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LANCO MG CLUB (06/07/21)

The View from Behind the Wheel by Ralph Spayd

By the time you read this we will have colonized Mars, we will be chauffeured in our self-driving cars and  Elon Musk will have resurrected the MGAHTR car company knowing full well as a futurist how these cars were wayyy ahead of their time. Actually, I’m poking fun at the incredibly slow delivery of our British Marque publication. But seriously, we all know we can’t live on Mars and self-driving cars are only a dream. But the MGAHTR car company is, well……

What do ice cream, CCC and covered bridges have in common? They are just some of the events we’ve been holding since kicking off our new year. Hopefully you’re taking advantage of these activities. We’ve had great turnouts for the events and it’s just been great to see and hang out with good friends while driving our cars as a bonus. Saturday, June 5th, Rob Shingle graciously agreed to host our monthly CCC at his house, the following week we will have caravanned to the Show of Wheels car show in Fleetwood with a post-show picnic at the Maurer’s. All of these will have happened by the time you read this, and I hope you’re not missing out. The future has more ice cream, a drive in movie night, museum tours, winery trips, crab run to Woody’s, a club picnic and stuff still to be planned. This is no time to watch, get out there and have some fun. Hang out and participate with or without your car and never miss an event because of your car. They are only car’s, it’s the people we’re interested in.

Well, it’s time for the old soapbox and my ramblings. I need to relate an experience I had with my good friend Bob M. and our trip to Reading.  Bob got a line on this fellow, Johnny who was selling his cache of MG parts. Bob needed some stuff for his MG project so off we went to see this guy. Now Johnny has been wrenching on MG’s for 50 years or longer and did some nice resto work and he did have quite a pile of parts. Bob found some stuff and Johnny just gave him the parts. What a truly gracious act from a guy who has a love of British cars and is a real character, but more importantly was willing to share his stories, knowledge, stuff and his positivity. Johnny is an 80 year old character and just made you smile and feel good hanging around him. It just rubbed off Johnny being with him and I took part of that home with me. Not to keep, but to share. We all have that in us, positivity, knowledge and stories to share with each other and strangers we may meet. We just never know who or how we may impact someone when we share. We do that as a club, sharing our expertise, stories and experience with each other. The real trick is to keep sharing and expanding our sphere with new friends we meet. When we do that the club will continue to stay relevant, vibrant and grow. Johnny may have reduced his parts inventory but gained two friends. Seems like a pretty good trade to me.  My quote for the month:

“Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental act of friendship. Because it is a way you can give something without loosing something.”— Richard Stallman

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at  and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


May Meeting Recap by Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow

We held our May club meeting on the 16th at the Centerville Diner in Lancaster. The weather was cloudy but comfortable (low 70s). As a result, we had 11 British cars, and 28 members/guests in attendance. Ralph reviewed some of the date, venue and time changes for upcoming events – including the fact that CCC will start at 10 AM starting in June. The June CCC will be at Rob Shingle and Jim Keener’s house in Lancaster. The May 23rd Covered Bridge Tour will start at 1:30 PM, leave from the Donegal Intermediate school in Marietta, and end at the Oregon Dairy. The Fleetwood Car Show, “Show of Wheels,” on Saturday June 12th will be followed by a post-show picnic at Diane and Cliff Maurer’s house.

 “Dear Leader” addresses the masses

MGs and Jags

And More …

Annual Covered Bridge Tour By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow

Sunday May 23rd, we held our annual covered bridge tour. We’ve run this event for the last several years and the drive and scenery are just a bucolic joy especially when the weather cooperates. Well as they say, it’s better to be lucky than good and we were lucky. The weather was great. This spring has been hit or miss with cold weather. Just ask the 1st Ice Cream Run participants…. Actually, it was kinda hot and Linda and I opted to keep the top up for our drive. Yep, I’m a wuss! We had 15 cars participating and I think this was a first with no breakdowns. Hate to jinx it, but there I said it. What did I learn from this experience? I ran the route on Thursday just to make sure PennDOT didn’t present any surprises and of course they did. The first 3 cue’s we’re off due to road construction so I had to reroute the start. Of course, that changed the cumulative mileage. Not a biggie. This isn’t a new route, so I just followed the existing que sheet with the new changes. Went off without a hitch, made all the turns and most were right on the money +/- a tenth. Made a few minor hint corrections and headed home. As Steve D. can attest, my handwriting leaves something to be desired so I carefully deciphered my hieroglyphics and made the changes adjusting the individual cue mileage. While running the route, I set up 2 trip calculators in my car for the individual cue miles and a cumulative mileage. As Aristotle said, “the whole is greater the sum of the parts”, and he is correct. The cumulative mileage was 2 miles greater than the sum of the individual cue mileage. Did the math two times as I was sure I added incorrectly, nope! We’ll I chalk it up to magic and it was. It was pure magic to see everyone having a great time being out and about and driving our cars. We finished up at the Oregon Dairy for lunch or desert and to just hang out and socialize. Yep, it was pure magic, way to go Aristotle. Thank you to all who participated. Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

Waiting for the “Drivers’ Meeting”

Midget and MINIs

Jags, Lotus and More


June Coffee – Cars & Conversation (CCC) By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow

On Saturday June 5th, Rob Shingle and Jim Keener graciously agreed to host our monthly CCC event at their house. Well, you’ve always heard the old adage if you weren’t there you missed a good one. Well folks, that’s the truth. Shame on anyone who missed this spectacular event. The weather was perfect, and Rob and Jim invited the Packard club as well as some other friends in addition to the LANCO MG club. We had 40+ in attendance and a 30+ collection of eclectic cars. What a beautiful display of cars on a beautiful day. Rob and Jim outdid themselves with refreshments in the garage. Actually, you had to be there to appreciate the garage, just a spectacular venue. We all took turns introducing our cars and their respective stories. You could write a book after hearing the all the histories of the owners and the relationship to their cars. It was incredibly gracious of Rob and Jim to host and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day and the company of new and old friends. Made you proud to be a club member and associate with such a wonderful group of people. Thanks again Rob and Jim. Our next CCC will be on July 3rd and I suspect may  pale in comparison but will be just as much fun.

The Hosts – Rob and Jim

Lots of Nice Cars!

More Nice Cars!

Not British – But Still Nice!

Hanging out in the Garage

Talking Cars




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LANCO MG CLUB (07/12/21)

The View from Behind the Wheel By Ralph Spayd

It’s hard to believe we put June in the books, the year is moving quickly after feeling like time stood still in 2020. June was another good month for the club. We had perfect weather for our Ice Cream Run at the Freeze n Frizz and a great turnout. The Fleetwood Car show was great and again the weather cooperated. The event did produce a very entertaining picture. I can’t thank the Maurer’s enough for hosting the post show picnic. What a beautiful house and landscaping and very gracious hosts to boot. A good time was had by all. But as we say goodbye to June, July is packed full of events. We had our CCC on the 3rd with a side trip to Barry’s Car Barn. Check out the details on the CCC article. We’ll be doing our 1st Drive-In movie night on the 16th at Haar’s in Dillsburg. We’ll be caravanning to the Lancaster Rotary Car Show on the 24th at the Lancaster Airport and the next day we’ll do a run to the Benigna Winery with a very scenic drive to the winery. Oh, we have our monthly club meeting on the 11th at the Centerville Diner. August will be just as busy so stay tuned. And Rich R., president of the Central Pennsylvania Triumph Club (CPTC) has invited us to their Castle Winery event in Hershey on Sunday, August 1st. Great cross pollination events with the CPTC. At the beginning of the year, I said I wanted the theme for 2021 to be the “Catch Up Year” to make up for the previous year. I’m keeping my word with something for everyone. Speaking of ... something for everyone, its soap box time, not a very slick segue, but whatever. A few weeks ago, I got a call from someone at the Schreiber Pediatric Center. She was organizing a car show of sorts, but only wanted 2 cars from each club. I did agree reluctantly. On June 26th off I went to the “show”. Turns out I was the only car there. Some other vehicles like a tow truck, fire truck and some other miscellaneous vehicles. They provided a table for club info and I spread out our info and membership applications. Turns out it was really an outdoor event for the pediatric clients. Thank goodness I didn’t miss the event. It was one of the most satisfying car events I ever attended. The kids were great and loved my car with lots of questions and lots of smiles. How fast does it go, where’s the top, no back seat? You want to get a mental reset, spend an afternoon at a Pediatric Center with their clients. It was humbling, fulfilling and enlightening. I did promise her next year LANCO would bring 10 cars for the kids to see and experience. She was ecstatic with the offer. Which brings me to the point of this soap box? Sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. When I got there, I thought this isn’t a car show. I couldn’t see past my car show paradigm. It wasn’t a car show; it was an outdoor event to share some interesting things with the clients with lots of smiles, questions and fingerprints on the car. It made me very proud to represent the club at this event. It helped me to shift my focus from showing the car to letting people just experiencing the car with a much different perspective. Helped me to look at all this with fresh eyes and realize what good fortune we all share with our toys. My challenge to everyone is to take a fresh look at our toys and challenge our perspective. Look outside the forest for new trees.

If you change the way you look at things
The things you look at change
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at  and follow us on meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


A Picture IS Worth A Thousand Words, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Ralph Spayd

Well, I will spare the thousand words, but some things are just too good to pass up.

“Folding” a Chair

These guys actually do keep their cars running. I know they do very nice restoration work, but the folding chair was problematic. I guess since it wasn’t British….a conundrum. You know who the guilty parties are. Extra credit if you guess the belly!

Classic Wiring

Next up is Bob’s classic wired MGB. Can’t really tell if they are Lucas switches, but Bob can now turn his dining room light off from his car!

PS … might want to pass if these guys offer to help you!

Fleetwood Rotary Club Show of Wheels, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Ralph Spayd

For me it was a pet project this year as I grew up in Fleetwood and attended the car show several years ago. The Show of Wheels is a very nice general car show and we made a nice representation of British cars. A group met at the Sheetz on Oregon Pike at 8 AM on Saturday, June 12th.  Charlie B. gave me a heads up and we invited The MGA Guru, Barney Gaylord to join us. Steve R. supplied the cookies to fortify us for the trip, good job Steve! I don’t believe the package made it out of the parking lot….the trip was uneventful except for the exit to 222 N, a true marvel of PENNDOT ingenuity. We almost got a new member of the club as a tractor trailer tried to join the caravan! But it did all work out and we made it safely. The weather looked iffy but was OK with no rain.

Barney talks Cars

British on the Field

The show had its best turnout ever with almost 400 cars on the field at the Fleetwood Park. We had 10 people attend from LANCO and 9 cars and we did get to park as a club. As I traveled around the show field, I’d estimate there were 20 British cars attending. The show is a nice eclectic mix of hot rods, stock and modified cars. I’m always impressed when I attend a non-British show how much attention our cars garner with the crowd. We left the show about 2 PM and Headed to the Maurer’s for a post-show picnic. Cliff led the group to their house on a very nice drive as we were all lost in the boonies of Berks County! The food and post-show debriefing was excellent. A big thank you goes to Diane and Cliff for hosting and providing the food. In true British fashion, some car parts were scavenged. The Maurer’s want to host an October event at their house and I’m thinking fish sandwiches on the menu ... check with the hosts about that!! Thank you to all who participated.

Car Show at the Maurers’


June 13 Club Meeting, By Ralph Spayd

We held our June meeting at the Centerville Diner on the 13th with 24 members attending. I learned my lesson and didn’t publish the trivia question as SOME people couldn’t help themselves and had to google the answers….yikes. But I stumped em’ this time with some hot dog questions. I’m not sure how it actually happened but we had a name tag drawing winner. We pride ourselves on not actually having a winner and some question which membership list I was actually using, but Steve D. did win $20. A questionable win as I’m not sure he had his name tag on when we drew his name. Remembering the trivia question debacle, we just let it pass! The best part of the meeting was welcoming Cor back to the fold from his broken leg incident. If you know Cor, the last several weeks were painful, just not from the leg incident. All kidding aside, good to see you Cor. We welcomed our newest member, Joe Foster. Excellent news as our club continues to grow. We reviewed the calendar and did a recap of a busy month with an outstanding CCC, Covered Bridge Tour and the Show of Wheels caravan and post show picnic. We did our roundtable discussion and got the Das Awkscht Fescht update from Cliff. Cliff is working to make this a major British car event for next year. Keep your calendars open for this event and let’s make it a huge success. Thank you to all who participated and hosted our events.


June Ice Cream Run By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Steve Dellinger

Forty degrees, what a difference. Not the temperature of the ice cream, but the temperature difference between the April kick off night and the June event. The only downside was your ice cream would melt faster, but I didn’t hear anyone complain. We had a great turn out at the Freeze n Frizz on New Holland Pike with 20+ members and a dozen or so British cars and the always enjoyable Porsche coalition. We did enjoy Karen’s doggie, Cody, just not sure he got any ice cream. We also had a location where the bathrooms were finally available which is a key ingredient for club events….The evening was spectacular with near perfect weather, just right for enjoying ice cream and mixing it up with the members. This is the first year for our monthly Wednesday night gathering and is working well. But what’s not to like about driving your LBC and eating ice cream.  Busy year planned as we catch up from 2020. Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on Meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

Hi Peggy!


The Wardell Family Midget


Rich’s TR3A



July CCC and Run to Barry’s Car Barn By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow and Ralph Spayd

The only thing we needed were some fireworks to complete the celebration for our July CCC on the 3rd at Jim Mack’s Ice Cream stop in Hellam. What a great turnout with 25+ attending as I’m sure I missed some attendees. This event continues to be a wonderful event for the cub and provides a quick and easy venue to get together, drive you LBC and still get home to work on the honey-do list. There is always lots of good fellowship, BS and ice cream. What a winning combo and its’s always good to see Rich R. and the CPTC coalition at the events. MG’s and Triumph’s parked side by side, can world peace be far off ...

As a floater at these events, it’s just stunning for me to take part in a myriad of conversations. The range and depth of topics is quite impressive. We’re really not just an assemblage of pretty faces!

We gathered up a few brave souls after the event, Gregg S, Bob M, Linda M and me to travel to Barry’s Car Barn in Intercourse, PA. I suspect the car barn not being strictly British didn’t interest the majority, but the museum was spectacular. The museum opened about 3 months ago and is just chocked full of all types of cars and automobilia including signs, gas pumps and most anything you can imagine. We entered the museum and this fellow joined us in looking at the cars. We’ll guess what, that guy was Barry the owner of all these cars and he gave us a personal tour of each car, the history and their story. Barry was very entertaining and down to earth with a great sense of humor. Barry is a true car guy with good taste. Surprisingly one of his favorite cars in his collection was his 1967 AH3000 which he has beautifully restored. If you missed the trip, I would recommend you go visit Barry’s Car Barn and if you’re lucky, Barry will escort you around his collection. Ask Gregg or Bob about Barry’s idea for his Woody wagon. Barry is truly a marketing genius!!

Great turnout Today

Great Weather Day

Deb’s Here!


Pete’s Super 7 with Rover engine


Jagger is here too!

Barry’s Healey

Not British – but Nice!


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LANCO MG CLUB (September)



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LANCO MG CLUB (November)

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