an alternative – we’ll buy and restore an old MG as a father-son project and, since we had a bunch of male foreign exchange students, it would be a great opportunity for male bonding time in the garage.

So through eBay we bought a 1961 MGA coupe in Newport News, VA from John Philbrick. John had restored an MG with his son, so helped us out with a bit of a price break. We then owned an MGA Coupe that had been completely disassembled. The mechanic who had taken it apart said it was like painting a paint-by-numbers picture without knowing the numbers or the colors.

Ready to Start!

Over the next six years, the boys and I worked on and off on the car with lots of encouragement and help from Charlie Baldwin and Jack Merryman (of Merryman's Modifications in Hanover, PA). We sanded, primed, painted, replaced bushings and assembled the frame, suspension, steering, wheels, and brakes. With Jack’s help rebuilding the engine, we finally had it driving up and down the back alley with the body parts just hanging on the frame. We finally decided we didn’t know enough to do the body work and by this time Jonathan was an Army officer and not around to help. So we contacted Jack to do the body work (which was much more than he anticipated, I think), the painting and all the final assembly!! He and his crew have done an absolutely masterful job putting it all together. It is a masterpiece and looks like it came right out of a 1960’s showroom.

Getting There!

Margie and I hope to be able to bring it to the Taste of Britain this year, although Jonathan will be continuing his Explosive Ordnances Disposal training in Ft. Hood, TX. Sorry for the long story, but I love to tell it!

Finished Driver!


Don’t Forget the Annual LANCO Picnic Scheduled for August 11th.

The annual LANCO MG Club picnic is scheduled for Sunday, August 11 th at Rocky Ridge County Park in York. PA. The park is located just off of PA Route 24 (Mt. Zion Road), north of U.S. Route 30 (east of York). We will set up at the " Pheasant" pavilion near the front parking lot. The start time is around 1:00 PM. The Club will provide hot dogs and hamburgers with rolls and condiments, as well as drinks. Members should bring a covered dish to share. (And don’t forget the desserts!)

After lunch, there will be a “short” members’ meeting (@3:00 PM +/-) to discuss past events and future plans. We hope to see lots of Club members (and British Cars) there!


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August 2013


 The View from “Behind the Wheel” by Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow

Hard to believe I’m writing my report for August. The summer is passing way too fast! We held our annual summer picnic on Sunday August 11th with a nice turnout of 36 members. We owe a big thank you to our gourmet chefs Mike Lang and Jeff Shank - great job guys. We held our name tag drawing and Donna Dencler won, but alas both she and her name tag were not there together, so the pot will roll to $90 in September.

Time to Eat!!

Lots of club activities to review this month. We made a trip to the Marshall Steam Museum on Sunday August 4th. The museum is located in Yorklyn, Delaware, and has an impressive collection of “working” Stanley Steam cars. The collection, museum and mansion were given to the state by the Marshall family. It’s a pleasant trip from Lancaster, PA to the museum and a great opportunity to review an impressive part of automotive history. We did have one slight incident at the restaurant after we left the museum. We almost had to leave the restaurant to make room for the LANCO Club, but that was us… we didn’t have to leave to make room for us……it all worked out quite well and we had an excellent meal.

An intrepid group of five cars did caravan to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in July (see article below). It’s an understatement to say the weather was hot and humid on Friday. We did learn who the real troupers in the LANCO club are, as Bruce and Sue Hurley drove their AH 3000 to Pittsburgh. The rest of us wimped out by driving our “other” cars. Even Gloria and Larry C. drove their other sports car. (A sign of the times for function over form?) The weather did cooperate for the weekend and we had a great time. It was my first time there and we’re on the books for next year. Lots of other car shows were attended by the LANCO membership over the past month, with more to come this fall.

Post-Meal Conversation

We’ve got a full docket for the remaining season with our “A Taste of Britain” car show on August 25th. We still have two scheduled Coffee, Cars, & Conversation meets on the 1st Saturday of the month at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia. We will do a river run after the CCC event on September 7th. The next week on the 15th we’ll be heading to the Benigna Winery in Klingerstown, PA. On October 5th we'll have our season final CCC and then head over to the C4Life car show at the Lancaster Liederkranz, a very worthy cause. Then, last but not least on October 13th, our annual crab run to Woody’s in North East, MD.

Smart Looking Cars!

 At the picnic, we discussed a possible name change for the club as we morph into an expanded range of sports cars. I wish I knew who, but someone at the picnic stated “the cars bring us together, but the friendships keep us together”. Not a bad motto for the club! (If memory serves me correctly - that's not guaranteed though! - this statement was first made by past-president Joan Martin during her term in office in 2001. - db) Not a bad philosophy and a real insight into the LANCO club. All I can say is it’s my pleasure to serve the club. I guess we really don’t need a name change…….

Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


LANCO Goes to Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix! By Sally Harbold, Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca

The annual LANCO pilgrimage to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix began Friday morning; some left from York and we met up with the rest of the gang at the 1st rest stop on the Turnpike. Our group included Larry and Gloria Ciarrocca (in the Miata); Jon and Edie Arndt (in the Jag); Jim and Sally Harbold (in the Mercedes); Ralph and Sandy Spayd (in the Porsche) and Bruce and Sue Hurley (in the Healey). Bruce and Sue – lacking air conditioning - really toughed it out in the heat!!

Where’s Sandy?? and Larry??

We had lunch at our favorite – The Jean Bonnet Tavern in Bedford. After a delicious meal, we hit the road again – arriving with no mishaps! After settling in, we descended on Joe Mamas – a great Italian Restaurant near out hotel. Again, a great meal.

Saturday morning we made our way to the different shows for each marque. There were A LOT of Mustangs – the Featured Marque! We all assembled under the canopy and enjoyed the show. There were cars everywhere - probably the largest number ever! There were also many more vendors selling a variety of things, not all car-related. But the best part was going down to the Pits, as the drivers were all doing time-trials; the guys loved the sound and smells! LANCO didn’t garner any awards this year, but it was indeed a great day! For dinner (yes, we were hungry again!) our daughter, Ellen chose Claddagh - a great Irish Pub; we again ate and drank well!

Lots of “A’s” …

… and “B’s”

Sunday found us, as usual, at the hair-pin turn; we watched the TD’s and others race in the beginning. Some of the group left shortly after to beat the traffic on the ‘pike. All in all - a great weekend! Think about joining us next year – you will have fun!

“B” in the Lead into the Corner

Lots of Action at the Hairpin


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September 2013

LANCO MG CLUB (09/10/13)

The View from “Behind the Wheel” by Ralph Spayd. Photos by Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

Quite a month for the LANCO MG club. We hosted our 24th annual “Taste of Britain” car show on August 24th. The weather was perfect and we had an excellent turnout, with 173 cars on the field. The mix of British cars on the field was impressive and a good time was had by all. We run the show in conjunction with the Lancaster Polo club and presented the 20th annual LANCO cup to the winning team (although, this year it was a tie this year w/ the Delaware Club).

11-11 Tie – Everyone Wins!

A special thank you goes out to Larry C. and ALL the volunteers for making it a huge success. The LANCO club hosts two car shows each year. We host “BIG”, British Invade Gettysburg in July and “TOB”, Taste of Britain in August. Some might say we are slightly mad and by the end of August most of the club would agree with you! But, we do provide two venues to show/display almost 400 British cars. I know there is some duplication of cars, but the venues are different and we have two different sets of visitors coming to view and appreciate the cars. We can’t stay strong as a marque if we don’t work at it and provide opportunity for people to see our cars. Great job LANCO - makes me proud to be a member!!

A Packed Show Field

While I’m rambling….at our coffee–cars–and conversation gathering last Saturday morning, we had a couple (non-members) show up with their 1980 MGB to see if we knew of anyone interested in buying the car. As a coincidence, we had an individual (non-member) show up looking to buy an MGB. So they talked, exchanged numbers and you know the drill. My point is - we provided an opportunity for people to get together and exchange information. Providing opportunities is what clubs should be all about. The opportunity to share information, friendship, parts, stories and pass on our passion for the cars we love to new individuals to experience the joy and frustration we’ve all experienced. Again on Saturday, I spoke with a long time club member who drove his MGA to the gathering. He told me his 19 year old son loves the car and all his buddies think it’s pretty cool. I’m encouraged when someone less than 1/3 the average age of a club member is excited……made my day and gives me hope for the future. Speaking of opportunity, we’ve got some opportunities coming up. We’ll do a wine tour on September 15th which includes a beautiful drive through the hillside. On October 5th, we have our last CCC event of the year and at 10 AM we’ll head over to the Lancaster Liederkranz for the C4Life (Celebration for Life) car show. Then on October 13th we have our Annual crab run to Woody’s in North East, Md. Lots of opportunity available!!

I’ll share one final story. Last Saturday morning while driving my BGT to CCC, a beautiful green AH 3000 passed me. We both gave each other the standard British car wave and you know what? after 40+ years of driving MGB’s it still gave me a thrill and made me feel good……….go provide some opportunity!!

P.S. - I’m not even going to start thinking about our Christmas banquet in December. It’s too traumatic to think about the end of summer……..

Registration Tent is Ready to Go!

Dale G. Checks Out the Hillman

Parking “Noodles”??

Al Little Got a (Converted to Electric) Taxi Ride

 The Weather Cooperated this Year


 A Photo of the Photog!


Obtaining a Year-Specific Plate for your Antique Car in PA by Forrest Collier

It all started when I received an email from SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) reporting on developments in state legislatures affecting cars and car collecting in the United States.

Early last year one of the SEMA’s emails reported that the Pennsylvania legislature had passed a bill permitting antique cars to use license plates/tags that were correct for the year the car was manufactured. I have a 1967 MG B-GT and I thought it would be fun to have a ’67 plate on my car in place of the historic plate with an inappropriate image of a Ford Model T on it.

I then went to the PennDOT Driver and Vehicle Services website to download the directions and forms needed to apply for the “new” plate. The first step was to verify that no one was using a plate matching my plate, since I wasn’t certain whether PA issued both front and rear plates that year. I was pleased to discover that PennDOT did have a site where I could determine whether my plate was in not in use, and it wasn’t. Whew!

‘51 Plate on a ‘51 “A”?

The forms were easy to fill out. I had to send a photograph of my ’67 plate, not a photocopy or a scan. After sending in the forms, photo and the $75 fee, it took about 10 days to receive my new permanent registration. The ’67 plate really looks great on the GT.

One important point is that before being approved for the year-specific plate you must first have a historic plate on your car. Naturally, that costs another $75 along with the usual forms and four (4) photographs taken from each corner of the car. In my case several years ago I decided to put a historic plate on my car. At that time, to speed up the process I drove to Harrisburg. PennDOT’s DMV folks were fairly easy to find. That day I was one of the first in the door and after about a half hour I was able to walk out with my new historic plate.

Although there were some steps and some fees involved, it wasn’t difficult and, in my view, worth the time and expense.



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October 2013

The View from “Behind the Wheel” by Ralph Spayd. Photos by Skip Partlow and Gloria Ciarrocca

We had a very busy end of season this past month for LANCO. We had groups in Stowe, Vermont, with congratulations to Gloria and Larry for their award. We also had a big contingent at the “Rocks”, with LANCO having the best club attendance at the show and several club winning cars. In addition, we had a group of members attending the C4Life car show at the Lancaster Liederkranz with Charlie Baldwin collecting an award. We also took a road trip to the Benigna Winery in Klingerstown. The weather was perfect, the Winery is very picturesque and the wine wasn’t bad either!! We enjoyed a nice picnic lunch and I discovered one of the baskets my wife brought along did not have the handle attached. Fortunately it was only the candy basket!

MGs at The Rocks

Rocks Winners from Last Year (Including Gloria)


GTs, Triumphs and More



After our September meeting, Forrest Collier set up a club visit to Cal High’s auto collection in Lancaster. His collection is incredible and consisted of twenty-five cars ranging from the early 1900's to the late 60’s, in all makes and models. All the cars are show winners and just immaculate restorations. The early cars really are works of art blending mechanical expertise with craftsmen to finish the wood and leather trimmings. Cal was very gracious and shared many stories. His collection of wooden replica cars was as impressive as the real thing.

Cal Talks Cars and Collecting

We did host our final "Coffee, Cars, & Conversation" for the year. As a first year project, it was very successful and exceeded expectations. We even managed to recruit some new club members at the event. The survey results were tabulated and reviewed with the board. There were no major surprises with the data, just some confirmation of things we knew or suspected. The club likes to drive their cars, show them off, eat and socialize which leads me into the planning for next year. The plans are underway for 2014 and it looks to be another busy year. We will be road tripping to MG 2014 in French Lick, Indiana and traveling to Watkins Glenn for the MG festivities. Also, several local tours and visits are planned, lots of cars shows and of course food - just following the wishes of the membership. Which brings me to my soap box for the month. I have enjoyed this year immensely as president of the club. I’ve made new friends, gained new insights, and visited places I would not have, had it not been for the club. If you’re active in your club - great, and stay so! If not, why not? We all enjoy the British car marques for various reasons, friendship, recapturing past memories, the “bouquet” only a British car can emit, or just proving to yourself that you can keep this “thing” running! Whatever the reasons, get involved and help keep the marques alive; it won’t happen without you.

See you at our November 10th meeting at 3 PM at the Lyndon Diner in York, PA or at our annual Christmas banquet on December 7th at 6 PM at the Fireside Inn in Strasburg. Remember to check out our website at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


September Meeting Notes

The September membership meeting was held on Sunday, September 8th at Florentino’s Restaurant (at the Lancaster Airport). Twenty-four people were present for the meal and meeting. Past events discussed included British Invade Gettysburg (BIG),A Taste of Britain (TOB), and Cars Coffee & Conversation. TOB was a success; everyone liked the tent and the last minute food vendor worked out well. There were 180 cars from five states including 161 from Pennsylvania. Marques with the largest representation on the show field included MG (60), Triumph (38), Minis (28), Austin Healey (13) and Jaguar (13). The car clubs with the largest representation included LANCO (47), PhillyMINI (20), Central PA Triumph (12), Austin Healey Sports Car Club (6), BRRTA (3), and Philadelphia MG (3).

Pre-Meeting Conversations


It was reported that we have ten new members so far this year. There also was a discussion about looking at other charities to which to donate some of the proceeds from the car shows. After the meeting, members of the group drove to Cal High’s beautiful collection of American convertible autos. Most of the cars are from the 1930s and 1940 s – and all are Hershey AACA winners. Cal also has a large collection of toy autos and construction equipment.

Some of Cal High’s Collection


British Invasion - Stowe, VT - Sept. 21-23, 2013 by Dennis Blevins

Jim and Sally Harbold and Dennis and Carol Blevins made the trek to Stowe, Vermont on September 14th and 15th in order to enjoy some "downtime" in the New England countryside prior to attending the "British Invasion" being held on the following Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Larry and Gloria Ciarrocca made the trip on their own on Wednesday the 18th in Gloria's MGB. After encountering road oiling, rough "scenic" byways, dirt roads, and roads being milled and swept in preparation for repaving, their first stop in Stowe was the car wash!! (Re-think that route the next time, Larry!).

A Small Portion of the Field at Stowe

The entire week offered up crisp, clear, and sunny New England weather. Short road trips to Ben and Jerry's ice cream plant tour, the Cabot Cheese factory, the Trapp Lodge, and several other local venues were mandatory, as well as the Friday evening street festival in "downtown" Stowe. Although rain was forecast all week long for the car show on Saturday, the weatherman changed his mind and kept pushing that back to later in the day hour by hour, resulting in a perfect day for the show as well. (The rain did arrive later Saturday evening). Not competing with a similar event normally held on the same day in Canada for a change, the organizers were expecting a large turnout. They were not to be denied with over 675 British vehicles in 62 classes taking the show field. Although Jim and Dennis came up empty in their respective classes (MGB V-6/V-8s and Jaguar XJS), Gloria was totally surprised by taking first place in the late chrome-bumper MGB class of 32 cars, the majority of which were prime examples. Way to go Gloria!!!

Gloria Receiving her First Place Award


Gloria with her Award-Winning Car



Annual Crab Run to Woody’s by Gloria Ciarrocca

On Sunday, October 13th, twenty-one people met at the Buck for what has become the annual drive to Woody's Crab House in Northeast, Maryland. It was about a 50-minute drive and, even though the day started out cloudy, it turned out to be a beautiful day. The food was great and the company and conversation was nice too. After lunch some of us got ice cream and we walked around town doing some shopping before making our way back home in the afternoon.

The “Crew” is Ready to Eat!



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November 2013

LANCO MG CLUB (11/19/13)

 The View from “Behind the Wheel” by Ralph Spayd

Although it’s nearing the end of the 2013 season, we’re busy making plans for 2014. But before we stick a fork in this year, we still have some business to conduct. We had our November meeting at the Lyndon Diner in York, PA and we had another great turnout. I believe Gloria C. brought the LANCO club calendar from 2004 for “show-n-tell” and well…..there have been some changes since then. I think we should contact all those people in the pictures to see if they want to join the club. What’s that you say - THEY are the current members? Well how come the cars didn’t age then?……ah, but I digress! We did have our resident trivia guru present, Charlie Baldwin and we did stump him with the question “who designed the octagon MG logo”. It was kind of a moral victory and I got to keep the lottery ticket. Jim Harbold did win $5 with his correct answer, but we had no winner for the name tag drawing. Now if you AND your name tag were present at the meeting you would have won $110. So we’ll roll the pot back to $0 and start fresh in January. By the time you read this we probably will already have had our annual banquet on December 7th at the Fireside Tavern in Strasburg, PA. It’s a really great night with lots of socializing and some good natured recollection of notable events from the year. Some of it will actually be based on facts, albeit loosely.

It’s difficult at this point in the year to not become reflective on the past 11 months and the programming we provided to our members. Actually, it’s a good thing to take some time, reflect and reset for the coming year. For our club or any club to be viable and vibrant it takes a “value proposition”. What does that mean? Well, actually it’s not about the dues as they are a small part of the equation. What it does mean though, are we providing the incentive for you to drive your car, keep it maintained, insured and gassed up? Spend your dollars on car show registrations and donate you time and energy to volunteer at club sponsored events? That’s the value proposition a club needs to address. I think LANCO has continued to provide “value” to our membership through the years and will continue as we move into 2014. We’ll be taking a different tack on some things for next year and will use the January 2014 meeting at Gilligan’s Restaurant in Harrisburg as a planning session. What we need to understand and react to is the changing dynamic of the membership. Just like the cars in our 2004 calendar, they didn’t keep looking that good through the years without some TLC, our club is no different. If the club did something you liked this year, speak up. Also if we did something you didn’t like, speak up. It’s all about that “value proposition”. Just like the bank, you can’t earn interest if you don’t make a deposit. Your deposits are the feedback you supply to the club and the feedback fuels the interest. Let’s earn some “interest” with your feedback and continue to grow our LANCO account in 2014.


November Meeting Notes - by Steve Dellinger

President Ralph Spayd convened the November membership meeting at the Lyndon Diner in York, with eighteen members and five British cars in attendance. Steve Dellinger distributed minutes from the September meeting and Jim Harbold provided information on the club’s current financial status.

I’m Ready for a Meeting!

As there was no winner of the monthly “name tag” drawing, the “pot” will be reset for the January 2014 meeting. Ralph presented a summary of the results of the member survey that was distributed earlier this year. The survey had a 58 percent response rate and revealed that those members responding (1) were older than most of their cars – with 65% being over 60 years of age; (2) regularly or occasionally used the club web site – nearly 70%; (3) would like more club drives /tours – 25%; and (4) were not “active” members due to limited time (50%) or schedule conflicts (27%). Several survey respondents indicated a willingness to serve on the Board of Directors, chair/host an event, write an article, or chair a committee [per Ralph – you WILL be contacted!] Under the member updates portion of the meeting, Bob McFarland relayed his experience attending the parade and festivities in Boston to celebrate the Red Sox’ winning of the World Series. Bob Arlotto reported that the date for next year’s "British Invade Gettysburg" is set for July 13, 2014. The 25th "A Taste of Britain" show is slated for August 24, 2014 – more will be coming on the “special activities to celebrate the milestone.” The members in attendance were reminded that there is still a need for a club Vice President/Event Coordinator.


The “Group” – Part 1

The new business portion of the meeting centered on (1) charitable contributions and (2) future event planning. The members in attendance approved donations to several charities for this calendar year. The January 2014 membership meeting will include a discussion of organizations that the club wishes to support next year. The discussion of future events included MG 2014 scheduled for French Lick, Indiana (June 15 – 19) and the Watkins Glen Vintage Festival – with MG as the featured marque (September 5th). Several members have already reserved slots in one or more of the Vintage Festival tours – which are already filed or filling up fast!

Ralph provided and update on the proposed fire extinguisher program. The firm that we were looking to work with has not been responsive – so, Ralph will be looking at other vendors and we will revisit the program next February. Everyone wished Bob Arlotto a happy birthday! And Al Little drove his brand new MINI to the meeting (sorry – no photos taken)!

 The “Group” – Part II



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December 2013


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