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Behind the Wheel in 2019, by Ralph Spayd

In spite of all logic and reason, I actually volunteered to run for club president. I can assure you there was no Russian involvement comrades, I mean friends. Although some vodka might have been involved in the thought process.

Like most of us involved in the club, the club has a special place in our hearts and minds. I did enjoy my stint back in 2015/16 as the president so it really wasn’t a difficult decision. Which is a good segway into what the club means and the decisions we will be facing over the next several years? We didn’t have anyone officially run for office this year there was no election for president. Now I know the club has special meaning and we all enjoy the gatherings, drive and friendships developed over the years. So, it’s really quite a conundrum.

Is it just a sign of the times? Has the car club concept run its course? Are we all that complacent? Do we want to continue the club? The questions are endless, but time is not. We are facing change and need to determine what will give the LANCO MG Club longevity. Assuming that is what we all want.

For me 2018 was a real year of change. I lost my wife to cancer after a yearlong battle.  We were married for 46 years and the change was anticipated but still not easy. I don’t bring this up to garner pity as I’m doing OK, but to make the point that, things, relationships, clubs don’t last forever in their original shape or form no matter how hard we wish they would. I was told a long time ago by a former manager that there are only two things you can do with change. Either manage it or be managed by it.  Sage advice! What are we as a club going to do with the change facing the club? Just my $.02, but I plan to work on managing the change. The best thing we can do is to keep the club vibrant and active with a broad base of activities that appeal to the membership. Car shows, tours, events and gathering usually involving food or ice cream are a good start. I’ve started the 2019 calendar and it’s full of those activities to keep us busy driving our LBC’s. But, it’s not just my job to do this. I can hold some of the pompom’s but not all of them.  It requires all of our inputs and involvement and that’s how we develop a strong base of member support to insure a continuation of leadership via membership involvement.

I also want to work closely with the other British marque clubs to foster cross involvement in our drives and activities.  With that in mind, is it time to move toward a Central PA British Car Club and not marque specific? Hummmm, something to think about.  It’s going to be a busy year and I look forward to 2019 and here’s hoping we’ll have a drier year. Remember to check out our web site at  and mark your calendars for the upcoming events. We have some really exciting events planned for 2019.


Annual Banquet – December 2018 by Steve Dellinger, photos by Steve Dellinger

The annual LANCO MG Club Holiday Banquet was held at the Fireside Tavern, Strasburg, PA on Saturday, December 1st with approximately 50 members in attendance.


Pre-Dinner Conversations


Time to Eat!

As the Club did last year, a donation was made to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Service awards for the year included the following:

Years of service in the Club:

35 Years of Service
Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca
Larry Spangler

30 Years of Service
Jim and Sally Harbold

25 Years of Service
Bruce Bubeck
Eric Salminen
Tony and Rose Ann Sinkosky
Alan Tucker

20 Years of Service
Bob and Peggy McFarland
Andy Schneggenburger
Kelly Hartlaub

15 Years of Service
Tom Higgins

10 Years of Service
John and Joyce Westell

Gloria expressed recognition for last year’s meeting hosts, as well as for the numerous ”A Taste of Britain” and NAMGBR 2018 Funkhana Volunteers, Tech Session organizers and other Event and Club Volunteers. Special “thanks” were also given to the following members:

Board of Directors & Officers
Dennis Blevins – WEB Master
Skip Partlow – Photography
Ann Partlow – Photography File Manager!!
Larry Ciarrocca - Membership
Coffee, Cars and Conversation – Ralph Spayd
Taste of Britain – Larry & Gloria Ciarrocca
August Picnic - Larry Ciarrocca
October Crab Run – Gloria Ciarrocca

The annual “Enthusiast of the Year” Award went to Larry Ciarrocca. This year’s “Most Active New Member” Award went to Gary Trautman. The “Let it Rain Award” was shared by Deb Eckert, Charlie Baldwin and Cor Engelen for their “top down” dedication to the rainy A Taste of Britain show this year. A special presentation was also made by Dennis Blevins to Bruce and Sue Hurley for the periodic “experiences” related to their new house (and pole barn).

The festivities concluded with Joan Martin making a presentation related to limericks, Barry Herr and the LANCO group’s trip to Buffalo in 1997.

Another enjoyable end to a successful year!


“Enthusiast of the Year” – Larry Ciarrocca


“Most Active New Member” – Gary Trautman


Let it Rain Award Winners” – Deb Eckert, Cor Engelen and Charlie Baldwin


Special Homeowners Award Winners – Bruce and Sue Hurley

New Officers Elected

By Steve Dellinger

Since the biennial elections for Club Officers and Board Members needed to be held this year, a slate of officers/board members for 2019 and 2020 was proposed by the nominating committee and distributed to the membership to vote prior to the annual banquet. There was no one on the ballot for the office of President, but Ralph Spayd stepped up to take the helm for another term. As a result, the officers and board members for 2019/2020 are as follows:


Ralph Spayd

Vice President



Steve Dellinger  


Gloria Ciarrocca

Board member

Deb Eckert  

Board member

Bob Preston

January 2019 CC&C by Steve Dellinger, photos by Gloria Ciarrocca

The January 5th (and first “winter”) edition of Coffee, Cars and Conversation was held on a cool and cloudy morning at the Columbia Burger King with twelve members in attendance. The dedicated “CC&Cers” included Mike Williams, Charlie Baldwin, Cor Engelen, Gary Trautman, Ralph Spayd, Gloria and Larry Ciarrocca, Joan and Tim Martin, Steve Rineer, Steve Dellinger and Deb Eckert (who drove the TC!).  One and one-half hours were spent discussing numerous club-related (and numerous “not-club-related”) topics. After some discussion (and after talking to the restaurant manager), it was decided to hold all the future CC&C gettogethers at Burger King – instead of at the Turkey Hill Experience parking lot.



Some of the dedicated “CC&Cers”

January 2019 Club Meeting by Steve Dellinger

Returning President Ralph Spayd convened the first membership meeting of the New Year at the Centerville Diner in Lancaster, with twelve members in attendance. A snow fall earlier in the day probably contributed to the sparse crowd. Two new British Cars (MINIs) were also in attendance. Minutes from the November 2018 meeting were distributed, and the Treasurer provided a report on the Club’s current finances.

Most of the discussion during the meeting focused on the scheduling of events for the year. We will be holding our membership meetings at the Centerville Diner from January through April this year. Other club meetings will be held in the York and Adams County areas. In addition to regularly scheduled Club meetings and events, and the monthly Coffee, Cars and Conversation, several possible road trips were discussed, including a river tour ending at the Moon Dancer Winery, a trip to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles, and a trip to the Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown. Other day trips and longer (overnight) trips are also being discussed. An outreach to other area British car clubs to arrange some joint activities was also discussed.


Sandy Spayd by Steve Dellinger, photo by Gloria Ciarrocca

LANCO member and friend Sandy Spayd passed away in November after a long, courageous battle against cancer. Sandy’s smiling face and friendly, outgoing personality was seen at numerous club meetings and car events over the past decade. We’ll remember all the good times … your gentle heart and your gracious personality … and we will all miss you!


Sandy and Ralph Spayd

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