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LANCO MG CLUB (06/13/17)

The View from Behind the Wheel. By Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca, Steve Dellinger and Charlie Baldwin

Well the May events have come and gone and we are into June. Import Carlisle had a good turnout with quite a few LANCO members attending. Jon Arndt sold his Jag on Friday. The Covered Bridge Tour was well attended with only one breakdown.

MGs at Carlisle

June 3 was Cars and Motorcycles of England at Oakbourne Mansion in Westtown, PA. Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Jon and Edie Arndt and Bruce and Sue Hurley attended. It rained off and on in the morning (I think Larry wiped the car of 5 times) but cleared up in the afternoon. Jon took 1st for his Jag, Gloria took 2nd for her MGB and Bruce took 3rd for his Aston Martin.

Oakbourne Winners

June 4th was The Original British Car Day at the Lilypons Water Gardens in Adamstown, Maryland. Gloria and Larry attended and Tom and Melissa Ensminger attended. John Davis who hosts Motor Week was a guest who presented the awards. It was a good turnout of vehicles and it was also pretty warm. Gloria took a 1st in class .

The Field at Lilypons

June 11 was British Car Gathering at Hellertown. It was a nice hot day but at least there are a lot of trees. LANCO members Steve Dellinger and Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca attended the show with Steve’s 74 Mini and Gloria’s 70 MGB. Andy and Kay Myers also enjoyed the variety of British cars. Gloria got a first in class for her MGB.

Chilling’ at Hellertown

1950 Lea-Francis at Hellertown

Minis in the Shade at Hellertown

The next CCC will be July 1. June 24 is the Lancaster Rotary Car Show at the Lancaster Airport. If we have 10 cars preregistered, we can all park together.

Check our Upcoming events for dates for meetings and CCC. We will be listing British car shows for this summer. Also, check the LANCO web site for information.

Jon Arndt is in charge of reservations for the Pittsburgh trip in July. If you want more information email him He reserved 5 rooms. There is no extra fee for parking this year.

Other Upcoming British Car Events:

  • July 9 – British Invade Gettysburg, Gettysburg Outlets
  • July 15 & 16 – Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and British Car Show, Schenley Park
  • August 5 – CC&C Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia
  • August 5 – Pennypacker Mills British Car Show
  • August 11 – LANCO Picnic, Rocky Ridge Park, York County
  • August 27 – A Taste of Britain British Car Show, Rothsville
  • September 5 – CC&C Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia
  • September 8-10 – Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival


Check out our web site for more details.


See you down the road, top down and wind blowing in your hair!



June – CCC and River Run. By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow, Steve Dellinger and Charlie Baldwin

This has been one tough spring for outside events with lots of rain, but Saturday was an exception. We had our usual gang of regulars show up for the 1st Saturday of the month debriefing with 11 members participating. We also had Chris Hofmann from Mohnton show up in his beautiful 2005 Morgan. Nice car Chris - and we look forward to you joining us as a regular. The conversation is always “spirited” and we’ve solved many of the world’s problems as we drink coffee and then forget what we solved! But, in spite of that, it’s a really good time. This month we used the gathering as a starting point for our Susquehanna River Run. The route was laid out by Larry and Gloria and it’s a beautiful trip with lots of twisty roads. We had 5 cars take off and we finished (yes with all 5 cars) at the Moon Dancer Winery in Wrightsville. The most dangerous part of the trip is the driveway up to the winery. Good wine, but road maintenance ain’t their forte! Fortunately, the view from the winery overlooking the river is just beautiful and worth the trip up the driveway.


June CC&C


 Checking Out Chris’s Morgan

The River Run took us to the Pinnacle Overlook for a stop. We’d driven about 21 miles with the aid of my crack navigator Sandy and had not gotten lost. As we pulled in we immediately spied the elusive green-spotted porta potty and took advantage of the sighting! But the real treat came as we walked toward the overlook at the river. The group was enjoying the view and we were reading about the river geology when three bald eagles flew over us. One had swooped down into the river and had a big fish clamped in its talons. As it flew over us, the fish slipped out of its grip right over Charlie. We all hollered and Charlie stuck up his hand and caught the fish as it fell. While Charlie was standing there still holding the fish, the eagle came back, landed and Charlie gave the fish to the eagle. It was amazing! The park ranger came running over and said he had never seen that in 25 years as a ranger. None of us had our phone cameras ready and we didn’t get any pictures. But it’s the story we’re all sticking to. Now see what you might miss if you don’t attend club runs and events………amazing things!


At Pinnacle Overlook

Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


Covered Bridge Tour. By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

You just can’t beat a spring day when you’ve planned an outdoor club event AND it doesn’t rain. We got our wish! What really made the day special was the outstanding turnout of 30 cars. I’m a very big supporter of “car cross pollination” and we did just that. We invited the AH club, the CPTC, but most importantly we merged the event with the Volvo Club. John Holtzapple from the Volvo Club really did all the hard work and I kinda tagged along and gave John moral support. I think opening up our events to other car clubs provides a great opportunity to mix it up with other car “people” and appreciate others car passion. The Bridge tour didn’t disappoint. But first, a thank you goes out to Swedish Motors located in Marietta, PA. Rich Kushner, his wife and others from Swedish Motors supplied coffee, snacks and other goodies before the start of the tour. They also brought 3 cars for us to check out as we waited for the start. Thank you Rich and company!!

Swedish Race Car

With 30 cars, we did a self-paced tour in groups of 5 cars. The tour covered 50+ miles and 8 covered bridges. We all met at The Bulls Head Tavern in Lititz to finish the day off with some food and beverages to cut the dust…..Now when you open up and expand your event to other car clubs you get a wonderful synergy. We could have run an exclusive club event and had a handful of cars to enjoy the day, but with 30 cars and about 60 people you get a great atmosphere. We’re milling around at the start enjoying snacks, meeting new friends and enjoying new cars we haven’t seen before. Perfect!


’95 Lotus from Lititz

We did have 14 LBC’s of various marques, an outstanding British turnout. And only one LBC didn’t finish. I believe we have a new “Brown Wire” award winner. It did end well as no one was hurt and I know Bud felt bad, but there isn’t a single LBC owner that hasn’t been in that situation before! There are always two parts to a British car outing----getting there and getting home. On the other hand, no Volvo’s were hurt during the event! I think just a coincidence.


“Brown Wire” Award Winner???

The irony of it all was John Holtzapple had a visit from Montezuma’s Revenge the night before and was forced to miss the event. Now prior to the event, John said this would be his last tour, but as we all know you can’t say it was your last event if you weren’t there…….see you next year John.

Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events. We have some really exciting events planned for 2017 guaranteed to lower you blood pressure. (but don’t forget your sunscreen)


June Meeting and Gettysburg Tour. By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Ann and Skip Partlow

On June 4th twenty LANCO Members met at the Cross Keys Restaurant for lunch and a very brief meeting. After lunch, Skip Partlow led a caravan of nine cars (and 16 people) to the Gettysburg Battlefield for a short (slightly longer than a two-hour) tour of the battlefield. Skip has studied the history of the battle extensively – including taking college courses on the topic. The tour started at the Eternal Light Peace Memorial, traveled to Little Round Top, and ended at the High-Water Mark approximately three hours later. Skip discussed various highlights of the three-day battle – and provided comments from the Confederate point of view (Skip’s Virginia ancestors fought on the Confederate side in the Civil War). After the conclusion of the battlefield tour, several of the members of the group made the mandatory stop for ice cream at the local Dairy Queen.

June Meeting at Cross Keys

 Tour Guide Skip at Work



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LANCO MG CLUB (September)



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LANCO MG CLUB (November)

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