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LANCO MG CLUB (06/14/16)


Covered Bridge Tour 2016 by Ralph Spayd, p hotos by Charlie Baldwin and Steve Dellinger

Well its official; the 2016 spring driving season is a Brit’s delight. Wet, rainy and spotty showers! We’ve had three events this year that have been wet events. Never a complete rain out, but just enough to make it iffy! The covered bridge tour was no exception. Last year we had great weather and 25 cars. This year we had showers and only seven cars and fifteen brave souls to tour the back roads of Lancaster County. But in spite of it all, we did have a great time. Tim Martin was kind enough to let us queue up at the LEPCO facility off Route 441 in Marietta. It was an excellent starting point - allowing us to stage the seven cars without an issue (just a note of sarcasm for the weatherman). But seriously, it was a great place to start.

Queued Up and Ready to Go!

We covered basically the same route as last year and crossed Forry’s Mill, Siegrist’s Mill, Schenck’s Mill, Kauffman’s Distillery Bridge and Shearer’s Mill Bridge. We wound up at The General Sutter Inn/Bulls Head Tavern in Lititz for some beverages and food.

Through another One!


 The Touring Crew

Now, if you’ve ever planned a covered bridge tour you know they are a lot like our British cars. Just because they were working last week doesn’t mean they will be available the day of the event. I did run the course two days prior and all was well! Still had two days to lose a bridge, but I gambled, rolled the dice and it all worked out!

Ready to Order

When I plan an event it’s usually rain or shine as I find it difficult to effectively communicate with all the potential attendees. I let the individuals make their own call, which conveniently brings me to my soap box. Most of the event “flyers” I send out have the note “British Cars Not Required”. Now why in the world would a British car club not require British cars? Excuse me while I ramble….It’s really not about the car(s), it’s all about the people and socializing and the experience. The fact you might experience something in a British car is really incidental. The sad part is you might stay home and miss the whole experience because your British car leaks/is hot/cold/broken/not comfortable for long drives/not good in the dark or not fit to be seen in it. As they say, the possibilities are endless. A few years ago, my wife and I attended the MG event in French Lick - in in our Corvette. My MG was not up to snuff and I wasn’t about to miss the fun. We had a great time, enjoyed the people and gained the experience. Had some pangs of remorse not having my MG on site, but they faded quickly during the wine tour with our friends. Don’t let your car be the deciding factor. Certainly keep it running and in good condition. Drive it as much as you can and enjoy it, but don’t let it keep you from attending an event. Believe it or not, you’re still the master of the car. Don’t let it take charge. Be bold……….

Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events. We have some really exciting events planned for 2016.


Import Carlisle – May 2016. By Steve Dellinger, photos by Steve Dellinger

 This year, the annual Carlisle Kit/Import show was expanded to also include Performance cars – a slightly different format and setup from previous years. As we did last year, we shared a tent with other MG clubs. The weather was great on Friday – but Saturday started with intermittent rain – and the threat of more to come –which kept the car count on the show field down. Even I didn’t drive my “74 Mini – drove the new one instead!

Nothing Happening at the MG Tent on Saturday!


Claudia and Dale’s Mini is Still for Sale


June 2016 CC&C and Club Meeting. By Steve Dellinger, photos by Skip Paltrow

It wasn’t raining for a change (although it was threatening) on June 4 th for the monthly Coffee – Cars & Conversation get together at the Turkey Hill Experience parking lot in Columbia. We had a good mix of British cars, along with a few non-British as well.


Who let that Fiat in there??

Some of the “CCC Crew”

 On Sunday, June 5 th, President Blevins convened the sixth membership meeting of the New Year at 1:00 PM at the Cross Key s Restaurant in New Oxford, PA. , with only nine members in attendance, and only one British Car driven. The low member turnout was blamed on conflicting events and the threat of severe weather. Minutes from the May 2016 meeting were distributed and the Treasurer’s report was also presented. The sixth “Name Tag Drawing” of the year was held. However, the selected member, John Westell, was not in attendance to collect the pot – so it will roll over until the next meeting’s drawing. Upcoming events discussed included the trip to MG 2016 in Kentucky in June and the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix in July. Arrangements for the British Invade Gettysburg and A Taste of Britain shows were also discussed.

Intimate Meeting

The plan was to eat lunch and have a very short business meeting. The intent was then to leave from the restaurant for an approximately two-hour long tour of the Gettysburg Battlefield - to be led by our own Skip Partlow. However, due to the “dire” warnings of “extreme weather” scheduled to hit the area later that afternoon a group decision was made to postpone the tour for a later date.



The Elegance at Hershey – 2016. By Steve Dellinger, photos by Steve Dellinger

Starting in 2011, the Elegance at Hershey has provided a first class auto enthusiasts’ experience during a weekend in June – with benefits of the event supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, the AACA Museum , and the AACA Library & Research Center . Events during this year’s weekend included the Grand Ascent (a vintage hill climb exhibition on the legendary Hershey Hillclimb Course), a world class auction featuring classic automobiles, the return of the Concorso Bizarro car show, a Saturday evening dinner party and charity auction – all culminating on Sunday with “The Elegance”, which is advertised as “a genteel garden party featuring the world’s finest collector cars, arrayed around the classically manicured gardens of The Hotel Hershey”.

LANCO’s very own Ralph Spayd has served as a corner worker for the Grand Ascent for several years – this year he was stationed near the finish line.

 Ralph manning his post


 Allard at the Start Line

HRG in the Pits


 MG up Next

1947 Crosley Convertible in the Concorso Bizarro


More Concorso Bizarro Entries


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LANCO MG CLUB (07/12/16)

 “The View from Behind the Wheel”  By Dennis Blevins

It seems like the year just started and here we are, half way through July. Another six weeks and the buses will be out on the highways to kick off another school year! Just this past Sunday we wrapped up another version of our “British Invade Gettysburg” show at the Outlet Shoppes in Gettysburg. And again Bob Arlotto and his crew of volunteers did an outstanding job. Not to make light of what everyone else does, but Bob’s daughter Sheila is a blessing in all the work that she does for Bob and Margaret well before and during the show and manages a pleasant demeanor throughout. “Thank you, Sheila”. Mother Nature did her part, too! In my memory we had the best weather ever – partly sunny, breezy, low humidity and temperatures in the low 80’s.

Next up on the club’s calendar is a trip for some of us to the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand prix, our August “Coffee, Cars, and Conversation” on the sixth, our annual club picnic at Rocky Ridge Park in York on August 14 th, and then the twenty-seventh issue of our “A Taste of Britain” show on August 28th. Keep checking the calendar of events on our website – there’s lots in store for the rest of the season. If we don’t see you somewhere else out on the road before then, we hope to see you at these events.

On another note, one thing that’s been getting more attention in the main-stream newsfeeds is that of autonomous (i.e. – self-driving) automobiles. This, of course, has happened because of the first fatality occurring back in May with a Tesla Model S running in “autopilot” mode colliding with a tractor-trailer in Florida. Even though I have been following the development of self-driving cars in the automobile and computer trade news over the past year or so, I missed that we already had vehicles out on the roads with even an “autopilot” feature. Coming from an Information Technology background and growing up career-wise from punched-card tabulating machines, gargantuan mainframes, the earliest personal computers, to today’s do-all cell phones, I’m intimately aware of software “crashes” and freeze-ups. Yes, I know that these have become less frequent with each new release of the operating systems. And yes, we can send a satellite out into space to successfully meet and orbit Jupiter (with an entire building full of engineers and technicians). But self-driving cars? Brings a whole new meaning to the “Blue Screen of Death” to me…………………..

Be safe out there.



MG 2016 - Louisville  By Gloria Ciarrocca,Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca  

On Sunday June 12 we set off on our journey to Louisville, Kentucky. The small caravan included Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca in their 1970 MGB, Jim and Sally Harbold with his 1973 MGB/GT and Ralph and Sandy Spayd in their 1978 MGB V8. We met at the Harbolds. Everyone was packed and ready to go. Jim was going to lead. He starts his car and …. nothing. Ralph to the rescue. Before we left, Dennis Blevins lent Ralph a Battery Tender® Portable Power Pack™ - that jumps a car without hooking it to another. After an easy connection, we were on our way. We stayed in Hurricane, WV the first night, meeting up with Jack and Bill Butler who towed Jacks 1960 MGA. The next day we arrived at the host hotel. Other LANCO members who went were Alan and Carol Tucker with their MGB/GT, and Scott Walter with his 1980 MGB.

Some people went to Churchill Downs Monday evening, which was just about 1 ½ miles from the hotel. Tuesday some of us went on the Bourbon tour which went to ‘My Old Kentucky Home’ and two bourbon facilities. Wednesday, we went on the Corvette tour, on which we toured the Corvette factory (they made 156 cars that day) and then we went to the Corvette museum (where the sinkhole happened and 7 Corvettes fell in a 40-foot deep hole.)

Part of the Show Field

Thursday was the very hot car show along the Ohio River in Louisville. There were 832 MG’s on the field. What a sight! Thursday night was the banquet. Dennis Gage, the host of ‘My Classic Car’ was the speaker.

“Photo Op” with Dennis Gage

We were across the Interstate from the UPS hub. Every night about 3:30 AM the planes took off for places all around the US. Every 20 seconds, one would take off over the left of the hotel and the next one went over the right of the hotel until about 5:00 AM. Quite a sight to watch!

Friday, everyone made the trip back home. At the awards banquet, Gloria took 2nd place for 70-72 MGB (about 42 cars in the class) and Alan Tucker took 4th for his GT. The trip was over 650 miles one way, 1,300 miles round trip.


July 2016 CC&C By Skip Paltrow and Charlie Baldwin, Photos by Skip Paltrow

Despite a holiday weekend we had a great turnout for the July CC&C, with no two cars alike. Cars included Bruce Hurley’s Aston Martin, Mike Swift’s MGA Mk.II, Skip Partlow’s 78 super B, Forrest Collier’s early MGBGT, Charlie Baldwin’s MGTF, Tom Naples’ classic Mini, and Marc Roland’s gold '65 TR4. As usual, there were discussions on the cars and what and how things were done to them. The topic of the upcoming show in Gettysburg (BIG) was brought up and how everyone was going to go. Two new attendees at the CC&C said they were going to BIG and after a brief sales pitch they also said they were going to join the club. They included Bud Cadwallader, who brought his light blue TR3, and a man named Dennis who brought his '69 B.

No Two Alike

Because of the beautiful weather, a number of spectators also viewed the cars. One of special note was a member of the local police constabulary. When he drove up, we thought he was going to ask us to disperse. Instead, he said his father had owned an MGB and he always liked British cars. He stayed for a while and talked cars with us until he received a call about a disturbance. We stayed a little while longer, and then we all left to drive our LBC’s - on a day that was designed for our cars.   

Support Your Local Police!


British Invade Gettysburg – 2016 Edition.

By Bob Arlotto, Photos by Skip Partlow and Bruce Hurley

Hi to all,

Thanks so much to all the volunteers for everyone's help today. The show was a definite success. Everything went so smoothly. The setup of the registration area was quick, with a bunch of cars sitting across the road drooling in anticipation. I don't remember ever having so many cars coming in, in the first half hour, somewhat like a stampede. The line moved along smoothly without anyone waiting more than a minute or two. Parking kept up with the crazy onslaught. There were a couple large groups that wanted to park together. I believe we accomplished that as much as possible.

Great show!!!!!

The weather was perfect, temperatures not too high, humidity tolerable, and the sun took a breather for a time and didn't try to bake us. The breeze came up about 12:30 and threatened to blow the canopy away. So we took it down early before it became airborne.

Excellent day. Thanks to everybody.



Big Crowd on Main Street


Some of the LANCO Crew


1936 Morris Eight


1964 Morgan 4/4


1933 Bentley 3.5


1957 Jaguar XK140


Nice MG Magnette


“After Show” at the Quaker Steak & Lube


Independence Day in Red Lion - By Charlie Baldwin, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

On Saturday, Skip mentioned a show on Independence Day in Red Lion at Fairmount Park.  It was put on by the Mt. Rose Lions Club.  The first car I saw as I entered was Brooks Thompson's BGT.  Brooks was collecting money at the gate.  Jeff Brenner's 427 (real) Cobra was next to him. 

Brits on the Show Field


Later, Mike Ryan filled in the first spot with his '76 B.  I parked in the same row, to be followed by Rick Smith's and Skip Partlow's '78 Bs.  At the end was Tom Ensminger's gorgeous MGA Mk. II.  It was a great show, and the LANCO people helped to even things out with all of the MGs.  The only other British cars were John Allen's Mini Moke and a DeLorean.  Also with the military contingent there was a woman in a British WWII uniform who had a Matchless motorcycle.

More MGs


Mini Moke


Military Presence on Independence Day


Gettysburg Region AACA Car Show -  By Charlie Baldwin, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

June 11 brought the Gettysburg Region AACA car show at Latimore Valley Fairgrounds in York Springs, PA. It was the first outing for my TD with its new Volvo B20 engine. Other LANCO members attending were Bob Arlotto in his TD, Rick Smith in his MGB, Cor Engelen in a '63 Volvo station wagon, Alan Tucker in his 240 series Volvo wagon, and Dale Glatfelter in Claudia's Mini estate in the “For Sale” area. There was also a very nice TF 1250 in our class (1950-54) dominated by MGs. Trophies were awarded, but I don't know who got them since I left a little early due to the unfavorable weather forecast.

Volvo Powered TD


TF 1250

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LANCO MG CLUB - August report (09/09/16)

Twenty-seventh " A Taste of Britain" Report By Steve Dellinger. Photos by Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

Our twenty-seventh “A Taste of Britain” car show and polo match is now in the books. TOB Chairman Larry Ciarrocca ordered up a beautiful late August day for the event – no rain and not terribly hot. Despite the good weather and a large number of pre-registrations, we ended up with slightly less than 140 cars on the field. Not our best day, but certainly very respectable. After a close and spirited match, the home Lancaster Polo team scored two late goals to edge out the visiting Delaware team by a 7 to 5 score.


Nearby Amish Buggy Show (Church Meeting)




Not Preregistered??


Ready to Park Cars


 Here They Come!


 Front Row Filled!


Filling Up!




We Have a Car Show!


 Cup Presentation



September 2016 CC&C By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow

The September 3rd edition of Coffee, Cars and Conversation was held on a sunny, not too hot/humid morning with ten cars and drivers in attendance. In addition to the “usual suspects” there were two new faces/cars – a recently purchased MGB GT (California car needing “lots of love”) and a “show quality” chrome bumper MGB – both potential LANCO Club recruits! Mike Swift brought his 4-seater Morgan Plus 4, which received some interest from the numerous Turkey Hill Experience visitors that stopped by on their way to that venue.

Lots of Conversation


 A Different Perspective


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LANCO MG CLUB - September Report ( 10/18/16)

 “The View from Behind the Walker” - By Dennis Blevins

Here it is October already, with November soon to follow, and before you know it – the long, dark, cold days of winter. But don’t be quick to think only of those months of having your little British car stored away for the season – Fall is perhaps the best time to get out on the road. Cool, but sunny, clear days just entice you to get the car out for a drive – whether that be a special weekend getaway or just an excuse to run to the local hardware store! Get out, and get behind the wheel!

By now some of you may have noticed that the title of this month’s missive is NOT “…from behind the wheel”, but “…from behind the walker”. Yes, personally, this is a big change for me. Because of a self-inflicted accident at home, I will not be able to enjoy those Fall drives this year. To be brief as possible on the first Saturday in September I decided to wrestle with a large, older television set that we decided to replace with a new light-weight flat screen model. Mind you, the old TV was perfectly good – one of the last tube-type units, with a 40-inch flat screen picture that worked just fine. It was just too big and heavy and didn’t have the proper connections to match up to the new cable system we were switching to. Without help, I managed to get it out of the cabinet that it sat in and onto a service cart that I had and rolled it out onto the deck. Our thought was to set it out by the street with a “free” sign attached and that someone might find a use for it. After leaving it sit on the deck overnight, impatient, stubborn me decided that I could get it down to ground level by myself – no extra help needed. A sheet of plywood over the 5 steps provided a smooth ramp to roll the service cart with TV in place down and out to the street. I could guide it and control the descent from the front. Well – you can imagine the result on your own. As soon as the cart met the slope, the TV slid off and the cart, TV, and I tumbled to the bottom. Somewhere in the melee the TV hit the back of my left thigh. When I stood up my left foot just dangled around and flopped wherever it wanted to go – had no control over it at all. A fast trip to the ER and resulting x-rays amazingly confirmed no broken bones, some prescribed pain killers and instructions to care for a torn hamstring at home. Two days later with severe swelling and loss of feeling in that left foot precipitated an ambulance ride back to the hospital. The diagnosis was “muscle compartment syndrome” with the need for an emergency “fasciotomy” to stop the “strangling” of the sciatic nerve which controls the movement within the lower leg and foot. The brave-hearted of you may want to look those up, for the rest just think of butterflied shrimp and a 23-inch surgical wound up the back of my thigh. I’m glad that I could not actually see it; however, Carol was fascinated to see the inner workings of the muscles and nerves. So – two weeks of recovery in the hospital and another ten days in a rehab hospital I’m finally at home driving a walker with an inactive left foot. After many months of therapy, it may return to normal, or, it may not. In the meantime – no driving anything with a clutch, so the E-type Jaguar and MG Midget must sit. But don’t start lining up for either one of them – I am determined that I will make this foot work again! Most of all – take this as a lesson for yourself – you are not invincible, don’t put yourself in harm’s way, get help or use the proper tools when it is evident that some task is beyond your capabilities. Accidents ARE preventable.

On a completely different note, we are saddened to learn of the passing of LANCO member Chuck Stiefvater. Until the onset of cancer required that Chuck move from his home in Lititz to be with his son’s family in Wilmington, Delaware, Chuck was quite active in the club – attending most meetings and nearly all club events.

We’ll Miss You Chuck!!

Many of us most remember Chuck and his then eight-year-old grandson Gregory going along on the club’s “Spring Thaw Tour” in April, 2005. A clogged fuel filter in Chuck’s ’79 vermillion MGB caused several roadside tech sessions on the way home until the root problem was found and corrected. Gregory’s required homework assignment in which he wrote about that “adventure” perhaps quite simply captures the essence our affinity with our British cars and the friends and acquaintances that we’ve made along the way. Gregory’s poem is reprinted below.

Finally – you’ve all been notified via email that this is an election year for the Board of Directors. Hopefully you’ve noticed that there are some vacancies in the nominated slate of positions. PLEASE consider stepping forward and become part of the leadership of YOUR club. New blood, and new ideas, are always welcome – and needed.

Be safe out there.



Me and my grandpa went on a MG caravan

And I've always been an MG fan.

We drove to Annapolis town

There we looked around.

Then we drove to Solomon Island in an eleven car crowd

And the cars were very loud.

Then we went to a hotel

That seemed like a motel.

Then we headed back, but the car broke down.

But everyone helped fix it without a frown.


Gregory Stiefvater, age 8

Navigator Gregory (April 2005)


MGs on The Rocks Report - by Gloria Ciarrocca, photos by Gloria Ciarrocca

 On Saturday, September 24th a large contingent of LANCO MG Club members traveled to Maryland to attend the 37th Annual MGs on the Rocks Car Show, put on by the MGs of Baltimore Club. The weather was great and two LANCO club members won awards:

Class 200 - MGB Roadsters - 1968-1974

1st - Gloria Ciarrocca - 70 MGB

 Premier Class – Class Winners at Last Year’s Show

2nd – Tom Ensminger – 62 MGA MK II


Tom Ensminger with his 1962 MGA MK II

LANCO members attending Rocks 2016 included Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Bruce Hurley, Jon and Edie Arndt, Russ Vollmer Jeff and Roberta Shank, Rick Smith, Scott Walter, Tom and Melissa Ensminger, Bob and Deb Lampo, Alan and Carol Tucker, Forest and Kay Collier, Jack and Bill Butler, and Andrew Chamberlain.


Other Club Activities - By Steve Dellinger, photos by Skip Partlow, Gloria Ciarrocca and Steve Dellinger

LANCO members Jon and Edie Arndt, Bruce and Sue Hurley, and Larry and Gloria Ciarrocca attended the 26th Annual British Invasion Car Show in Stowe, Vermont from September 16th to 18th. Gloria garnered a 1st Place Trophy in the MGB (Late Chrome Bumpers – 1970 -74) class, while Bruce took 1st in the Aston Martin & Lagonda class.


The “Crew” in Stowe


Winner! - MGB (Late Chrome Bumpers – 1970 -74)


Winner! – Aston Martin & Lagonda

The September Membership Meeting was held at the Centerville Diner in Lancaster, with 20 members and six British cars in attendance. Ralph Spayd ran the meeting – due to Dennis being out on “injured reserve”. Past shows and events were highlighted and future trips and meetings were discussed. There was no Name Tag Drawing – which means that the pot will be larger in November! It was noted that biennial elections for Club Officers and Board Members will be held this year.


Waiting to Start/Ordering Food


26th Annual Meeting of The Marques

While most of the LANCO Club members were attending the Rocks show, Steve Dellinger attended (and helped park cars) at the 26th Annual Meeting of The Marques. The Meeting of The Marques is put on by the Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club (a non-geographical region of the AACA). For the past four years, the motor show has been held in conjunction with the Harvest of the Arts festival in downtown Carlisle. LANCO MG Club members registered for the show included Steve Dellinger (1974 Morris Mini), Judy and Mark Stern (1995 Morgan Plus 8); Robert Strunk (1977 MGB); and Dick Wachtman and Carol Waterman (1980 MGB LE).

Lots of Nice Cars!

 MGs and More


Perry County Traffic Control on Duty!


Coffee, Cars & Conversation

Saturday, October 1st was the last scheduled Coffee, Cars & Conversation for 2016. The weather report was “iffy”. We had coffee; we had cars – but only two showed up (Ralph Spayd and Steve Dellinger); and we had conversation. The “conversation” adjourned after 10AM – with some discussion about continuing to meet (for breakfast) somewhere in the Columbia area over the winter months. Stay tuned for updates!


Elections This Year! By Dennis Blevins

The following slate of officers for 2017 and 2018 has been proposed by the nominating committee. Additional nominations for all positions will be accepted from the general membership until the next Club meeting to be held on November 13, 2016. The club always wants and needs additional members to become involved in the operation of the Club – please consider offering your services. Please forward any additional nominations to Dennis Blevins via e­mail to by Saturday, November 12. If there are multiple candidates for any position a vote by the members in attendance will be held at that time. If no additional nominations are received the club secretary will be directed to cast one vote in favor of the proposed slate of officers and the election will be closed.







Gloria Ciarrocca


Vice President




Steve Dellinger (incumbent)



Jim Harbold (incumbent)


Board member

Charlie Baldwin (incumbent)


Board member

Mike Williams




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LANCO MG CLUB (November - 11/15/2016)

Woody’s Run - 2016

By Gloria Ciarrocca
Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca

On Sunday, October 16th the annual caravan left “The Buck” and headed south to Woody’s Crab House in North East, Maryland. Those making the run included Gloria & Larry Ciarrocca, Jon & Edie Arndt, Charlie Baldwin, Margaret Sultner, Sandy & Mike Williams, Jim & Sally Harbold, Kay and Andy Myers, Brooks & Andrea Thompson, Bob McFarland, Tom Naples, Dennis & Carol Blevins (surprise!) and Tom & Jessie Brinkman (friends of Gloria & Larry). As usual, everyone had more than enough to eat!

Some of the Woody’s “Crew”



November Meeting Report

By Steve Dellinger
Photo by Steve Dellinger

The November Membership Meeting was held at the Centerville Diner in Lancaster, with 17 members and five British cars in attendance. Dennis Blevins returned from “injured reserve” to conduct his last business meeting before the end of his term as Club President. Past shows and events were highlighted and future trips and meetings were discussed. Those members in attendance voted on the club’s charitable contributions for the Year 2016. The final Name Tag Drawing was held (for a pot of $80) – but the winner, Ray Emery was not in attendance, which means that the pot will be “distributed” at the Holiday Banquet in December.

“Lame Duck” President Blevins

Since the biennial elections for Club Officers and Board Members needed to be held this year, a slate of officers/board members for 2017 and 2018 was proposed by the nominating committee and distributed to the membership prior to the meeting. There were no additional nominations (either prior to or at the meeting). As a result, the club secretary was directed to cast one vote in favor of the proposed slate of officers and the election was closed. The officers and board members for 2017/2018 are as follows:


Gloria Ciarrocca

Vice President



Steve Dellinger  


Jim Harbold  

Board member

Charlie Baldwin  

Board member

Mike Williams


Other Club Activities

By Charlie Baldwin and Steve Dellinger
Photos by Charlie Baldwin

When it came time to talk about “car shows attended” at the November Club meeting, Charlie Baldwin brought his LONG list!! We all know what Charlie does on weekends throughout the “driving season”! Some highlights (with photos) follow:

September 13th - LANCO’s Volunteer Appreciation baseball game with the Lancaster Barnstormers at Clipper Magazine Stadium.  Margaret Sultner threw out the first pitch. There is a video (which we’ll try to get onto the Club website).  

Margaret in the Bullpen

September 18th - Hagley Museum Car Show - a very large show with all kinds of vehicles in Wilmington, DE.  The featured class was 'original' vehicles.  British Car Club of Delaware had several cars there.  I took the TD

Original TF

More Brits on the Field

September 24th - Olde Getty Place Car Show in Gettysburg in memory of Dave English, a British Road Rovers Touring Association (BRRTA) member.  My TD and an XKE were the only British cars there.  A bunch of Packards owned by the English family were there.  It was the first year for the show with a very good turnout.  They closed down one of the streets for the show and parked the cars on the street.  Quite a variety of cars.

October 1st - Fall Carlisle was this week and my friend Joe Lazenby and I went to the auction on Friday evening.  He registered as a bidder, so I went as a guest, being able to sample the food and drink.  There were several British cars sold.  Prices seemed pretty good for the buyer.  There was a '70 MGB, a rubber bumper MGB, a TC, an MGA in the auction.

October 7th and 8th - Fall Hershey.  Joe and I had a '67 MGB GT in the car corral.  There were a lot of cars there in the car corral that sold at Carlisle the week before.  The red rubber bumper MGB had sold there for $5500, and had a price on it of $9,000 at Hershey. There were many British cars there for sale that didn't sell.

October 22nd - Dallastown Family Restaurant Car Show by the Mason-Dixon Car Club.  I took the TD.  There was one other British car, a Nash Healey that stopped by for a few minutes.  This club had shows there every month over the summer, benefitting various charities.  This one was for Toys for Tots.  There was a representative from the Marines there in full dress uniform.

October 23rd - Windsor Laurel Fire Company Show.  This was a small show.  I think that it said it was the 13th annual.  There was a classic '83 Mini there (parked next to General Lee), RHD from the UK originally. 

'83 RHD Mini

October 28th - Volvo Engined MGs Yahoo Group local member get-together.  Bob Siegel from New York wanted to take Joe Lazenby, Cor Engelen, and I out to eat, and spend some time together.  Besides the camaraderie, I also explained how they can upgrade their TDs to front disc brakes using MGB front brake and suspension parts.  My TD already has MGA front disc brakes.  This is a night and day improvement.  We met at Cor's place, who has gotten two sets of MGB parts from a junkyard since to use for his and Bob's car.  Joe already had parts.  Any other T series owner's in LANCO are welcome to at least see what it is all about. 

Cor's Oakland and TD in the Garage

October 29th - 11th Annual Hoppenville Antique Truck, Tractor & Car Show at the home of John B. Haines, IV. This is a very nice show with Mr. Haines' collection of equipment, trucks, cars, buggies, and automobilia.  There was also a car show with all kinds of cars, a few British.  There were hundreds of cars attending.  It was all free for show car owners and spectators.  Good food and entertainment included.  Except for being hard to find and a decent drive, it was great.  (I didn't drive the TD to this one.)

Cor Engelen greeting Liz Haines at her arrival

Other British cars - in their Halloween costumes?

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