British Marque Articles - 2017

June - December

LANCO MG CLUB (06/13/17)

The View from Behind the Wheel. By Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca, Steve Dellinger and Charlie Baldwin

Well the May events have come and gone and we are into June. Import Carlisle had a good turnout with quite a few LANCO members attending. Jon Arndt sold his Jag on Friday. The Covered Bridge Tour was well attended with only one breakdown.

MGs at Carlisle

June 3 was Cars and Motorcycles of England at Oakbourne Mansion in Westtown, PA. Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Jon and Edie Arndt and Bruce and Sue Hurley attended. It rained off and on in the morning (I think Larry wiped the car of 5 times) but cleared up in the afternoon. Jon took 1st for his Jag, Gloria took 2nd for her MGB and Bruce took 3rd for his Aston Martin.

Oakbourne Winners

June 4th was The Original British Car Day at the Lilypons Water Gardens in Adamstown, Maryland. Gloria and Larry attended and Tom and Melissa Ensminger attended. John Davis who hosts Motor Week was a guest who presented the awards. It was a good turnout of vehicles and it was also pretty warm. Gloria took a 1st in class .

The Field at Lilypons

June 11 was British Car Gathering at Hellertown. It was a nice hot day but at least there are a lot of trees. LANCO members Steve Dellinger and Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca attended the show with Steve’s 74 Mini and Gloria’s 70 MGB. Andy and Kay Myers also enjoyed the variety of British cars. Gloria got a first in class for her MGB.

Chilling’ at Hellertown

1950 Lea-Francis at Hellertown

Minis in the Shade at Hellertown

The next CCC will be July 1. June 24 is the Lancaster Rotary Car Show at the Lancaster Airport. If we have 10 cars preregistered, we can all park together.

Check our Upcoming events for dates for meetings and CCC. We will be listing British car shows for this summer. Also, check the LANCO web site for information.

Jon Arndt is in charge of reservations for the Pittsburgh trip in July. If you want more information email him He reserved 5 rooms. There is no extra fee for parking this year.

Other Upcoming British Car Events:

  • July 9 – British Invade Gettysburg, Gettysburg Outlets
  • July 15 & 16 – Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix and British Car Show, Schenley Park
  • August 5 – CC&C Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia
  • August 5 – Pennypacker Mills British Car Show
  • August 11 – LANCO Picnic, Rocky Ridge Park, York County
  • August 27 – A Taste of Britain British Car Show, Rothsville
  • September 5 – CC&C Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia
  • September 8-10 – Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival


Check out our web site for more details.


See you down the road, top down and wind blowing in your hair!



June – CCC and River Run. By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow, Steve Dellinger and Charlie Baldwin

This has been one tough spring for outside events with lots of rain, but Saturday was an exception. We had our usual gang of regulars show up for the 1st Saturday of the month debriefing with 11 members participating. We also had Chris Hofmann from Mohnton show up in his beautiful 2005 Morgan. Nice car Chris - and we look forward to you joining us as a regular. The conversation is always “spirited” and we’ve solved many of the world’s problems as we drink coffee and then forget what we solved! But, in spite of that, it’s a really good time. This month we used the gathering as a starting point for our Susquehanna River Run. The route was laid out by Larry and Gloria and it’s a beautiful trip with lots of twisty roads. We had 5 cars take off and we finished (yes with all 5 cars) at the Moon Dancer Winery in Wrightsville. The most dangerous part of the trip is the driveway up to the winery. Good wine, but road maintenance ain’t their forte! Fortunately, the view from the winery overlooking the river is just beautiful and worth the trip up the driveway.


June CC&C


 Checking Out Chris’s Morgan

The River Run took us to the Pinnacle Overlook for a stop. We’d driven about 21 miles with the aid of my crack navigator Sandy and had not gotten lost. As we pulled in we immediately spied the elusive green-spotted porta potty and took advantage of the sighting! But the real treat came as we walked toward the overlook at the river. The group was enjoying the view and we were reading about the river geology when three bald eagles flew over us. One had swooped down into the river and had a big fish clamped in its talons. As it flew over us, the fish slipped out of its grip right over Charlie. We all hollered and Charlie stuck up his hand and caught the fish as it fell. While Charlie was standing there still holding the fish, the eagle came back, landed and Charlie gave the fish to the eagle. It was amazing! The park ranger came running over and said he had never seen that in 25 years as a ranger. None of us had our phone cameras ready and we didn’t get any pictures. But it’s the story we’re all sticking to. Now see what you might miss if you don’t attend club runs and events………amazing things!


At Pinnacle Overlook

Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


Covered Bridge Tour. By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

You just can’t beat a spring day when you’ve planned an outdoor club event AND it doesn’t rain. We got our wish! What really made the day special was the outstanding turnout of 30 cars. I’m a very big supporter of “car cross pollination” and we did just that. We invited the AH club, the CPTC, but most importantly we merged the event with the Volvo Club. John Holtzapple from the Volvo Club really did all the hard work and I kinda tagged along and gave John moral support. I think opening up our events to other car clubs provides a great opportunity to mix it up with other car “people” and appreciate others car passion. The Bridge tour didn’t disappoint. But first, a thank you goes out to Swedish Motors located in Marietta, PA. Rich Kushner, his wife and others from Swedish Motors supplied coffee, snacks and other goodies before the start of the tour. They also brought 3 cars for us to check out as we waited for the start. Thank you Rich and company!!

Swedish Race Car

With 30 cars, we did a self-paced tour in groups of 5 cars. The tour covered 50+ miles and 8 covered bridges. We all met at The Bulls Head Tavern in Lititz to finish the day off with some food and beverages to cut the dust…..Now when you open up and expand your event to other car clubs you get a wonderful synergy. We could have run an exclusive club event and had a handful of cars to enjoy the day, but with 30 cars and about 60 people you get a great atmosphere. We’re milling around at the start enjoying snacks, meeting new friends and enjoying new cars we haven’t seen before. Perfect!


’95 Lotus from Lititz

We did have 14 LBC’s of various marques, an outstanding British turnout. And only one LBC didn’t finish. I believe we have a new “Brown Wire” award winner. It did end well as no one was hurt and I know Bud felt bad, but there isn’t a single LBC owner that hasn’t been in that situation before! There are always two parts to a British car outing----getting there and getting home. On the other hand, no Volvo’s were hurt during the event! I think just a coincidence.


“Brown Wire” Award Winner???

The irony of it all was John Holtzapple had a visit from Montezuma’s Revenge the night before and was forced to miss the event. Now prior to the event, John said this would be his last tour, but as we all know you can’t say it was your last event if you weren’t there…….see you next year John.

Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events. We have some really exciting events planned for 2017 guaranteed to lower you blood pressure. (but don’t forget your sunscreen)


June Meeting and Gettysburg Tour. By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Ann and Skip Partlow

On June 4th twenty LANCO Members met at the Cross Keys Restaurant for lunch and a very brief meeting. After lunch, Skip Partlow led a caravan of nine cars (and 16 people) to the Gettysburg Battlefield for a short (slightly longer than a two-hour) tour of the battlefield. Skip has studied the history of the battle extensively – including taking college courses on the topic. The tour started at the Eternal Light Peace Memorial, traveled to Little Round Top, and ended at the High-Water Mark approximately three hours later. Skip discussed various highlights of the three-day battle – and provided comments from the Confederate point of view (Skip’s Virginia ancestors fought on the Confederate side in the Civil War). After the conclusion of the battlefield tour, several of the members of the group made the mandatory stop for ice cream at the local Dairy Queen.

June Meeting at Cross Keys

 Tour Guide Skip at Work



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LANCO MG CLUB (07/17/17)

The View from Behind the Wheel - by Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

It’s hard to believe August is already here. It seems summer just started - but it is already winding down. Another “British Invade Gettysburg” has just wrapped up. It was a perfect day with lots of sunshine and low humidity. LANCO presented a tribute, with the help of the British Road Rovers Touring Association ( BRRTA), to BIG’s founder, Ralph Eriksen. Dennis Blevins read the tribute in the Outlet’s Main Street gazebo where we had displayed a banner for Ralph. Ralph’s wife, Barbara, two daughters and other members of his family were present.

Dennis Speaks about Ralph E.

We had about 230 cars on Main Street. I would like to thank Bob, Margaret and Sheila for coordinating this event as it is no small effort on their part. Also thanks to all the LANCO club members who helped with registration, parking and other details required to pull off a successful car show. We also want to thank the management of the Outlets for allowing us to use the Main Street. This show has some beautiful unique British cars that you won’t see at other shows and should not be missed. Lenny and Frankie Fiore of Lenny's Classic Cars, Altoona, ( ) brought eight remarkable cars from their collection. It is special to be able to stand next to and admire automobiles that are valued over one million dollars. After the show, over thirty LANCO members and friends went to the Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant in York for some drinks, eats and conversation.

View Down Main Street


Lenny and Frankie Fiore


Waiting for the next Rush!


1948 MG YT


Early 60’s Rover 110


Next up on the LANCO calendar is the Annual Club Picnic at Rocky Ridge Park, York, on August 13 th. LANCO provides hot dogs, hamburgers, rolls, soda, water, condiments and utensils. All you should do is bring a covered dish and/or dessert to share. We eat at approximately 1:00 PM, with a short Club meeting following at approximately 3: 00 PM. August 27 is the 28th“A Taste of Britain” British car show,at the Polo Grounds in Rothsville, Lancaster County, PA. The field opens at 11:00 AM. Remember to check our web site for more details and other events.



LANCO and the Lancaster Rotary Car Show - by Ralph Spayd, photos by Skip Partlow

Received a flyer in the mail for the Lancaster Rotary Club car show. It’s was going to be their first car show and was to be held at the Lancaster Airport with a 5K run, fly in and car show. And, if you pre-registered 10 cars they would reserve parking and keep us together as a club. Well sounded like a good idea. So, I asked Dennis to send a blast out to the club for the event and scheduled a rally point to meet. Now shows like this are typically “car shows” meaning little to no British cars attending. I’m never sure why we as a British fraternity don’t attend, but we don’t. But our club response was overwhelming. We had 18 cars attending the show. As advertised the Rotary Club, reserved 18 spots for us and I was told we were the largest club attending the show.


The LANCO “Crew”

The show venue at the airport was great. Lots of room and we had a primo spot near the center of the event. They had great music, good food and ice cream and sold beer and wine. What’s not to like about all that! But more importantly we got to show off our British cars to an audience that typically would not see/experience British cars. Now everyone at a car show shares the same passion…cars and exposing a new audience to our marques is just awesome. The club did well as we won several awards, fielded lots of questions about the cars. But most importantly, we helped to preserve the spirt of the British car industry. Our cars are no less interesting to the public than any other car so why not show off your car. In fact, we’re typically a more unusual car then most as the younger audience has never seen most if any of our British cars. Why do we keep our cars a secret and only attend British shows with other British cars, not sure? But I suspect it’s because it’s what we’ve always done. Go show your car, mix it up and attend other shows. We’re all “car guys (and gals)” and the public loves these cars. Doesn’t do anyone any good just sitting in your garage.


Old Healey


Charlie’s and Cor’s TDs


1939 MG TB


Morris Mini 1000

Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


July CCC - by Ralph Spayd, photos by Skip Partlow

Yep, we had cars at our July Coffee – Cars & Conversation gathering. Nothing really unusual about that, as there was the usual cast of (ir)regulars plus our newest members Russ and Mary. Nice mix of MGA’s, MGB’s, Morgan, Aston Martin and Triumph, so the British marques were well represented. Now, just to stimulate the club conversation, I brought my C4 Corvette! But guess what, in the electronic age you can’t keep events like this a secret. So, we had a Porsche 914 join us along with a 928. Then a Roush Mustang pulled in. All of them were really nice cars. The Roush was impressive with 650+ HP. We did some quick calculations and all the British cars that day didn’t add up to 650HP……with exception of Russ’s Morgan and Bruce’s Aston.


CC&C July Edition


Russ’s Morgan


Now some would say, Ralph what have you done to our CCC event? Well you’re probably asking the wrong guy, because I currently drive a 1994 Corvette. But I’ve driven British cars since 1967 and love em’ to pieces…literally. What I do love (next to my wife) are cars and seeing someone pull into an event and talk about their car. Let’s be honest, these cars regardless of what you drive are an extension of you. They represent your passion and love of all things mechanical and the quest to keep them on the road. We all joke about the quirky British engineering, but I can tell you from experience that Porsche, Mustang and Corvette all share the QF (quirk factor). Some just have more QF per pound then others. Ask me about how to change the battery on my C4 Corvette and you’ll never complain about battery access on your British car again.

I’m looking forward to the August CCC event seeing what might show up. Remember GVW/QF = QF per pound….



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LANCO MG CLUB (08/15/17)


The View from Behind the Wheel - By Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Skip Partlow, Gloria Ciarrocca and Jon Arndt

It’s hard to believe I’m writing my report in mid - August already. Where did the summer go?

Picnic – 2017

We held our annual summer picnic last Sunday. It was a perfect day with about 35 members in attendance. We owe a big thank you to our main chef Larry Ciarrocca and the chicken cook Ralph Spayd – Great Job! There was a very nice variety of food and lots to eat.


Hard at Work!

 At the picnic, we discussed a possible move for BIG. It seems the store managers do not like us parking on the Main Street at the Outlets. This has been a topic in the past but has worked out. We are going to have a board meeting to discuss this - so stay tuned to see what the outcome will be.

Time to Eat!

Next on our calendar is “A Taste of Britain British Car Day.” Let’s hope for the same weather we had for our picnic. We will have navy and tan caps and various color TOB polo shirts. Come help out and enjoy all the British Cars.

There are some past events to talk about. Jon and Edie Arndt went to Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Races and British Car Show in July. Jon took a First in his class of Jaguars and they had a nice time.


Pittsburgh Show Winners!

August 5 was Pennypacker Mills British Car Show. Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Jon and Edie Arndt and Bruce and Sue Hurley attended. There were about 75 cars on the field. Gloria took a First in her class.

On the Field at Pennypacker Mills

More Pennypacker Mills Cars


First Place Winner!

Some people are going to Watkins Glen in September for the Grand Prix Festival (September 8-10), and others are going to the British Invasion in Stowe, VT (September 15-17). There are two events scheduled for October The first will be the ”Hunt Country Classic” show in Middleburg, VA. Ralph is planning a weekend trip in which we would stay in Winchester. Contact him if you are interested. The other event is our annual event is our Crab Run to Woody’s in Northeast, MD. Our monthly meeting in November will be at Quaker Steak and Lube in York. Get out there and enjoy the Little British Sports Cars before the leaves fall. Remember to check our web site for more details and other events.


August Coffee – Cars & Conversation - By Ralph Spayd

Geeze Louise, it was just April and we were kicking off our outdoor CCC event and now it’s already August. Time certainly flies by. And, despite my observation, we did have another great CCC event enjoying the good weather. There was the regular assemblage of diehards on hand to swap stories and share good conversation. Chris discovered when he washed his Morgan there was a restored pickup truck under there … quite the surprise and a very nice restoration.

We’ll keep meeting outdoors through October, then move the operation to the Burger King for November. Take a break in December and get back at it in January through March at the Burger King next door to the Turkey Hill Experience.

Now just to keep me in the good graces of the MG club, I brought my new to me 1971 MGB GT. Had it delivered on Thursday and rushed to transfer antique plates on Friday so I could bring it over on Saturday … amazingly the plan came together! [Look for pics in next month’s edition!] Since I have the attention span of a chipmunk regarding cars I couldn’t be without a LBC in my garage. Actually, I believe it’s the 8th MGB I’ve owned and the 3rd GT. I actually like the GT’s better than the roadsters. Over the years I’ve been fortunate to own quite an array of British cars but I keep gravitating back to MGB’s. I just like the darn things. It also helps that by now I’ve rebuilt most all the components on an MG at least one time so I’ve developed an archaic, but specialized knowledge base. What do I like about them? Well they are hot, leak oil, finicky, quirky and need micro sized hand to work on them. Yep, that’s exactly what I like about them. That sense of satisfaction you get when all is well and you’ve solved the latest problem. You’re cruising down the road just enjoying life. We’re all very fortunate to share a common bond and interest in our LBC’s. And have the very good fortune to still enjoy them. Life is wayyy too short to not have a passion for something. What is your passion?

Now what does all this have to do with Coffee – Cars & Conversation - a seemingly innocuous event? Well, it’s just another venue to share your passion, meet with some good people and share some quality time. Seems like a pretty good event to me. Hope to see you in September at the next CCC.

PS - my new GT has air conditioning. It’s my latest passion … staying cool!

Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


Upcoming LANCO Events:

Saturday, September 2 - Coffee, Cars & Conversation – 9:00 AM at the Turkey Hill Experience – Route 441 & Route 30 (Columbia Exit)

Sunday, September 10 – LANCO MG Club Meeting - 3:00 PM – The Centerville Diner, 100 South Centerville Road, Lancaster, PA -

Saturday, September 30 – " MGs on the Rocks " British Car Show by MGs of Baltimore. Rocks State Park, 4-H Camp, Harford County, MD. Registration opens at 9:00 AM. Popular voting closes at 1:00 PM. Awards presented after 3:00.

Saturday, October 7 – Coffee, Cars & Conversation – 9:00 AM at the Turkey Hill Experience – Route 462 & Route 30 (Columbia Exit)

Saturday/Sunday, October 7/8 – Hunt Country Classic - Willoughby Farm, Middleburg, Virginia – Road trip with stay over in Winchester on Saturday night – contact Ralph Spayd if interested.

Sunday, October 15 – Annual Crab Run to Woody's, North East, MD. Meet at Musser's Market lot - PA 272 and Friendly Drive, Buck, PA - at 11:00 AM to caravan together, arriving at Woody's by 12:00 noon.

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September (09/19/17)

The View from Behind the Wheel - by Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Skip Partlow

Well it won’t be too much longer until the tops won’t be coming down ‘til next year. On a sad note, a long t ime friend of mine, Dick Knudson passed away Sept. 1, 2017. Dick co-founded the New England MG “T” Register in 1964. He was editor of the Register’s “Sacred Octagon” magazine for many years. He became an “MG Expert”, even traveling to England to do MG research. He authored a number of books on MGs including “MG – The Sports Car America Loved First”. He was just inducted into the British Sports Car Hall of Fame in June. I bought some MG toys from him over the past 25 years at Carlisle. He will be missed.

The Board of Directors met and decided to donate $2,500 to the Central PA Food Bank again this year. The Board also worked on plans for the Funkhana at the MG 2018 being held in Gettysburg. We will need club members to help put on the event. There will be a fifty car limit. Participants drive through a course and their navigators test their skills at ring toss , parking and other activities.

Taste of Britain went very well this year. It was a perfect day. We had 124 cars on the show field and only nine “no shows”. There were 20 various British car marques along with a few motorcycles. There were also over twenty clubs represented. There were four new members who signed up at the event.


Show Field Filling Up!

Show Stopper


Checking out the Cars


Regalia for Sale


Bruce and Sue Hurley and Jon and Edie Arndt went to Watkins Glen.

The September meeting was held at Centerville Diner on a gorgeous Sunday. We had a visitor who attended and became a new member. Gary has a 1980 Triumph Spitfire.

Getting Ready to Convene

New Member Gary


By the time this comes out Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca and Jon and Edie Arndt will have gone to British Invasion in Stowe, VT. The two October events will be ”Hunt Country Classic” show in Middleburg, VA. Ralph is planning a weekend trip which we would stay in Winchester. Contact him if you are interested. The other event is our annual event is our Crab Fest to Woody’s in Northeast, MD. So far there are 30 people signed up.

Our monthly meeting in November will be at Quaker Steak and Lube in York. Get out there and enjoy the Little British Sports Cars before the leaves fall. Remember to check our web site for more details and other events.


September Coffee – Cars & Conversation - By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

The first Saturday of September was a wet one – only one brave British car and four brave souls (Ralph, Larry, Skip and Steve) ventured over to the Turkey Hill Experience lot to talk cars. An executive decision was made to adjourn to the nearby Burger King for coffee and conversation. On the way, we picked up a new recruit. Jim has an old MGB and is interested in getting it back on the road – and possibly joining the club. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate next month!

I Drive It in the Rain!


 The Usual Suspects – plus One!


LANCO at the Neffsville Car Show - By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Steve Dellinger

The Lancaster Sunrise Rotary Club, which sponsors the annual car show at Neffsville, graciously offered any club with a minimum of 10 pre-registered cars group parking as a club. So, getting a robust 13 members to sign up was the easy part. We planned to meet at Kelly Cadillac’s parking lot at 9:30 AM and make the short drive the show. We had about seven cars meet there to caravan to the show. Obviously, some LANCO members are, well more informed then me, and went there directly. A very wise decision with the intrepid seven blindly putting their trust in me…we were off to the show. Everything was going swimmingly until we hit the detour. It was actually very impressive, as they were able to close more streets in East Petersburg than there are streets! Kudos to someone! Well after passing a plethora of closed signs I went for it and took a left on a closed street to come out on a major closed street with police. Looking behind me I could tell I was impressing the group. The police were very nice and told me to take a left off Delp Road, a left on Fruitville Pike, and a left on State. All was going well until we got to the last left - which was counterintuitive. We should turn right, but the police said left. So, I got into the left turn lane, only to watch a bunch of classic cars going right and Steve hollering “Hey Ralph it’s the other way”! I did look back and saw only Gary was still behind me…sorry Gary! We all actually did make the show and had a great club parking spot with plenty of shade, a close proximity to the music, but not too close AND porta potties within sight. When we didn’t all arrive at the same time the speculation was someone probably broke down … where’s the LBC optimism?


Some of the LANCO MG Section

Now, for a summary of the day’s events. Karen learned that SU carbs require oil. Bud was busy test fitting his TR3 for a prospective buyer. Steve could have sold his Mini on the spot. Charlie and I learned when they said they were so cute they were not referring to us, but the cars. Porsche’s do look good when surrounded by MG’s. Cor is contemplating putting an MG engine in his Volvo … not! A Datsun 1600 can masquerade as a British car. Jack made a new friend and can now stop working on his own cars. Andy and Kay have chosen wisely grasshopper as they moved from MG’s. And last but not least, my car advice is free and worth every penny.


Seeking the Shade

I suspect we’ll take a different route next year to the show, but do plan to make it an annual event. This was the second non-British car show LANCO attended this year. The club turnout for both shows was outstanding and we all enjoyed showing and talking about our cars with the spectators. It never ceases to amaze me how many people owned a British car in their younger days. It’s very satisfying when we can help someone recall fond memories. It makes all the little “detours” in life worthwhile. Thanks to all for attending and making it a great day.


Remember to check out our web site at and mark your calendars for the upcoming events.




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October - 10/17/17

The View from Behind the Wheel - by Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca

Fall is a busy season for British Car lovers - Watkins Glen, Stowe, Coffee, Cars & Conversation (CCC), MG’s on the Rocks, Hunt Country Classic, Woody’s Crab Run and other car shows such as the East Petersburg Car show to name a few.

Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca and Jon and Edie Arndt made the 550 - mile journey to the British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont. The weather was good and again the show boasted that there were over 600 British vehicles on the show field. This event is usually typical fall weather in New England. This year was one of the hottest years ever. Since Gloria’s 70 MGB was in the largest class (37 cars), she was surprised to take 1st place. Jon and Edie also took home a 1st in their class, Jaguar F-type.


Cars at Stowe


MGB Class Winners


Jaguar Class Winners

The Hunt Country Classic was held on October 6 th in Virginia. There was a light mist all day - putting a damper on the show. Less than half the normal number of cars turned out. John Twist was there giving advice. He also had a seminar Saturday for those who paid the $100 fee.

John Twist “at Work”


There was a nice turnout for CCC on October 7th at the Turkey Hill Experience in Columbia. Those attending finally got to see Mike Williams’ TD. Thanks for bringing it out Mike!


Mike Really Does have a TD!

The most recent event was Woody’s Crab Run, to North East, MD, on October 15. Although it was cloudy all day (till the drive home), we had a great turnout. This is always a nice event to just relax and enjoy the seafood (and ice cream) and each other’s company.

The remaining two events of the year will be the next club meeting on November 7th at the Steak and Lube, just north of US Route 30 in York, and the Christmas Banquet at the Strasburg Inn on December 2 nd. Information for that will be mailed in November.

Remember to check our web site for more details and other events.


MG’s on the Rocks - 2017 - By Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Skip Partlow and Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca

On Saturday, September 30th over 30 LANCO MG Club members attended the annual “MGs on the Rocks” British Car Show, which is hosted by the MG’s of Baltimore and which is located at the Rocks State Park 4H Camp in rural Harford County, MD.


Show Field


Some of the LANCO Contingent


More of the LANCO Contingent

Once again this year, LANCO won the Club Participation Award for largest club. Club members winning awards included the following:


MGB Roadsters, 1962-1967: 3rd - Jeff and Bert Shank (67 MGB)

MGB Roadster, 74 1/2-1980: 1st - Mike Lang (76 MGB); 3 rd - Skip Partlow (78 MGB)

MGB/GT: LANCO swept the class: 1st - Ralph Spayd (71 MGBGT); 2nd - Forest and Kay Collier (67 MGBGT); 3rd - Brooks Thompson (74 MGBGT),

Midgets, 1974½ and up: 3 rd - Bob Brown (78 Midget)

MGA All Years: 1st - Tom Ensminger (62 MGA)

Other British – All Years: 3rd - Joe and Lillian Jason ( 57 Morris Minor)

Healeys All: 2nd - Jon Arndt ( 64 3000 MKIII)

Jaguar: 3rd - Dennis Blevins ( 70 E-Type FHC)

MGBGT Sweep!!


Dennis (and Richard)


Minor with Next Generation


October Coffee – Cars & Conversation and the Brightside Show - By Charlie Baldwin, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

Attendees at the October 7th CCC included Scott Walter, Chris Hofmann, Ralph Spayd, Jack Butler, Mike Swift, Mike Williams, Cor Engelen, and Charlie Baldwin. The British vehicles were Cor's Raleigh bicycle, Mike W's TD, Jack's MGA, Ralph's BGT, Chris' Morgan, Mike S's Morgan, Charlie’s TD, and Scott's MGB.


Two Morgans!


Nice Day for Conversation (and Coffee)

British Bike

The Bright Side Opportunities Center Car Show was held on October 14th in Lancaster. The turnout was not very good, perhaps because of the weather, and maybe because of other events going on. I passed old cars going there and also returning home that must have been at other events.

LANCO members who attended were Bob Brown with his Midget, Cor Engelen with his TD, Richard Dieterle with his Spitfire, and me with my Healey. Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca also showed up as spectators.


Three British in a Row


Richard Dieterle and his Spitfire


Bob Brown and his Midget


Cor Engelen with his TD


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November - 11/14/17

 The View from Behind the Wheel - By Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca and Skip Partlow

Another year is coming to an end. The last events for the year were the Woody’s crab run, the November Coffee Cars and Conversation, and the November meeting at Quaker Steak and Lube. I mentioned Woody’s in the last newsletter but I thought I’d include a picture or two in this issue.

The Woody’s Crew


After Lunch Ice Cream Stop


November Coffee, Cars and conversation was well attended and, although it was cold, there were the old faithful with their tops down. We did go into the Burger King for coffee and breakfast.

November CC&C


Breakfast at Burger King


The last meeting of the year was held at Quaker Steak and Lube in York. Another day where it started out cold, got nice in the afternoon and then cold at night again. It was nice to see Jim and Sally Harbold. We made it a short meeting because the food came out early.

Brits at “The Lube”


Smile for the Camera!

Our last event is the Annual Banquet December 2nd at the Fireside Tavern, Strasburg. It’s a really great night with lots of socializing and a recollection of some events this year.

This is the time of the year we should reflect on the events this past year. Think of what you enjoyed and what you didn’t enjoy. Let us know how you feel and what suggestions you may have for next year. The only way to make this a better club is with your participation and input. Be prepared to get involved if you have some good ideas. Do you want more tech sessions, drives, overnight trips, week day events or rallies? Let’s get these cars out and enjoy them and the people who own them.

Don’t forget that in June 2018 is the MGB convention right here in our backyard at Gettysburg, PA. Get your reservations in early. LANCO is putting on the Funkhana and we will need volunteers to help run this event.

Remember to check our web site for more details and other events.



The Great Pumpkin Fly - By Charlie Baldwin, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

On October 22nd, a couple of us went to the Golden Age Air Museum's Great Pumpkin Fly near Bethel, PA, which is up PA Route 501 right on the other side of I-78. The museum has a collection of very interesting antique airplanes housed in several hangars on the property at the airfield. The air strip is grass. LANCO members attending were Cor Engelen and me, along with our friend Joe Lazenby. Cor and I drove our TDs, and Joe arrived in his TR7. When we arrived, there was a Porsche 356 already parked. Some other British cars showed up a bit later - a TR6 and TR4.

Golden Age Airways

LANCO MGs on the Field

Quite a few private airplanes flew in, probably more than 20. The club sold pumpkins for $25, which included a flight in one of the airplanes owned by the museum or members of the museum and a shot at hitting the target by throwing the pumpkin out of the airplane from an altitude of 50' or so. You could also buy a ride in the museum's biplane, which was quite a bit more expensive.

I see an MG!

It was quite interesting, helped out by it being a beautiful fall day. The drive there was quite chilly, but even so was quite enjoyable in the TD. The drive home was even better. From York, it was around 55 miles the way that I went. Perhaps next year the club can plan to go to one of their events.


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