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LANCO MG CLUB (06/11/18)

The View from Behind the Wheel, by Gloria Ciarrocca, photos by Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

If the rain ever stops, we may get to enjoy our British Cars.  Remember this year’s Taste of Britain is one week earlier, on August 19th. Since we will not have the car show at the Gettysburg Outlets this year, we will have a meeting on July 8th at the Centerville Restaurant, at Centerville Road and Route 462, south of the Route 30 Centerville exit.

May 18th-20th was Import Carlisle. I was up on Friday and it was cool and cloudy and windy. I thought Saturday was a total loss but was told it really was not bad.

LBCs Scared away by the Rain on Saturday

The Covered Bridge Drive on May 20th with the Volvo club had a great turn out. There were somewhere between 40 and 50 cars. Although it rained at the start, the sun came out and the rest of the tour was nice.  LANCO had 8 cars participating, including Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Al Little, Pam and Bob Preston, Tim and Joan Martin, Steve and Lucy Rineer, Cor Engelen, Charlie Baldwin, and Kay and Andy Myers. It ended at the Warwick Township building and park. Some people hung out in the parking lot and talked and then some decided where to go to eat.

May 26th was a Jaguar show at Sunset Lane Park, Shiloh. It was a warm day. There were some beautiful cars there

June 2nd was the Coffee, Cars & Conversation gettogether at the Turkey Hill Experience parking lot in Columbia. Fifteen members turned out. We acquired a new member, John Crocenzi from Etters, who owns a 1966 MGB.

Good Turnout this Month


Checking Out Deb’s New “Toy”

June 2nd was also the Cars of England at Hope Mills, near Philadelphia. It is a Jaguar car show and a British car show combined, but with separate awards.

June 3rd was Original British Car Day at Lilypons, Buckeystown, MD. The weather was misty off and on, and then later in the day it started to rain (what else is new!). TVR was the featured car. Gloria got a first for her 1970 MGB.

June 10th was the British Motor Car Gathering in Hellertown, PA. It was a light rain all day. Gloria got a first. (The 2nd and 3rd place MGB’s were both trailered.) There was a nice turn out of MG’s, Triumphs, Healeys, Jags and Minis.

There are lots of events coming up:

July 7th – Coffee Cars and Conversation, Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia

July 8th – Club Meeting, 3:00 PM at the Centerville Diner

July 14th – British Car Day, Pittsburgh in conjunction with Pittsburgh Vintage Races

July 14th – 2018 Wings & Wheels Fly In and Car Show, the Golden Age Air Museum, Grimes Field, Bethel, PA

Check our website and the newsletter for other upcoming events.

2018 “Wings & Wheels Extravaganza" Fly-In and Car Show

This year, Charlie Baldwin has organized a Club run to the 2018 edition of the "Wings & Wheels Extravaganza" Fly-In, Vintage Automobile Show, & Big Band Swing Dance, which will be held at the Golden Age Air Museum, Grimes Field, near Bethel, PA. According to the Museum’s website (, the event will be featuring “The Great War, WWI”, with WWI aircraft, Vintage aircraft, Vintage automobiles and tractors, reenactors, and memorabilia collectors invited and encouraged to attend. Biplane Rides will be available, as well as breakfast, lunch and refreshments.


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The View from Behind the Wheel.By Gloria Ciarrocca, photos by Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

Well, summer has finally arrived, and as I figured, we went from spring to August in one week.

NAMGBR 2018 is now history. Gettysburg was the place to be June 11-15. Wednesday was the Funkhana. I would say it was a success. LANCO members who helped were Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Gary and Lori Jo Trautman, Steve Rineer, Bob Brown, Charlie Baldwin, Andy Myers, Skip and Ann Partlow, Cor Engelen, Margaret Sultner, Bob Arlotto, Deb Eckert, Andy Schneggenburger and Steve Dellinger. The course involved throwing a bean bag in a hole (corn hole toss), putting fan belts on 3 cones, putting in and taking out spark plugs from a cylinder head, throwing 3 balls in a bucket, spelling a word with wood blocks and backing into a space to get as close to cones as possible without touching them. There were 47 cars signed up, but only about 35 took part.

Queued at the Start Line

Ready for Business

Heading for the Belt Toss

Cylinder Head Station

The next day, Thursday, was the car show. There were about 350 cars on the show field. An early morning shower made entering the show field a little messy but it soon stopped for the rest of the day, making it rather hot. I will attempt to list the LANCO members who either entered or attended the events (I am sorry if I missed anyone): Dennis Blevins, Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Steve Dellinger, Claude and Donna Dencler, Karen and Bill Gerth, Dale Glatfelter, Skip Partlow, Dave Sewak, Robert and Connie Strunk, Scott Walter, Deb Eckert, Rick Smith, Sue Wright, Alan and Carol Tucker, and Al Little.

Some of the MGBs in Attendance

Dale, Dennis and Friends

In the evening, the banquet finished off the day. A large selection of food, along with great desserts, was served buffet style.  Those who won awards included Gloria Ciarrocca, 1st place (70-72 MGB), Karen Gerth, 2nd (72-74 MGB-GT), Rick Smith, 3rd place (77-78 MGB), and Gloria Ciarrocca, 1st place for Photography.

Larry and Gloria

John Twist and Rick Smith


MG2018 Road Rally School and Road Rally. By Dennis Blevins, photos by Eric Salminen

The North American MGB Register held their 2018 annual convention in Gettysburg, PA on June 18th through the 22nd. Two of the events that attendees could participate in were a Road Rally School held on the 19th and a Monte Carlo style road rally on the 20th. Both events were organized by Eric Salminen and Dennis Blevins and sanctioned by the Sports Car Club of America.

Thirty-one teams took advantage of the Rally School which included two hours of classroom work followed by a thirty mile, two hour training rally. Each team also received an electronic copy of our ninety-page Road Rally Textbook which was prepared over several years by rallyists from the MGs of Baltimore club and the WDC Region SCCA.

Rally School

Twenty-seven teams ran the Wednesday rally. The seventy-mile country road route encircled the town of Gettysburg and finished with a driving tour of the seldom visited East Calvary Field of the Gettysburg National Military Park. The Monte Carlo style route contained forty check points although just seventeen (unknown to the competitors) were manned for scoring the event.

Checkpoint Ahead

It is not possible to give enough “Thanks” to all of the individuals from the MGs of Baltimore, the LANCO MG Club (Lancaster, PA – covering the central Pennsylvania area), and Heidi of the WDC Region who provided hours of their time helping to make these two events a success.

For the uninformed, this being NAMGBR’s national convention, over 400 MG owners (and a few other British car owners) travelled (in their MGs!) to Gettysburg from all over the United States and Canada to attend the event – the most-distant driving in from Vancouver, British Columbia. This was an outstanding opportunity to showcase our mid-Atlantic region and hospitality to these folks.


July 7 CC&C. It was a beautiful day and the numbers reflected that. There were 18 cars present. Members attending included Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Dennis Blevins, Karen and Bill Gerth, Charlie Baldwin, Bart Sheaffer, Brooks Thompson, Michael Swift, Jon Keeler, Chris Hofmann, Ralph Spayd, Jeremy Smith, Mike Clemens, Bud Cadwallader, Rob Shingle and Jim Keener, Trent and Suzette Bentzel, Steve Dellinger, and new member Don Eisenberger.

CC&C #1

CC&C #2

July 8 was the monthly meeting at Centerville Dinner. Although there were only ten people in attendance, we discussed a lot of things and the meeting lasted until 4:30. It was nice to see Ralph Spayd again and he said Sandy is doing better with her treatments and hopefully on the mend to good health.

There are lots of car shows coming up:

  • August 3, 4 & 5 is Das Awkscht Fescht, Macungie.
  • August 4 is CC&C, Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia, 9:00 AM.
  • August 4 is Pennypacker Mills British Car Show, DVCMG, 10:00 AM.
  • August 12 is LANCO’s Annual picnic at Rocky Ridge Park, York County. Bring a dish and join the group for a nice relaxing day. 1:00 PM.
  • August 19 is ‘Taste of Britain’  British Car Show at the Lancaster Polo field in Rothsville, Lancaster County, Brownstown exit off Rt. 222 north of Lancaster. 11 AM -4:00 PM.
  • August 25 & 26 is British Car Festival, Altoona.


Bob Brown. By Charlie Baldwin, photo by Charlie Baldwin

Our LANCO member and friend Bob Brown has passed away, I learned at Darrell's Garage last night.  Bob was a regular with his orange rubber bumper Midget at CC&C and at Darrell's.  He came to a few meetings, and helped at the Funkhana in Gettysburg only a few days before he died.  I enjoyed talking to him and wish I could have known him longer. (So do we!!)

We’ll Miss You Bob!

Other Events Attended. By Charlie Baldwin, photos by Charlie Baldwin

Charlie Baldwin attended the Latimore Valley Gettysburg AACA show in June.   Due to a soft show field they moved up the hill to the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing grounds.  Charlie got a 3rd place trophy with his TD, which you can see in the background behind the grey car.  That was the only LANCO MG in attendance, though Alan Tucker was also there.  There is also an MGA in the museum, which was at the Hershey hill climb when Lloyd Geib, Jr. was still alive.

Latimore Valley Gettysburg AACA

1959 Hillclimb Car

Charlie was also the only LANCO member to attend the NAMGAR GT-43, the MGA meet in Richmond, VA. Jack Butler was registered, but didn't make it due to health issues.




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August CC&C. By Steve Dellinger, photos by Skip Partlow

The threat of thunderstorms and cars shows elsewhere apparently kept the attendance down at the August 4th edition of Coffee, Cars & Conversation. Charlie Baldwin showed off his year-specific “vintage” license plate – one that he’s had for years but just recently paid the $75 to Penn DOT to legally use on his car. Bruce Hurley also showed up in his Aston Martin DB7.

Checking out the “New” Old Plate

Bruce’s DB7

A Not So Sunny Day for the LANCO Picnic . By Steve Dellinger, photos by Skip Partlow

On Sunday, August 12th, the LANCO MG Club gathered in the “Pheasant” Pavilion at Rocky Ridge Park in York for our annual picnic. While it was a partly sunny day, Thunderstorms were in the forecast. Despite the forecast, thirteen British cars were driven to the event.  There were a total of thirty-six members in attendance, including new members Bill Tolhurst and Bart Sheaffer.

Chow Time!

As usual, the club supplied the hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken breasts, along with rolls, condiments and sodas and water. The cooking crew this year consisted of Head Chef Larry (Ciarrocca) and Sous Chef Trent (Bentzel) – both who performed admirably! Club members brought covered dishes and other items to share – including many, many desserts!

Chef Larry and Sous Chef Trent

After stuffing ourselves (as usual), President Gloria Ciarrocca convened a brief meeting to catch up on some events past and present. Larry Ciarrocca updated the group on the preparations for A Taste of Britain. Club members reported on numerous car shows attended (and awards won) since the July Club Meeting. There also was a discussion of upcoming events, along with a 50-50 drawing (Dennis was the big winner). The annual “guess how many pieces of candy are in the container” contest was expanded to three containers – with resultant winners Brooks Thompson, Deb Eckert and Steve Dellinger. The rain held off long enough for everyone to get home before getting wet (hopefully).

The Prez conducts the Meeting


Wings & Wheels Fly In & Car Show By Charlie Baldwin, photos by Charlie Baldwin

The Wings & Wheels Fly In & Car Show was held on July 14th and 15th at the Golden Age Air Museum, The museum is located at Grimes Airfield at PA 501 and I-78, near Bethel, PA. The plan was to meet at the Sheetz station north of Lititz at 501 and Newport Rd. at 8:30 AM on Saturday, July 14th, and then leave for the show at 9. We had ten signed up, but some didn't show up so we waited longer to make sure they were given plenty of time. Those meeting at the Sheetz were Emery Dewitt, Steve Rineer, Mike Williams, and Margaret Sultner (who was riding with me). Mike and Steve drove their everyday cars and Emery was in his Volvo powered TD, “Beck”. It is called that because of the Beck's Beer logos on it as it was built to advertise for a beer distributor.

Volvo-Powered MGs

We took off with Emery in the lead and Steve as his passenger, my TD next, and Mike bringing up the rear. It was a very nice and uneventful ride to the airfield. When we arrived we found that Cor Engelen and Chris Hoffman were already there, but not in British cars. Cor drove his 1920s Oakland and Chris his 1941 Chevy pickup. Both are very nice vehicles. Since their vehicles were pre-WW2, they got in free. Those of us with newer cars paid $8 per car, and Mike had to pay $10 as a spectator. All were a bargain.

Chris’s 1941 Chevy

Cor’s 1920s Oakland

Besides being a car show, it was also a fly-in for various small airplanes, of which there was a large variety. The museum also had several of their airplanes on display on the show field with others in the four hangers of the museum. There were airplanes coming and going the whole day. It was nice to be able to walk right up to the airplanes, though it was important to keep alert for any coming in or going out. At one point, Paul Dougherty took his aerobatic plane up and gave a show in the distance above the ridge. He probably didn't do it right overhead because of the other airplane traffic closer to the airfield. Later in the day they took the museum's airplanes up all at once. These airplanes are all pre-WW2 with some being WW1 vintage. They flew around for quite a while and even had a mock dog fight complete with rat-a-tat-tat noises to simulate machine guns. There were single wing, biplanes, and even a triplane.

Ready for a Dogfight

The rest of the cars in the car show were of all different types, antiques from the '20s on up, muscle cars, street rods, and even several British cars. It was a good turnout with an excellent variety of cars. There were also motorcycles and some military vehicles. Earlier in the day they had a brass quintet playing music from the '30s and '40s. And in the evening a big band type dance was scheduled. None of us stayed for that.

There were a couple of food vendors, so there was a variety for lunch.

The weather was clear, but hot. As you may think, there wasn't a lot of shade at an airfield, but with a pavilion for eating, and the hangers, it was easy to get out of the sun. For Emery's impressions, go to his blog at

Taste of Mount Joy Cruisin’ Cuisine Car Show By Charlie Baldwin, photos by Charlie Baldwin

Saturday, July 28th, was the 16th Annual Taste of Mount Joy Cruisin’ Cuisine Car Show on Main Street in Mount Joy. Margaret Sultner and I attended in my 1952 MG TD. The town closes Main Street to park the show cars and allow spectators plenty of room to walk and look at the cars.

It is a mixed car show with mostly American iron. In fact, there were only three British cars there - my TD, a 1970 MGB GT, and a Sunbeam Tiger. Other foreign cars included a few VWs. Besides the British cars, there were interesting antique cars going back to the '20s. The only way to change the mix of cars is to have more British car owners show up. Cost was only $15 day of show, less to preregister


BGT in Mount Joy

Sunbeam Tiger in Mount Joy

As the name of the show implies, there were several food vendors plus all of the restaurants along Main St. or within walking distance to find something to eat.

They had trophies sponsored by local groups, so that was a good way for them to donate. Both of the MGs got trophies, and there were many more to be had. It was a good day.

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The View from Behind the Wheel by Gloria Ciarrocca, Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca and Charlie Baldwin

Well, where did that summer go! We had rain every car show we went to this year. I hate to see summer end, but I’m tired of the rain.

Due to persistent rain, the “A Taste of Britain” British Car Show at the Lancaster Polo Field in Rothsville was a bust. We had about 30 cars attending and other folks who came to pick up packets but left their cars at home.

“Topless” MG at TOB

Umbrella Day

“Wet and Wild!”

LANCO members Jon and Edie Arndt, Carol and Dennis Blevins, and Larry and I all attended the Annual Vintage Festival in Watkins Glen, NY. Since Jaguar was the featured Marque for the Festival, all three couples traveled there in their Jags.

LANCO “Crew” in Downtown Watkins Glen

Here Come the Jags!

Here Come the Minis!

The featured marque of the Vintage Races up at Watkins Glen International Raceway was Mini – so Steve Dellinger drove his ’74 Classic up – and spent virtually all weekend up at the track. Mini racing legend Paddy Hopkirk was a special guest of the Mini/MINI group for the weekend.

Hanging at the Tower Suites on Friday

Paddy Autographing Minis/MINIs

E.T. Got His!!

Larry and I and Jon and Edie Arndt drove to Stowe, Vermont on Wednesday, September 12th. We stayed in Pittsfield, Mass. the first night. The next day we went to Hemmings in Bennington, VT and to the Bennington Pottery. From there, we went to the Vermont Store and had lunch there. We arrived in Stowe about 4 PM. On Friday, we went to the show field to pick up our packets and browsed the vendors. Saturday was the car show. It was rather warm (87 degrees), with beautiful blue skies. There were over 500 cars there. Jaguar and Land Rover were the featured marques this year. There were approximately 54 classes, so it took a while to do the voting. The awards started about 3:15 PM. Larry took a 2nd in his Jaguar class and Jon and Edie took a 1st in their Jaguar class.

1st in Class!

2nd in Class!

Healeys Everywhere

And MGs!

Larry and I drove home on Sunday, but Jon and Edie stayed for the Sunday events - the Competition of Colors, and the Tailgate Picnic Competition. On Monday, the Arndt’s headed to Maine.

  • September 29 is MG’s on the Rocks Car Show
  • October 6 is Coffee Cars and Conversations at Turkey Hill Experience, Columbia.
  • October 7 is Hunt Country Classic, VA 
  • October 21 is Woody’s Crab Run, Northeast, MD. If you did not sign up but want to attend, text me or call or email,, so I have some idea how many are coming. If you signed up, I have your name. We will meet at Musser’s grocery store at the Buck, south of Lancaster. We will leave at 11:00 AM and arrive at Woody’s by noon.
  • November 11 is the LANCO meeting, 3:00 PM at Quaker Steak and Lube off Rt. 30, in York.
  • December 1 is the Annual LANCO Banquet at Fireside Inn, Strasburg. We will be mailing information out at the end of October.

We are looking for someone to volunteer for President for 2019 - so don’t be shy. Step forward and get involved in the club. It’s not hard and you will have a lot of support.


September CC&C by Steve Delinger, Photo by Skip Partlow

The September 1st edition of Coffee, Cars & Conversation was held under “iffy” weather conditions, which limited the participation to a small group. Rick Smith made an appearance, and Deb Eckert showed up later in the TC.

Small Group at CC&C this Month

Other Events Attended by Charlie Baldwin, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

August 5th - Macungie - This was my first trip, but as a spectator, to the Macungie show which goes on for three days, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday is when they allow street rods in. Saturday, I went to Coffee, Cars, & Conversation, so that left Sunday, which is described as club day. Some are actual clubs, but basically it means that like makes are parked together. Packard was the featured marque, so there were quite a few of them there along with a tent for special ones. The show is all on grass, so with all the rain this year, it was a little soft, but not too bad generally. Some areas were cordoned off to keep anyone away from the real mud. There were quite a few British cars all lined up together. It is such a large and popular show that you must preregister and that ends early in the summer. Cor Engelen went on Saturday, since he is pretty far away for CCC, so that wasn't as important to him.

WWI Vintage Packard

Many Metros



August 26th - Del Grosso Park - I went on Sunday for the British Car Club of Central PA's event in Altoona. I took the 'fast' way to get there, going up US 322 to I-99 and south to Tipton. Google told me that was 143 miles and roughly 2 1/2 hours. I left York around 7 AM and bundled up to try to stay warm. But when I arrived, I was surprised that everyone was in shorts and T shirts, because I didn't know it was warmer. It still took a half hour to warm up! Some LANCO members did attend, but not many. The Tuckers, Alan & Carol, were there along with Dick Wachtman and Carol Waterman. Our hosts, Jim and Lori Pastore, were there too. Jim had four or five cars on the show field. And, of course John Twist was doing his tech sessions on the attendee's cars. Coming back, I took the lower speed way - going up and down the mountains. The TD was great fun with its Volvo engine.

Rick R’s Trump Lawn and Land Company Mini

Morris Minor Traveller

“Clean” XK150



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The View from Behind the Wheel. By Gloria Ciarrocca

This is the time of year to really enjoy you LBC. Get out and show your shine before the flakes start to fly. Watkins Glen, Stowe, MG’s on the Rocks, Hunt Country Classic, and Coffee, Cars & Conversation were just some of the events LANCO members attended over the past several weeks. There are still some events left in the calendar for this year. By the time you read this, we will have concluded our Annual Crab Run to Woody’s in North East, MD on October 21th. Our November meeting is scheduled for the 11th at 3 p.m. at Quaker Steak and Lube, 1411 Kenneth Road, just off Route 30 in York. The last event is the Annual Banquet at Fireside Inn, Strasburg, on December 1st. Look for the information, ballots and dues coming in the mail this month.

LANCO MG Club is looking for a President for next year. If you care about the future of the club, please step forward. If you have any suggestions of how to conduct meetings differently, please let us know. The club can pretty much run itself - we just need someone to run the meetings. Other events are run by other members. Another way to get involved is if you have an idea for a trip, event or tech session, let us know. Most likely you will be told to plan it. We don’t always have to have just a meeting. We could drive to a winery or other venues and have a short meeting.

The officers voted to have ‘Taste of Britain’ at least one more year in 2019. If that would be the last year, it would be 30 years. So - let’s hope for the best.


MG’s on the Rocks - 2018. By Steve Dellinger. Photos by Charlie Baldwin

On Saturday, September 29th over 30 LANCO MG Club members attended the annual “MGs on the Rocks” British Car Show, which is hosted by the MG’s of Baltimore and which is located at the Rocks State Park 4H Camp in rural Harford County, MD. After some overnight rain, the sun came out and the day turned into a warm and pleasant one.

Club members winning awards this year included the following:

MGB Roadsters, 1968-1974: 2nd – Gloria Ciarrocca (70 MGB); 3rd – Dale and Claudia Glatfelter (72 MGB)
MGB Roadster, 74 1/2-1980: 1st – Rick and Judi Smith (78 MGB)
MGB/GT: –3rd - Brooks Thompson (74 MGB-GT)
Other British – All Years: 3rd – Kurt Johnston (59 Morris Minor); 4th - Dale and Claudia Glatfelter (76 Mini Cooper)
Triumphs Others: 1st – Taylor and Mary Jane Miller (73 Stag)
Triumphs TR-250 & TR6: 3rd – Steve Swift (76 TR6)
Healeys All: 2nd - Joe and Lillian Jason (66 3000 MKIII); 3rd - Jon and Edie Arndt (64 3000 MKIII)
Premier Class: 2nd - Tom and Melissa Ensminger (62 MGA MKII)


Next year will be the 40th Edition of this event!

2nd Place Healeys

3rd Place Healeys

2nd Place MGB Roadsters 1968-1974

2nd Place Premier Class

3rd Place Other British – All Years

October CC&C. By Steve Dellinger. Photo by Charlie Baldwin

The October 6th edition of Coffee, Cars & Conversation was held under cloudy weather conditions – but that didn’t keep down the turnout! 14 people and 10 British Cars of various vintages showed up (plus a Porsche). Next month (November) CC&C will move to the nearby Burger King lot (and restaurant).

Lotus in Attendance

Large Group at CC&C this Month

“Clean” Looking Sprite!

After the gettogether, Chris Hofmann and Charlie Baldwin stopped by Rich Trexler’s home near Marietta to check out progress on a TC that Rich is restoring. Check out next year’s meeting schedule when it is published – for a possible Club meeting at Rich’s house.

Meeting of the Marques – Artistry on Wheels - 2018. By Steve Dellinger. Photos by Steve Dellinger

On Saturday, September 22nd, Steve Dellinger attended (and helped park cars) at the 6th Annual “Artistry on Wheels” Motorshow as part of the Meeting of The Marques Festival. The Meeting of The Marques is put on by the Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club (a non-geographical region of the AACA). The motor show is held in conjunction with the Harvest of the Arts festival in downtown Carlisle. LANCO MG Club members registered for the show included Steve Dellinger (1974 MG Midget), Judy and Mark Stern (1995 Morgan Plus 8); Bob and Connie Strunk (1977 MGB); and Dick Wachtman and Carol Waterman (1980 MGB LE).

Lots of Foot Traffic!

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(November) (11/13/18)

The View from Behind the Wheel

By Gloria Ciarrocca
Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca

This is my last British Marque article as President. It was a privilege to serve the LANCO MG Club as President. Now it is time for someone else to take over. We are a special group of people with a special love of LBC’s and we need this club to continue. October 21st was our annual Crab Run to Woody’s in North East MD. We had over 30 attend the event. As always, the company was enjoyable, and the food was great. A cold and windy day, but at least it was not raining.

Woody’s Crew #1

Woody’s Crew #2

Woody’s Crew #3

November 3rd was the last Coffee, Cars & Conversation of the year at Burger King in Columbia. We had a great turnout.

The Activity calendar is winding down for 2018, but we had a great meeting on November 11th at Quaker Steak and Lube in York. Our next and final event this year will be our Annual Banquet on Dec. 1st at the Fireside Tavern in Strasburg, Pa. It’s always a good time with good friends and good food.

Meeting at Quaker Steak and Lube

I would like to thank the officers for doing a great job the past two years. I would like to thank Steve Dellinger and Dennis Blevins for all their work. Actually, some of our officers did such a great job, they have consented to run for another two-year term. Please become more active and get involved in more events. You will experience what this club is about, People and little British cars,

The end of the year is upon us with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner. Don’t forget to pause and offer thanks for all we have enjoyed this year.

Check the newsletter and web site for meeting places and events next year. Events such as CC&C will be on the calendar. Next year the MG is the featured marque at British Invasion. Put that on your to do list. Other events such as PVGP and Watkins Glen are always a nice weekend getaway.

Happy Holidays!

November CC&C and More. By Steve Dellinger (and Charlie Baldwin). Photos by Skip Partlow, Charlie Baldwin and Gloria Ciarrocca

The November 3rd edition of Coffee, Cars & Conversation was held under cloudy weather conditions – but that didn’t keep down the turnout! 14 people and 4 British Cars of various vintages showed up for breakfast and conversation at the Burger King in Columbia. Gloria stopped by to give an update on Larry (who was in the hospital after surgery). There will be no CC&C next month – same day as the Banquet. We will start up again in January – again at the Burger King lot (and restaurant).

A “Hood” Up Day!

Hanging Out at Burger King

What is He Thinking??

After the gettogether, Charlie Baldwin, Cor Engelen and Mike Williams traveled to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles for their annual Diner Day event. During Diner Day, they sell coffee and pie from their 1938 diner at 1938 prices! This event is included in their regular admission fee of $8 ($7 senior or AAA). Several years ago, Ralph Spayd took the LANCO group on a tour of this museum. It appears from their website that the museum has greatly improved since then. The museum is in Boyertown, PA, a little over an hour's drive from Columbia. The museum is located in the former Boyertown Body Works building where specialty truck bodies were built for many years. The vehicles on display were in many cases locally manufactured in York, Reading and Philadelphia. Check out their website here:

Charlie also attended the AACA Eastern Fall Meet at Hershey, Pennsylvania on October 13, 2018, and took a few pics. The red MGA on the show field is Tom and Missy Ensminger's. The two MGBs belong to former LANCO members Charlie Demmy and Ed Katz.

Tom and Missy’s “A”

Charlie’s and Ed’s MGBs


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