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JUNE (06/10/19)

June CCC Run to the Classic Auto Mall by Steve Dellinger, Photos by Charlie Baldwin and Steve Dellinger

The sixth CC&C for 2019 at the Burger King in Columbia on June 1st began early - with twelve LANCO members and guests and four British cars (plus a Porsche) in attendance. Shortly before 9:00 AM, the group left Burger King, with Mike Williams in the lead, to travel to Morgantown to visit the Classic Auto Mall. According to its website, the Classic Auto Mall is “ … a world class consignment house located in southeastern Pennsylvania with indoor showroom space for up to 1,000 collectable and special interest vehicles offered for sale.” The entourage made it safely to Morgantown and met three more LANCO members and two more British cars there. We spent several hours inspecting the cars available for purchase, along with the Mall owner’s extensive (400+) collection of “barn finds” on display. The Auto Mall website is The most expensive car for sale was a 1964 Shelby 289 Cobra for $925K, followed by a 1958 Lister Jaguar Race Car for only $815K. The barn find collection included several British cars, including a 1929 Austin Seven Chummy Roadster, a 1936 Hillman Magnificent Convertible Coupe, and others. The barn find that got a lot of attention (and comments) was the 1923 Chevrolet Weadman Motor Home – which boasted “the original slide out”! To my knowledge, no deposits were placed during our visit!

Heading Out!

Made it There

$32 K - Cor’s just Looking!

Shawn and Healey Check out the MGs

Big Bucks Here $$$$

Time to go “RVing”!

June 2019 Club Meeting at EMMR by Steve Dellinger,photos by Charlie Baldwin, Skip Partlow and Steve Dellinger

The sixth membership meeting of 2019 was held at the Eastern Museum of Motor Racing (EMMR) near York Springs, PA ( on Sunday, June 2nd. 17 members and five British cars showed up at the Museum. Treasurer Steve Dellinger conducted a short Meeting. Minutes from the May 2019 meeting were distributed, and upcoming car shows were also discussed. Kudos to Museum Volunteer Judy, who set us up with a meeting space and coordinated with the restaurant regarding the numbers and timing of our post tour arrival!

Steve Conducts a SHORT Meeting

Following the meeting, we had an extensive – and very informative – tour of the Museum that was conducted by Museum Volunteer Rick Mandelson. Rick is a now retired 8-time SCCA Champion, who enjoyed a very successful career in road racing, including a stint as a Porsche factory driver. In addition to sprint cars, sports cars and Formula cars, Rick also enjoyed success in drag racing, motorcycle racing and even stock car racing. He was also a driving instructor, whose past students included Paul Newman, among others. Check out Rick’s website at

A Great Tour Guide!

Lloyd Geib, Jr.’s MGA Hillclimb car is currently on display at the Museum, as is the Soap Box Derby that was donated years ago by Sally and Jim Harbold.

Lloyd Geib Jr’s 1959 Hillclimb Car

Mario’s Car

Lucy’s ready to go!

After the museum tour, most of the group reconvened at Rocco's Pizza, in York Springs for some great Italian food. Next month, on July 13th, we will meet at 3:00 PM at the Rich Trexler’s historic farmstead in Marietta for a meeting – and a picnic (see information below).

Italian Food at Rocco’s

Other Adventures by Steve Dellinger, photos by Skip Partlow, Charlie Baldwin and Steve Dellinger

Several LANCO members attended the Carlisle Import and Kit Car show on May 17th and 18th. Some of the members who attended on Saturday included Rick Smith, Skip Partlow, Charlie Baldwin, Pam and Bob Preston (there with the AH Club and the Carlisle MINIs), Jeff Small, and Steve Dellinger (also there with the Carlisle MINIs). I’m sure that other LANCO members attended the show at some point over the weekend.

MGs and MINIs/Minis on the Showfield

The Saturday LANCO Crew

Getting Comfortable

Bob and Pam Sharing Time

On Sunday, May 19th, numerous LANCO members attended the annual Lancaster County Covered Bridge Run, which was organized and run by John Holtzapple from the Volvo Club. Several representatives from the Carlisle MINI group also participated. The run started at the Donegal Intermediate School in Marietta, traversed nine covered bridges (and visited one), and ended in Lititz. Registration refreshments were provided by Swedish Motors. And, the nasty weather held off until most everyone got home at the end of the day!

for the Covered Bridge Tour

Cliff and Diane Ready to Go

Mike’s Car is on the Road!

On May 25th, Charlie Baldwin, Skip Partlow and Jon Arndt attended the Susquehanna Valley Jaguar Club held its 12th Concours d 'Elegance at Sunset Lane Park in York, PA. Lenny’s Classic Cars also brought a trailer full of cars from the Museum in Altoona.

MGs at the Jaguar Show

Jon was there

Lenny’s Classic Cars is Here


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JULY (07/08/19)

The View from Behind the Wheel - by Dennis Blevins

The more observant of you may have noticed a change in our masthead here. Our “volunteered” President, Ralph Spayd, had come to the realization that it was time to reconnect with his far-flung family rather than commit the time to our club. Apparently as a last resort the Board members looked my way and asked if I would take over the position. In a weak moment – I believe it was heat-stress induced – I said yes. After all, the club meetings and major events were set for the remainder of the year. However, I forgot about the monthly duty of writing this missive. We will certainly miss Ralph’s enthusiasm and organizational skills and hope to see him back in our fold later on.

On to other things ... Take a look at our calendar on the website. You’ll see that there are lots of activities that you can participate in over the remainder of the year. LANCO highlights are our picnic and Taste of Britain show in August, MGs of Baltimore “MGs on the Rocks” in September, and our annual trek to “Woody’s” in North East, MD in October, plus our monthly “Coffee, Cars and Conversation” the first Saturday morning of each month. Truly something for everyone. Hope to see you at some of these events.

Speaking of seeing you at an event – Carol and I have been remiss about attending club meetings and CCC all year. We’ve only made it to a couple. And I suppose our reasons are like everyone else’s. Work schedules, grandkids, vacation trips, illnesses and injuries – you name it. Possibly more like excuses, rather than reasons. Which brings me to another observation. This year’s North American MGB Register (NAMGBR) annual convention was held in Traverse City, Michigan – the cherry capital of the world. As I understand it – a beautiful location in northern Michigan and pleasant weather to boot. Only one (excepting the Tuckers who attended as MGOB members) LANCO MG team attended this national convention this year - Jim Harbold, with Scott Walter navigating, made the trip in Jim's B/GT. I can’t say the driving distance was the reason – many intrepid LANCO members have travelled to Minneapolis, Georgia, Kentucky, Indiana, and Ontario, Canada to attend the NAMGBR conventions in the recent past according to my memory. Why not this year? All the reasons listed above plus serious illnesses, advancing age, and possibly the lack of someone to be the organizer and driving force. Again, an old saw, but get involved with your club.

In closing, I’m not going into the trials and tribulations finding the cause and repairing the exhaust leak on our Jaguar e-type coupe until that has been completed. Just say that I still have not learned my lessons in preventing injuries to myself. This time minor burns, being too impatient to wait for things to cool down before sticking my hands and arm into tight, hot crannies. I can only say that I must be proof to the rule as to why women live longer than men.

An after-thought...... If Traverse City is the cherry capital of the world, why were the cherries that were for sale in the local grocery store from Washington??? Hmmmmm................. (Thanks, Alan.)


Lancaster Rotary Club Show - by Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow and Charlie Baldwin

On Saturday, June 22nd a large contingent of LANCO members attended the Lancaster Rotary “Wheels and Wings” Festival at the Lancaster Airport. The weather was NICE – not torrential rain like last year or stinking hot!
The LANCO assembled at the nearby Sheetz and motored onto the field as group. Approximately two dozen LANCO members and at least 17 member cars were on the field. Those who attended included Larry Ciarrocca, Skip Partlow, Rick Smith, Cor Engelen, Steve Dellinger, Rob Shingle, Bill and Karen Gerth, Paul Miller, Chris Hofmann, Bruce and Sue Hurley, Deb Eckert, Andy and Kay Myers, Dale and Claudia Glatfelter, Charlie Baldwin, Margaret Sultner, Emery DeWitt, Russ Vollmer and Bart Sheaffer. Rich Trexler came to the show in his Porsche but didn’t enter the show field. Steve Rineer stopped by Sheetz prior to the show.

As in past shows, there was a large and varied mix of vehicles from antiques to muscle cars to street rods. I don’t think that any LANCO members won a trophy – but we had a good time anyway!

LANCO Crew – Part 1

LANCO Crew – Part 2

Cool Cars

Volvo-Powered TDs

Rare Honda S600 Coupe


July 2019 CC&C - by Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow and Charlie Baldwin

The seventh CC&C for 2019 took place at the Burger King in Columbia on July 6th - with 18 LANCO members, five nonmembers, 17 British cars (plus a Porsche), and numerous “lookers’ in attendance. It was hot and humid, so most of the group started out with coffee (and breakfast) inside the air-conditioned Burger King, before venturing out into the heat. (Although the Turkey Hill Experience building next door did provide shade for the cars that got there early.)

Chillin’ in the BK

There was a nice mix of cars – ranging from the oldest (Deb Eckert’s MGTC) to the newest (a MINI JCW). In between were several MGTDs and MGBs, a MGBGT, a MGA, a Midget, a Classic Mini, an XKE, a TR6, a Lotus Turbo Esprit, a Lotus Evora and a TVR Tasmin.

Great Turnout Today!

The Rest of Them

Car on the Left is FAST!


Independence Day in Red Lion - by Charlie Baldwin, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

Each year Red Lion Borough in York County has a car show on our country’s Independence Day on July 4.  Some LANCO members regularly go.  This year we had Brooks Thompson, Tom Ensminger, Margaret Sultner, and Charlie Baldwin, along with another couple British cars, a bugeye Sprite owned by Phil Matte, and a vintage Mini Countryman owned by Terry Barnes.  It was the first time out for Brooks’ ’74 MGB that he is just finishing up the restoration on. Tom had his beautiful MGA Mk. II, and Charlie had the '52 TD.

July 4th in Red Lion

Probably one or more of the above got a trophy, but since the black clouds were rolling in, Margaret and I decided we should leave before getting drenched.  We got no further than Yoe before the rain started.  And it came down with a vengeance.  We took refuge under a porch at an elementary school where only a small car would fit and waited out the storm.

And a “B”
The highlight of the show was seeing Andrea Thompson who has been out of commission with medical issues since last August.  We all wish her continued success in her battle.


Other Adventures - by Steve Dellinger, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

Charlie Baldwin is well on his way to winning the “Most Car Shows Attended during the Year” Award – if there was such a thing. Since last month’s edition of the Marque, Charlie has attended - and chronicled in photos - the following: June 8 (Pullman Auction at the York Expo Center); June 9 (British Motor Gathering in Hellertown); June 15 (AACA Museum Car Show in Hershey); June 22 (Lancaster Rotary “Wheels and Wings” Festival); June 29 (BritFest 2019 at Timonium Fairgrounds, MD); and July 4 (Roarin’ Great Car Show in Red Lion). We look forward to next month’s travelogue!

Pullmans for Sale

T’s at Hellertown

Brits at the AACA Show

MGs at Britfest 2019


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LANCO MG CLUB (September)



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LANCO MG CLUB (November)

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