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LANCO MG CLUB (06/07/21)

The View from Behind the Wheel by Ralph Spayd

By the time you read this we will have colonized Mars, we will be chauffeured in our self-driving cars and  Elon Musk will have resurrected the MGAHTR car company knowing full well as a futurist how these cars were wayyy ahead of their time. Actually, I’m poking fun at the incredibly slow delivery of our British Marque publication. But seriously, we all know we can’t live on Mars and self-driving cars are only a dream. But the MGAHTR car company is, well……

What do ice cream, CCC and covered bridges have in common? They are just some of the events we’ve been holding since kicking off our new year. Hopefully you’re taking advantage of these activities. We’ve had great turnouts for the events and it’s just been great to see and hang out with good friends while driving our cars as a bonus. Saturday, June 5th, Rob Shingle graciously agreed to host our monthly CCC at his house, the following week we will have caravanned to the Show of Wheels car show in Fleetwood with a post-show picnic at the Maurer’s. All of these will have happened by the time you read this, and I hope you’re not missing out. The future has more ice cream, a drive in movie night, museum tours, winery trips, crab run to Woody’s, a club picnic and stuff still to be planned. This is no time to watch, get out there and have some fun. Hang out and participate with or without your car and never miss an event because of your car. They are only car’s, it’s the people we’re interested in.

Well, it’s time for the old soapbox and my ramblings. I need to relate an experience I had with my good friend Bob M. and our trip to Reading.  Bob got a line on this fellow, Johnny who was selling his cache of MG parts. Bob needed some stuff for his MG project so off we went to see this guy. Now Johnny has been wrenching on MG’s for 50 years or longer and did some nice resto work and he did have quite a pile of parts. Bob found some stuff and Johnny just gave him the parts. What a truly gracious act from a guy who has a love of British cars and is a real character, but more importantly was willing to share his stories, knowledge, stuff and his positivity. Johnny is an 80 year old character and just made you smile and feel good hanging around him. It just rubbed off Johnny being with him and I took part of that home with me. Not to keep, but to share. We all have that in us, positivity, knowledge and stories to share with each other and strangers we may meet. We just never know who or how we may impact someone when we share. We do that as a club, sharing our expertise, stories and experience with each other. The real trick is to keep sharing and expanding our sphere with new friends we meet. When we do that the club will continue to stay relevant, vibrant and grow. Johnny may have reduced his parts inventory but gained two friends. Seems like a pretty good trade to me.  My quote for the month:

“Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way you can give something without loosing something.”— Richard Stallman

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at  and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


May Meeting Recap by Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow

We held our May club meeting on the 16th at the Centerville Diner in Lancaster. The weather was cloudy but comfortable (low 70s). As a result, we had 11 British cars, and 28 members/guests in attendance. Ralph reviewed some of the date, venue and time changes for upcoming events – including the fact that CCC will start at 10 AM starting in June. The June CCC will be at Rob Shingle and Jim Keener’s house in Lancaster. The May 23rd Covered Bridge Tour will start at 1:30 PM, leave from the Donegal Intermediate school in Marietta, and end at the Oregon Dairy. The Fleetwood Car Show, “Show of Wheels,” on Saturday June 12th will be followed by a post-show picnic at Diane and Cliff Maurer’s house.

 “Dear Leader” addresses the masses

MGs and Jags

And More …

Annual Covered Bridge Tour By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow

Sunday May 23rd, we held our annual covered bridge tour. We’ve run this event for the last several years and the drive and scenery are just a bucolic joy especially when the weather cooperates. Well as they say, it’s better to be lucky than good and we were lucky. The weather was great. This spring has been hit or miss with cold weather. Just ask the 1st Ice Cream Run participants…. Actually, it was kinda hot and Linda and I opted to keep the top up for our drive. Yep, I’m a wuss! We had 15 cars participating and I think this was a first with no breakdowns. Hate to jinx it, but there I said it. What did I learn from this experience? I ran the route on Thursday just to make sure PennDOT didn’t present any surprises and of course they did. The first 3 cue’s we’re off due to road construction so I had to reroute the start. Of course, that changed the cumulative mileage. Not a biggie. This isn’t a new route, so I just followed the existing que sheet with the new changes. Went off without a hitch, made all the turns and most were right on the money +/- a tenth. Made a few minor hint corrections and headed home. As Steve D. can attest, my handwriting leaves something to be desired so I carefully deciphered my hieroglyphics and made the changes adjusting the individual cue mileage. While running the route, I set up 2 trip calculators in my car for the individual cue miles and a cumulative mileage. As Aristotle said, “the whole is greater the sum of the parts”, and he is correct. The cumulative mileage was 2 miles greater than the sum of the individual cue mileage. Did the math two times as I was sure I added incorrectly, nope! We’ll I chalk it up to magic and it was. It was pure magic to see everyone having a great time being out and about and driving our cars. We finished up at the Oregon Dairy for lunch or desert and to just hang out and socialize. Yep, it was pure magic, way to go Aristotle. Thank you to all who participated. Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

Waiting for the “Drivers’ Meeting”

Midget and MINIs

Jags, Lotus and More


June Coffee – Cars & Conversation (CCC) By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow

On Saturday June 5th, Rob Shingle and Jim Keener graciously agreed to host our monthly CCC event at their house. Well, you’ve always heard the old adage if you weren’t there you missed a good one. Well folks, that’s the truth. Shame on anyone who missed this spectacular event. The weather was perfect, and Rob and Jim invited the Packard club as well as some other friends in addition to the LANCO MG club. We had 40+ in attendance and a 30+ collection of eclectic cars. What a beautiful display of cars on a beautiful day. Rob and Jim outdid themselves with refreshments in the garage. Actually, you had to be there to appreciate the garage, just a spectacular venue. We all took turns introducing our cars and their respective stories. You could write a book after hearing the all the histories of the owners and the relationship to their cars. It was incredibly gracious of Rob and Jim to host and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and the company of new and old friends. Made you proud to be a club member and associate with such a wonderful group of people. Thanks again Rob and Jim. Our next CCC will be on July 3rd and I suspect may  pale in comparison but will be just as much fun.

The Hosts – Rob and Jim

Lots of Nice Cars!

More Nice Cars!

Not British – But Still Nice!

Hanging out in the Garage

Talking Cars




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LANCO MG CLUB (07/12/21)

The View from Behind the Wheel By Ralph Spayd

It’s hard to believe we put June in the books, the year is moving quickly after feeling like time stood still in 2020. June was another good month for the club. We had perfect weather for our Ice Cream Run at the Freeze n Frizz and a great turnout. The Fleetwood Car show was great and again the weather cooperated. The event did produce a very entertaining picture. I can’t thank the Maurer’s enough for hosting the post show picnic. What a beautiful house and landscaping and very gracious hosts to boot. A good time was had by all. But as we say goodbye to June, July is packed full of events. We had our CCC on the 3rd with a side trip to Barry’s Car Barn. Check out the details on the CCC article. We’ll be doing our 1st Drive-In movie night on the 16th at Haar’s in Dillsburg. We’ll be caravanning to the Lancaster Rotary Car Show on the 24th at the Lancaster Airport and the next day we’ll do a run to the Benigna Winery with a very scenic drive to the winery. Oh, we have our monthly club meeting on the 11th at the Centerville Diner. August will be just as busy so stay tuned. And Rich R., president of the Central Pennsylvania Triumph Club (CPTC) has invited us to their Castle Winery event in Hershey on Sunday, August 1st. Great cross pollination events with the CPTC. At the beginning of the year, I said I wanted the theme for 2021 to be the “Catch Up Year” to make up for the previous year. I’m keeping my word with something for everyone. Speaking of ... something for everyone, its soap box time, not a very slick segue, but whatever. A few weeks ago, I got a call from someone at the Schreiber Pediatric Center. She was organizing a car show of sorts, but only wanted 2 cars from each club. I did agree reluctantly. On June 26th off I went to the “show”. Turns out I was the only car there. Some other vehicles like a tow truck, fire truck and some other miscellaneous vehicles. They provided a table for club info and I spread out our info and membership applications. Turns out it was really an outdoor event for the pediatric clients. Thank goodness I didn’t miss the event. It was one of the most satisfying car events I ever attended. The kids were great and loved my car with lots of questions and lots of smiles. How fast does it go, where’s the top, no back seat? You want to get a mental reset, spend an afternoon at a Pediatric Center with their clients. It was humbling, fulfilling and enlightening. I did promise her next year LANCO would bring 10 cars for the kids to see and experience. She was ecstatic with the offer. Which brings me to the point of this soap box? Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. When I got there, I thought this isn’t a car show. I couldn’t see past my car show paradigm. It wasn’t a car show; it was an outdoor event to share some interesting things with the clients with lots of smiles, questions and fingerprints on the car. It made me very proud to represent the club at this event. It helped me to shift my focus from showing the car to letting people just experiencing the car with a much different perspective. Helped me to look at all this with fresh eyes and realize what good fortune we all share with our toys. My challenge to everyone is to take a fresh look at our toys and challenge our perspective. Look outside the forest for new trees.

If you change the way you look at things
The things you look at change
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at  and follow us on meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


A Picture IS Worth A Thousand Words, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Ralph Spayd

Well, I will spare the thousand words, but some things are just too good to pass up.

“Folding” a Chair

These guys actually do keep their cars running. I know they do very nice restoration work, but the folding chair was problematic. I guess since it wasn’t British….a conundrum. You know who the guilty parties are. Extra credit if you guess the belly!

Classic Wiring

Next up is Bob’s classic wired MGB. Can’t really tell if they are Lucas switches, but Bob can now turn his dining room light off from his car!

PS … might want to pass if these guys offer to help you!

Fleetwood Rotary Club Show of Wheels, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Ralph Spayd

For me it was a pet project this year as I grew up in Fleetwood and attended the car show several years ago. The Show of Wheels is a very nice general car show and we made a nice representation of British cars. A group met at the Sheetz on Oregon Pike at 8 AM on Saturday, June 12th.  Charlie B. gave me a heads up and we invited The MGA Guru, Barney Gaylord to join us. Steve R. supplied the cookies to fortify us for the trip, good job Steve! I don’t believe the package made it out of the parking lot….the trip was uneventful except for the exit to 222 N, a true marvel of PENNDOT ingenuity. We almost got a new member of the club as a tractor trailer tried to join the caravan! But it did all work out and we made it safely. The weather looked iffy but was OK with no rain.

Barney talks Cars

British on the Field

The show had its best turnout ever with almost 400 cars on the field at the Fleetwood Park. We had 10 people attend from LANCO and 9 cars and we did get to park as a club. As I traveled around the show field, I’d estimate there were 20 British cars attending. The show is a nice eclectic mix of hot rods, stock and modified cars. I’m always impressed when I attend a non-British show how much attention our cars garner with the crowd. We left the show about 2 PM and Headed to the Maurer’s for a post-show picnic. Cliff led the group to their house on a very nice drive as we were all lost in the boonies of Berks County! The food and post-show debriefing was excellent. A big thank you goes to Diane and Cliff for hosting and providing the food. In true British fashion, some car parts were scavenged. The Maurer’s want to host an October event at their house and I’m thinking fish sandwiches on the menu ... check with the hosts about that!! Thank you to all who participated.

Car Show at the Maurers’


June 13 Club Meeting, By Ralph Spayd

We held our June meeting at the Centerville Diner on the 13th with 24 members attending. I learned my lesson and didn’t publish the trivia question as SOME people couldn’t help themselves and had to google the answers….yikes. But I stumped em’ this time with some hot dog questions. I’m not sure how it actually happened but we had a name tag drawing winner. We pride ourselves on not actually having a winner and some question which membership list I was actually using, but Steve D. did win $20. A questionable win as I’m not sure he had his name tag on when we drew his name. Remembering the trivia question debacle, we just let it pass! The best part of the meeting was welcoming Cor back to the fold from his broken leg incident. If you know Cor, the last several weeks were painful, just not from the leg incident. All kidding aside, good to see you Cor. We welcomed our newest member, Joe Foster. Excellent news as our club continues to grow. We reviewed the calendar and did a recap of a busy month with an outstanding CCC, Covered Bridge Tour and the Show of Wheels caravan and post show picnic. We did our roundtable discussion and got the Das Awkscht Fescht update from Cliff. Cliff is working to make this a major British car event for next year. Keep your calendars open for this event and let’s make it a huge success. Thank you to all who participated and hosted our events.


June Ice Cream Run By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Steve Dellinger

Forty degrees, what a difference. Not the temperature of the ice cream, but the temperature difference between the April kick off night and the June event. The only downside was your ice cream would melt faster, but I didn’t hear anyone complain. We had a great turn out at the Freeze n Frizz on New Holland Pike with 20+ members and a dozen or so British cars and the always enjoyable Porsche coalition. We did enjoy Karen’s doggie, Cody, just not sure he got any ice cream. We also had a location where the bathrooms were finally available which is a key ingredient for club events….The evening was spectacular with near perfect weather, just right for enjoying ice cream and mixing it up with the members. This is the first year for our monthly Wednesday night gathering and is working well. But what’s not to like about driving your LBC and eating ice cream.  Busy year planned as we catch up from 2020. Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on Meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

Hi Peggy!


The Wardell Family Midget


Rich’s TR3A



July CCC and Run to Barry’s Car Barn By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow and Ralph Spayd

The only thing we needed were some fireworks to complete the celebration for our July CCC on the 3rd at Jim Mack’s Ice Cream stop in Hellam. What a great turnout with 25+ attending as I’m sure I missed some attendees. This event continues to be a wonderful event for the cub and provides a quick and easy venue to get together, drive you LBC and still get home to work on the honey-do list. There is always lots of good fellowship, BS and ice cream. What a winning combo and its’s always good to see Rich R. and the CPTC coalition at the events. MG’s and Triumph’s parked side by side, can world peace be far off ...

As a floater at these events, it’s just stunning for me to take part in a myriad of conversations. The range and depth of topics is quite impressive. We’re really not just an assemblage of pretty faces!

We gathered up a few brave souls after the event, Gregg S, Bob M, Linda M and me to travel to Barry’s Car Barn in Intercourse, PA. I suspect the car barn not being strictly British didn’t interest the majority, but the museum was spectacular. The museum opened about 3 months ago and is just chocked full of all types of cars and automobilia including signs, gas pumps and most anything you can imagine. We entered the museum and this fellow joined us in looking at the cars. We’ll guess what, that guy was Barry the owner of all these cars and he gave us a personal tour of each car, the history and their story. Barry was very entertaining and down to earth with a great sense of humor. Barry is a true car guy with good taste. Surprisingly one of his favorite cars in his collection was his 1967 AH3000 which he has beautifully restored. If you missed the trip, I would recommend you go visit Barry’s Car Barn and if you’re lucky, Barry will escort you around his collection. Ask Gregg or Bob about Barry’s idea for his Woody wagon. Barry is truly a marketing genius!!

Great turnout Today

Great Weather Day

Deb’s Here!


Pete’s Super 7 with Rover engine


Jagger is here too!

Barry’s Healey

Not British – but Nice!


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LANCO MG CLUB (08/16/21)

The View from Behind the Wheel, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Charlie Baldwin and Diane Maurer

I think we hit a high water mark in July for the club. We had five events during the past month. We did our monthly CCC, our ice cream run, a regular monthly meeting, the first drive in movie night and a road trip to Barry’s Car Barn museum. We were able to provide something for everyone in the club with no reason to not drive your LBC. The events were well attended, and a good time was had by all AND the weather did cooperate. August is another busy month with lots to do with more reasons to drive your LBC. Can’t speak for future presidents, but my two hard and fast rules for the club are to never miss an event because of your car. It’s all about getting together, socializing and enjoying our time together. Second rule (actually a guideline) we are wayyyy more interested in you than your car. We all love each other’s cars and enjoy seeing your work of art, but it’s the people that matter and make LANCO the great club that we are. The LBC are just a great side benefit. Speaking of our members, we need to thank Tony S. for donating a 69 MGB GT to the club. We’re working on how best to handle this for both the club and Tony. More details to follow with how you will be able to bid on the car. A second thank you goes out to Pete L. for organizing our caravan to the Hunt Valley Cars and Coffee event in Maryland. We’ve discussed doing this for some time, but Pete took the initiative to organize the event. Thanks to both members for their leadership. 

Well not to disappoint, here goes my soapbox missive. We did a river run road trip after our August CCC gathering.  I took the easy way out and dusted off an old set of directions laid out by Larry and Gloria C some time ago. The route is beautiful and runs about 50 miles ending at the Moon Dancer Winery in Wrightsville. We took off with me as the lead car and Linda my crack navigator. Now I didn’t run the route prior to that day, but what could go wrong….well, after about 4 miles we came to the dreaded “road closed” sign. If you’re even remotely familiar with the roads in PA, PennDOT has most every back road under construction in the state. At least our gas tax/transportation bill is funding something, but I digress! As the leader, I was under considerable pressure to fix this. The troops we’re getting anxious and nervous as well as overheating, not the drivers, but the LBC’s. We stopped, maps flew out, GPS was consulted chaos was reigning and then I was coerced into doing something rash, turn around and follow the detour signs. Well we did just that, took a beautiful detour that was better than the original route, came out back onto the planned route and found the winery. Just like the river run, I’ve taken the long way to make a point. We make our plans, set out on our respective journeys and viola, you have to take a detour. OMG, where is this going to take me, I’ll lose time, etc., etc. But sometimes the detour IS better than your plan and you have a better experience. Good life lesson in all this, very easy to lose our mental flexibility and become too fixed on our planned destination. Sometimes it’s good to just follow the detours in life and enjoy the adventure. We did on the river run and had a better experience and some fun in the process. Doesn’t get any better than that, but I believe the winery might have also helped.

“Sometimes the most scenic roads in life are the detours you didn't mean to take.”
― Angela N. Blount, Once Upon an Ever After



Ready to head out

On our way

The Bridge is Out?!

View from The Pinnacle

Made it to the Winery

Wine, Beer, Cider and Pizza


Drive-In Movie Night and Ice Cream Run, By Ralph Spayd

July has been one busy month; we held our first ever Drive-In Movie Night at Haar’s Drive-In in Dillsburg on Friday July 16th. The movie was OK, the sound was supplied by your portable radio tuned to FM101.1 and the picture was either too dark or too light. So, would I schedule this event for next year? Heck, yes. It was great. We had 5 cars attend and we all sat outside on our lawn chairs under the stars. It was nostalgic, fun and just a great time hanging out with everyone. It will be on the calendar for next year. The weather mostly cooperated but we did spend the 20 minutes in our cars avoiding the rain. The weather didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits and we still a great time.

Speaking of the weather, we held our July Ice Cream Run at The Jigger Shop in Mount Gretna on Wednesday, July 21st. Typical summer storms were just hanging around all afternoon and I thought the evening would be a bust but was I wrong. Just proves that ice cream can trump thunderstorms as we had 17 members and 2 potential new members attending. It was wet, but great fun socializing and enjoying the company. LBC’s were at a premium, but as we stress to never miss an event because of your car or weather. We all had a great time and our LBC’s stayed safe and dry. Speaking of that, stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


Wheels 'n Wings Car Show, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Ralph Spayd, Skip Partlow and Diane Maurer

Hot rods, muscle cars and LBC’s can all coexist in one place. So, what’s the common denominator? We’re all car people and enjoy looking at each other’s work of moving art and pride n joy. We did the LANCO Club proud with a dozen cars at the show. What a great turnout to represent our respective British marques. The show is very well organized by the Lancaster Rotary and the Lancaster Airport is a great venue. There is plenty of space, good food and an impressive representation of vehicles on the show field. We had a great time and welcomed 2 new members to our club. I personally met a very interesting Sunbeam Tiger owner parked next to me. Her dad bought the car new and she is now the proud owner. Just great stories when you take the time to share and learn. Fortunately, Rob and his son had the foresight to bring a tent as the shade is at a premium. We held “court” under the tent swapping stories and were impressed with Charlie B’s raffle prize. The speculation is Margaret had a peek at her 2021 Christmas presents or there may be some “decorating” door prizes at the annual Banquet….hummmm! Cliff and Diane were the proud winners of RT tickets to Dulles AP. As you can guess they were speechless. The best British car award went to an AH3000, but not a club member. But the best new of all is the club’s Rob S. won the best preserved car award for his 57 Jaguar. It is a beautiful car and well deserved. Congratulations to Rob. July has been quite the busy month for LANCO, and the event was a good capstone for the month.

Ready for the Big Entrance!



BIG Winner Rob!


Benigna Winery Tour, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Ralph Spayd

On Sunday July 25th we took a road trip to the Benigna Creek Winery in Klingerstown. Now you might ask why and where exactly is Klingerstown? I can answer the first question, because the route is just a hoot to drive, but more on that later. The second question, you’ll have to ask Cliff or Diane M., because I had a map and I’m still not quite sure! We initially gathered in E-town (because I live there…executive privilege) and then regrouped in Grantville to start the trip. Our meetup site is working because we collected 2 additional roadies to join us for the day. We had 7 LBC’s to start and Cor joined us at the Gold Mine Road turn. Cor’s belief in humanity was reinforced as he waited with several offers to help him….

Now for the route, lots of twists and turns with climbs at 9+ percent incline. Steve and Lucy R. led the pack with a very spirited drive. I couldn’t help myself and followed. The rest of the group used their good judgement and we all made it safely to the winery. I’ll have Dennis post the directions on our web site. (Click on "directions" -db.) The drive is very nice. We packed our snacks, sampled the wineries fare and bought some to imbibe. The view from the deck is beautiful; we had a pleasant breeze and a great time enjoying the company. All in all, just a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon enjoying our cars, good friends the view while sipping some wine. You just can’t beat that combo.

Ready for Wine

On the Patio #1

On the Patio #2

On the Patio #3

On the Patio #4

August CC&C, By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Charlie Baldwin and Diane Maurer

Great weather day on Saturday, August 7th for another edition of Coffee, Cars & Conversation at Jim Mack’s Ice Cream in Eastern York County. There were at least 27 enthusiasts, one canine navigator, at least 19 British cars – and a Fiat! Several new members and a couple of potential members (who got applications) showed up to eat ice cream (and other Jim Mack’s delicacies) and talk cars and more. As discussed elsewhere in this edition, several members and cars then headed out on a “River Run”. Next month’s CC&C will again occur at Jim Mack’s (on September 4th).

Great Turnout

I See an Italian!

Conversation …


More Cars!

Annual Club Picnic, By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow

The annual LANCO MG Club Picnic (and membership meeting) was held in the Pheasant Pavilion at the Rocky Ridge County Park in York on Sunday, August 8th. The weather was pleasant (unusual for August) and 30 members and guests were in attendance (along with a dozen British cars driven). Bruce Hurley and Dennis Blevins graciously volunteered to serve as this year’s chefs. After a great meal – with too many dessert choices – Vice President Deb Eckert conducted a short business meeting to discuss past and upcoming events. Another successful picnic!

At the Pheasant Pavilion again this year

Found the Shade

Time to Eat

The Mad Chefs


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LANCO MG CLUB (09/13/21)

The View from Behind the Wheel - By Ralph Spayd

It’s hard to believe I’m writing a September British Marque article. It seems like we just kicked off the driving season and had all that nice warm weather to enjoy. But we still have some prime drive time left as October is one of my most favorite driving times. LANCO did have a great season to-date. At the beginning of the year we dubbed 2021 as the catch up year to compensate for last year. The club has held a plethora of driving and social events. Rich R and the CPTC have been great friends and we’ve enjoyed some great shared events together. It’s been a year of firsts for us as we initiated a monthly Ice Cream Run on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. We also held our 1st Drive-In movie night which was nostalgic and a lot of fun. Next year I’m cooking up some additional new things and events for the club, but I’m not going to tell. If I told you I’d have to well, drain the oil out of your car. No wait, it drains itself … And speaking of 1st, we’re in the midst of our first car auction for the club. See the attached article for the details, but Thanks to Tony S for donating the car and the car crew for making it all happen. The proceeds will channel back to the AACA to sponsor a car at the museum. The auction will run till October 10th. I think we can say we delivered on our “catch up” year promise, something we can all be very proud to have accomplished. We owe a very big thank you to everyone who helped to make all this possible for LANCO.  Speaking of thanks, it leads me into the monthly soapbox. I have so much to be thankful for as the president of the club. What a really great assemblage of members who step up to the plate to make things happen by planning, participating, sharing resources and knowledge allowing us to stay active and relevant. We have 130+ members and continue to grow. That is no accident and doesn’t happen without the hard work and dedication by many, many club members. The auction for me is probably the high water mark for the year as it truly speaks to the level of commitment and dedication we share to provide the community with something larger than we as individuals can accomplish. Thorough this effort, we will help to keep the spirit of our British car heritage alive and accessible to the public at the AACA Museum. That is something to make us all proud of that we accomplished as a club. We’re a car club yes, but we continue to be more than just a club.  Henry Ford said it best:

"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success."


MGB GT Auction, By Ralph Spayd, Photo by Tony Sinkosky

This whole event had its humble beginnings about 20 years ago. Back then, Tony S. was having fun or a reasonable amount of enjoyment driving his 69 B GT. Then a rain event occurred, and his prize took a bath in about 4 feet of water, submerged up to its valve cover in a fine mix of water and Lancaster County silt. It is truly amazing how even a distribution of mud can be made by Mother Nature into every crack and crevice of a car. Like many things after a cataclysmic event it sat waiting to fix itself. The car was moved to a new location and sat while plans for repair and restoration were being considered. Surprisingly, life, work and family got in the way of those grand plans. Fast forward to several months ago and Tony S contacted the club and very graciously offered to donate the car to LANCO for us to sell or auction the B GT and for the club to keep the proceeds. Tony knew he didn’t have the time to restore the car but wanted the B to have a second chance at a new life. I contacted our board of directors and passed on the offer. Now if you know the members of the board, you know we couldn’t pass up on the offer to resurrect an LBC (little British car) as it strikes a soft spot on any die hard British car aficionado. I’m being kind here as it was a kinda crazy idea. We put our heads together and decided the best way to offer the car was via an auction. So, we drafted up the verbiage, cooked up a timeline and made sure everyone understood the car would be offered AS IS. Jim, Charlie, Tony and I met at the garage for a viewing to survey the journey we were about to undertake. Yep, she was definitely under water and covered in mud. But we were undeterred and started to formulate a move plan. Jim H offered to allow us to relocate the car to his new shop on the Strasburg Pike. There the B GT would be greeted by Jim’s collection of cars and no longer alone until she met her new owner. Jack B saved the day and allowed us to use his trailer and Jeep to tow the car. But more importantly use his electric winch to help move the car. The plans were set, the date picked and Jim, Charlie, Jack, Bruce, Steve, Tony and I would be the muscle to move the car. In a true bit of irony, the day we were going to move the car Tropical Storm Ira came through with heavy flooding rain and we had to postpone till the next day. Is there a pattern with this car? I asked Tony if he knew a local Priest to perform an exorcism, but he said I was just panicking! The move sounded pretty straight forward. But wait, the car is parked perpendicular to the alley, the trailer might not be able to make the turn and there is no key for the car. Some of the floor is concrete and the rest is rough and dirt so the dollies may or may not work. Oh, by the way, the steering wheel is locked! But there was a porta potty on site, so it made all the other stuff minor on-site engineering to be resolved. (Keep in mind the average age of the club members and you’ll understand the significance). Jack B suggested he and I meet the day before to do some preliminary work. The tires actually inflated and held air to the next day and we drug the car out of its slumbering repose and got it ready for its big ride. Jack B deserves an award for suggesting we meet the day before…thank you Jack, made the next day much easier. The actual loading of the car was relatively uneventful. Some tweaking, pushing and lots of winching to get the B GT aligned on the trailer. There were a couple of wide eyed moments, but the collective experience of the group made it look easy.  This wasn’t anyone’s first rodeo! The car was delivered to Jim’s shop, rolled off the trailer and given its first bath in 20+ years. She looked much, much better. Put on dollies and rolled into her new home till October 30th. We kicked off the auction on September 6th, with the expertise and hard work of Dennis B. and will conclude on October 10th. All the proceeds from the car will be use by the club to sponsor a car at the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA.

I can’t thank Tony or the rest of car crew enough for making this happen. A very gracious offer, some planning and thought coupled with some really great people made for a very enjoyable experience. Glad I could be part of our first auction. And now that we know what we’re doing…….hmmmm, a future???

The Crew


LANCO MG Special Auction

The LANCO MG Club is offering for sale via an auction bid a 1969 MGB GT in Pale Primrose with wire wheels. The car has a clear PA Title and is offered “AS IS” condition. The club makes no warranty as to condition. The description of the car is a general observation of its condition and history to the best of our knowledge. The club is not responsible for any errors or omissions regarding the condition of the car. The buyer is solely responsible for the final evaluation.

The car had been located for approximately 20 years in Lititz, PA. The car has not run in that time. During a heavy rainstorm, the car was submerged in approximately 4 feet of fresh water. After that, the car was moved, but not driven, to another location in Lititz sometime during the last 20 years. We’ve relocated the car and you can contact Jim Harbold to arrange to see the car after September 6th.  Jim can be contacted at 717 318-9035.

Some general observations regarding the car made during the relocation; The car rolls freely but does not have an ignition key and the steering wheel is locked. There are some rust bubbles on the rocker panels and rust at the fender beads. The interior carpets and seats are not restorable. The water line was above the rocker cover and the transmission was submerged. The car was in running and driving condition prior to the submersion. The car does have a spare tire and an additional new wire wheel.

The car has been donated to the LANCO MG Club. The club will donate any proceeds from the car to sponsor a car at the AACA Museum in Hershey, PA. The starting bid for the car is $500.00. The car will be sold to the highest bidder. The sale will transact via cash payment!

Bids will be accepted by e-mail only to "" and the subject must be "MGB-GT Project car auction bid"! Include your name, address and telephone number along with the dollar amount of your bid in the body of the e-mail. (Go to to begin your bid e-mail.) Matching amount bids will be processed and accepted in the order received. (First received = first accepted and recorded.) The current winning bid amount will be updated daily by 8:00 a.m. until the morning following the close of the auction.

Bidding will open on September 6th. The auction will close on October 10th and we will notify the winning bidder at that time. The car will need to be moved no later than October 30th at the winning bidder’s expense.

Title transfer will need to complete prior to transferring the car. The title transfer will be at the buyer’s expense and can be coordinated with Tony Sinkosky at 717 629-7956.

Any questions regarding the bidding or condition can be directed to Ralph Spayd at or call me at 717 314-3153.

Please feel free to forward this information to any other interested parties.


August Ice Cream Run (ICR),By Ralph Spayd

We held our August ICR at the Oregon Dairy on Wednesday the 18th with 10 members attending. We were joined by “Fred” - not a new member, but the remnant of a tropical storm. He did manage to cause some havoc during the day, but the weather didn’t deter the 10 faithful members, or was it possibly just the hungriest 10 members of the club? The gathering was really quite informative and productive. But before we get too far along here, Lucy’s hair did look very nice, good job Lucy! (we’ve got you covered Steve) Speaking of hair, Gregg only wears a pony tail at home per his wife; Margaret revealed her age and we didn’t believe her; Steve R. and I are the same age; Charlie is just a kid, well sorta, kinda; and Steve D. didn’t talk about his age…..hmmm! We also learned Karen and Bill will be mucking stalls forever. It really was quite the cathartic event of the season. I do poke fun at all this, but seriously it was a great event with 10 good friends conversing, swapping stories and getting to know each other better. Just enjoying another LANCO event and I believe we even mentioned British cars occasionally. Good judgement prevailed and no one drove their LBC that night. Good decision and keeps with the philosophy of never missing an event because of your car. We’re keeping busy with something for everyone. So, stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at  and follow us on Facebook and Meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


TOB – Twice! - By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Steve Dellinger and Charlie Baldwin

Well, Mother Nature didn’t cooperate again! The 31st Annual “A Taste of Britain” British Vehicle Show on Sunday, August 22nd was pretty much a “washout” this year. Steady rain overnight and off and on into the morning kept the crowd away. And the Polo Match was postponed due to the unacceptable field conditions. Less than 20 cars made it to the show – with the vast majority of them belonging to LANCO workers. Since the show is “rain or shine”, the rental tent was in place and Scoops’ food trailer still showed up. An MGB owner from Virginia, who was touring the state with his wife, stopped by and showed of his 1979 B (nice one). The “Proper English Hat Contest” run by Diane (and Cliff) Maurer) was still held. Winners were Margaret Sultner and Cor Engelen; runners-up included Allen and Elaine Hess from the Keystone British Car Club (Gin and Tonic), Kathi Fox and Deb Eckert.

Slim and Wet Crowd

Saved by the Tent

Just Passing Through


Gin and Tonic

Due to the rainout of the Polo Match on August 22nd, the Polo Club rescheduled the “LANCO MG Cup” to the following Sunday (August 29th) – with all British Cars being admitted free of charge. So … we had an informal get together that day on the show field. No large tent or food vendor – so picnic lunches and/or snacks had to be brought by the participants. Of course, the weather was good that day! Twenty or so cars showed up and a good time was had by all!

Sun and Cars!

More Cars!

B, Cortina and Jensen




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LANCO MG CLUB (10/11/21)

The View from Behind the Wheel, By Ralph Spayd

I think we set a club record for our Ice Cream Run gatherings with 3 consecutive rain events, but we were undaunted with a modest, but hearty turnout on September 15th at the Dairy Queen in Columbia. Discretion kept the LBC’s to a minimum, but we all enjoyed the ice cream. But kudos to Pete for driving his Super 7 to the event and Pete, between you and Deb, you set the bar pretty high for fearless driving.

We had another great month for LANCO with ice cream, coffee cars and conversation, our monthly club meeting and several car show events. Again, there was something for everyone to enjoy and participate. Some general housekeeping stuff as the year unfolds. We will have our final 2021 Ice Cream Run at Jim Mack’s on October 20th and we will be moving the CCC event to the Burger King in Columbia starting in November (November 6th at 9 AM). The annual crab run to Woody’s will have taken place on the 17th of October. Our BGT car auction will have ended on the 10th. We have several bids so the car will go to a new owner. The monies will be used to sponsor a car at the AACA museum in Hershey. This was a really fun project to pull together and I want to again thank everyone who helped to make it possible.

Need to share my latest adventure. Linda, who is my crack tour navigator, wanted to come along to the last CCC, but she suggested we take my project car. My project car is a Saxon kit car modeled after a 1962 AH 3000. I bought the car 2+ years ago and have very slowly been getting it road ready. It had no interior, so my last project was to install carpets. As a side note, I’ll probably never do that again……anyhow, the carpets were about 90% installed, I cleaned up the car, reinstalled the seats, and got it ready to roll. Now Linda has scant experience with LBC’s, so this was a new experience! Off we went! Linda was curious about the mirrors on the fenders and if they actually did anything - NO! Wow, we are close to the ground – YES! My feet are getting warm – YEP! It’s kinda loud – WELL, I CAN’T HEAR YOU! Let’s just say we didn’t have much of a conversation during the trip. But even I noticed the car was getting louder….hmmmm. In true faux LBC form, the exhaust header was separating from the manifold. The trip home was very loud. But you know what, Linda enjoyed the experience, the angst of riding in the car and that edgy/good feeling you get when you actually make it back home with the car. Tough to explain, but I know you all know what I mean. Not to disappoint, there is a soapbox message here. For me, it was refreshing to re-experience the LBC driving adventure with someone who was seeing it with fresh eyes. Very easy to forget what a thrill it is to drive these cars with no assurance you’re going to get there or get home. Helps you to get and keep your edge in a very challenging time we live in. Stay edgy, drive your car or whatever makes you feel alive and stay connected to each other. All this reminds me of the Jackson Browne song “Running on Empty”:

Everyone I know, everywhere I go
People need some reason to believe
I don't know about anyone but me
If it takes all night, that'll be all right
If I can get you to smile before I leave

Let’s keep each other smiling. Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at  and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

October CC&C Crew

October CC&C Crew Part 2

 “B” and “Saxon”


MGs on the Rocks 2021 - Winners, Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca and Charlie Baldwin

On Saturday, September 25th about 20 LANCO MG Club members attended the annual MG’s on the Rocks Show, which was hosted by MG’s of Baltimore and which is located at the Rocks State Park 4H Camp in rural Harford County, Maryland. The weather was perfect and there were a lot of door prizes.  It was nice to see so many club members and other acquaintances we have known over the years.

Club members winning awards included the following:

  • MGB Roadsters, 1968-1974, 1st - Gloria Ciarrocca, 70 MGB; 3rd - Brooks Thompson, ’72 MGB
  • MGB/GT - 3rd - Forrest Collier, ‘67 MGB/GT
  • MGA, All Years – 2nd - Tom Ensminger, ’62 MGA
  • MGTC, TD, TF, All Years – 2nd - Charlie Baldwin, ’53 MG-TD
  • MG V8/V6 Modified, All Years – Jim Harbold, 73 MGBGT V8
  • Jaguar – 3rd – Dennis Blevins, 70 XKE
  • A-H Sprites – 3rd – Phil Matte, 58 Bugeye Sprite


Gloria Ciarrocca

Charlie Baldwin

Forrest Collier


Brooks Thompson


Jim Harbold

Dennis Blevins


Tom Ensminger

Phil Matte

Artistry on Wheels - 2021, By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Steve Dellinger

On Saturday, September 25th, while most of the club members were at The Rocks Show, Steve Dellinger attended (and served as the “Exit Marshall”) at the Annual “Artistry on Wheels” Motorshow. The motor show is held in conjunction with the Harvest of the Arts festival in downtown Carlisle. The Show is put on by the Susquehanna Valley Vintage Sports Car Club (a non-geographical region of the AACA). LANCO MG Club members registered for the show included Steve Dellinger (1974 Morris Mini 1000), Bruce Kogan (1980 MGB); and Carl and Denise Henke (1972 MGB-GT).

The “Star” of the show was a Cadillac Secret Service limousine, which was behind JFK’s car in the motorcade when he was shot in Dallas in 1963. The car was exhibited thanks to the generosity of local car collector, Bill Wessels.

Cadillac Secret Service Limousine

[Caddy 2]


British Cars!

A Line of Rolls and Bentleys



Lots of Jags!


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LANCO MG CLUB (11/15/21)

The View from Behind the Wheel By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca and Steve Dellinger

These are the "wind down year-end messages" we must write. But not to get too maudlin…October was really a very good month that favored us with some primo driving weather. Actually, for me it’s one of my favorite top down driving times with cool temps and low humidity. For LANCO, October was a very good month with a season ending ice cream run at Jim Mack’s in Hellam on October 20th. This was the first year for the event and we plan to keep it going for next year.  Our annual crab run to Woody’s in NE Maryland on the 17th was also well attended. This has really become a high lite for the year. The drive is great, and the food is wonderful, and we did sneak in the quickest business meeting of the year. Hummmm, maybe that’s why it’s so well attended! The auction for the 1969 MGB GT concluded on October 10th. The car has moved on to its new owner to start a new life. We’ll take the proceeds and sponsor a car at the AACA museum. We netted $750 as the highest bid for the car. A lot of work for $750 but was a lot of fun and gave us some great marketing for the club. We also switched gears and moved inside for our November Coffee, Cars and Conversation. We had an outstanding turnout for CCC and a mix of both British and “other” cars. I must admit, I was going to drive my faux AH and actually got the heater working and routed the heat to the footwells. But took one look at the 30 degree temperature that morning and asked myself, would Joe and Deb drive their cars today? Probably, but I switched cars!!!! Looking back at the month, LANCO did good! Now November and December get sorta quiet, but don’t forget the Annual Banquet on December 4th at the Historic Strasburg Inn. It will be a great way to wrap up a very good year before we hibernate. It’s that time to step up on the soapbox and brag a bit about LANCO. I was talking to Larry at CCC last Saturday and he mentioned we have 138 members and are continuing to grow. In today’s world that is no small accomplishment. We have to ask, what is our secret? Do we know something other clubs don’t know? It’s actually very simple and the secret is each of you. That was reinforced last Saturday at CCC with a room full of 20+ members chatting, laughing and enjoying the endless banter and each other’s company. I’ve belonged to many groups over the years and LANCO is one of best I’ve ever associated with. It’s an amazing assemblage of great people with a common interest in both their cars and each other. Quite a secret we have with endless possibilities and a bright future.

“Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.”
Misty Copeland

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on Meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

New Acquisition seen at Woody’s

MGs at Woody’s

The Woody’s Crew

Diane Speaks

CCC Back at the “King”

Big Turnout for CCC

Overflow Crowd

Not British …


Combined Club Chilly Chili Run By Cliff Maurer, Photos by Diane Maurer

Late autumn, morning temps can be in the 40’s. What can you do with your little British car when it’s 40 degrees? Give my wife Diane such a problem and she will come up with an answer! Gather them up, feed them hot coffee, tea and donuts then send them out in open roadsters through the beautiful Northern Berks / Lehigh County autumn countryside. When they get back, they will be chilly and hungry. FEED them. Have them sample 13 different kinds of Chili for a Best Chili contest. I don’t know if anyone noticed but we had thirteen different winners!

Diane and I belong to both the LANCO MG club and the Keystone British Car Club. We live on the western edge of one and the eastern edge of the other. So, when we host an event, we invite them both. Several members of both clubs have commented that this has been good for both clubs.

Originally scheduled for early November (even chillier), we swapped the date with a wine run because the wine run host had a conflict. We got the advantage of late October, the peak of the fall foliage. For weeks before the days were sunny with cool mornings and warm afternoons. Just right for a fall run in an open car. But alas, Mother Nature played an early Halloween trick on us. First the leaves haven’t changed colors, then the day dawned cold and cloudy. That would not deter hardy British car lovers.  In late morning they started to arrive, some from York, Nazareth, Lancaster, Quakertown, Leesport and one who got lost because of construction and went back to Pinegrove and spent the next week eating his own chili.

20 cars took off, some maybe not little British cars because of the weather, but many were. A little old Morris, a Mini, one with a scary passenger and an assortment of B’s and Triumphs. The great thing about Northern Berks and Lehigh Counties is long winding roads through scenic country without other traffic. 38 miles, no traffic light, no tractor trailers and very few cars. Just beautiful countryside with roads made for a little British Car.

Hitting the Road in Berks County

Local Architecture

Back at the Maurer house we had 40 people and as I stated before, thirteen chili pots. I needed extension cords to three different electrical circuits to prevent circuits from tripping! We had bean-less chili, meatless chili, brisket chili, spicy chili. Accompanying the chili was a variety of corn bread. I don’t think there was any corn-less cornbread but there was a cornbread soufflé that was delicious.

Everyone got to vote on their favorite chili and cornbread. An award certificate went to the winner in every category. Surprisingly everyone was a winner!

We topped the day off with a cake and a memento to Bob and Penny Pilat who are retiring and moving to North Carolina. Bob had been both Vice President and President of the former Keystone MG Club. It was so much fun that I think I could get my wife to host it again next year!

Chili Cookoff Parking


Vintage Restorations Open House, By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Steve Dellinger

On Saturday, October 23rd, Charlie Baldwin, Steve Dellinger and several friends from the Carlisle MINIs group attended the annual Open House at Vintage Restorations, Ltd. In Union Bridge, MD. Vintage Restorations is a full-service antique and classic car restoration shop that specializes in British cars. They are locally owned and operated by classic car enthusiasts and have been in business since 1992. They also have staff that build and restore large scale, ride-on trains!

The weather was iffy, with occasional light showers throughout the day. Several interesting cars were in attendance, including an original Triumph Sedan, a 1974 Lotus Europa, a 1959 Riley One-Point-Five, and an Apollo (Google it!). At lunch time, the group travelled across the creek to the adjacent Flood Zone Marketplace and Brewery for some craft beer, hard cider and good food.

Vintage Restorations, Ltd.

Restored Cars on Display

Show Field Filling Up

Charlie and the MG/Volvo

’59 Riley One-Point-Five

Original Triumph Sedan


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