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LANCO MG CLUB (06/13/22)

The View from Behind the Wheel, By Ralph Spayd

May and early June was a great time for the club. A nice ice cream runs to Sarah’s Creamery in Dover. A great covered bridge tour through southern Lancaster County, albeit a tad too hot, and a spectacular Coffee – Cars and Conversation hosted by Rob and Jim. The weather for the bridge tour was August-like, but we still had 12 participants. Ice cream is always a hit and we worked to accommodate the York County coalition by meeting in Dover. The “premier” event was our CCC on June 4th. Rob and Jim are very gracious hosts with a very comfortable venue to enjoy some good food, cars and friends. The weather for that event was picture perfect. We held our monthly club meeting on May 15th at the Centerville Diner. It was a great turnout with approximately 25 members attending the monthly meeting. We were oh so close to a name tag winner, but Deb just missed it by a hair, coming in after the announcement. Whew, we dodged another one….

Our drive in movie night is schedule for July 15th, with the movie TBD, but does it really matter. We’ll be caravanning to the Lancaster Rotary Wheels-n-Wings car show on June 25th and we have another ice cream night on June 15th at Scoops in Mountville with our first mini golf competition. But just to satisfy the ice cream aficionado’s in the club, we’re have a double dip event that day with the first scoop at the Haine’s Shoe house at noon and then the second serving at 6:30 at Scoops….yikes!! We can work it off with a rousing round of mini golf. The year is just flying by, but it’s exciting and we’re growing. We picked up another new member at the CCC in June. We have a planned meeting date and time change for September. We’ll move back a week to September 18th at 1 PM so we can tour the Morgan dealership in Lewisberry. We did that several years ago and it’s a great tour.

Now that I have to club stuff covered it’s time for my soapbox ramblings. What to write about this month? My TVR project is coming along nicely and I’m slowly unraveling the mysteries of Lucas and previous owner’s wisdom. But that’s not my message this month. What really struck me this past month was Rob and Jim’s hosting of our June CCC. It’s a very gracious offer to say the least. But as I sat there enjoying the ambiance of the venue drinking a great cup of coffee and munching on a killer slice of coffee cake I basked in the “vibe” of just being exactly where I wanted to be. I was observing everyone enjoying each other’s company and just having a great time being together. Time stood still for me. When you can find those elusive moments of true peace it’s exhilarating and something to cherish. For me, LANCO provides many of those moments. Hanging out at the Strasburg Creamery after the covered bridge tour with Linda and distributing a “cow quiz”. Conducting the now infamous “name tag drawing” at our club meetings or the other silly things we do together as a club. Truly time to cherish.

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” – Stephen R. Covey.

Thank you all for allowing me the “investment” opportunity to make time stand still for brief moments.

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at  and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.



May Covered Bridge Tour

By Ralph Spayd

This was put on the schedule in early January as May is a really nice month for a road trip. Wellllll, not so fast buddy! On this particular day in May it was 92 degrees and humid, just lovely for a British car ride through 50 miles of Southern Lancaster County back roads and touring 4 covered bridges. But in spite of it all, we did have 12 cars loaded with brave souls making the tour. Linda and I opted for the Jaguar with the top up and the AC blasting which made perfect sense to us! Our announcement on social media did work as we were joined by a lovely young couple in a 2007 Corvette (possible members….). Linda and I laid out the route and it’s amazing how many times you can make changes. What seemed clear on the last check-out run didn’t seem so clear the next time around. But I think we did finally nail down all the turns and mileage.  I only assume that as no one complained. We started and finished in Strasburg at the Creamery. Now if you’ve been to any events this year that I have a hand in planning, it’s gonna involve ice cream and this was no exception and welcomed after the drive. Hummmm, maybe that’s why no one bothered to complain about the directions! The tour is lovely and on a Sunday we had to keep dodging the Amish Buggies. As an added treat and since we were in farm country, we had a “Cow Quiz” at the end with cow tails for everyone.

I think everything we do presents a learning experience.  So, what did we all learn on the tour:

  • Dennis B. knows more about the 4 cow stomachs then anyone should know.
  • Greg S. can lead solo, read direction and open a water bottle all by himself.
  • Cor E. discovered that motor mounts do matter and it’s not just British cars that have quirks.
  • Scott and Lucie are the true heroes for driving the LBC
  • Linda, Ralph, Bruce, Sue, Franz, Kathi, Jim and Bonnie used good judgement!
  • Brooks and Andrea looked like savants by installing AC in their BGT
  • Margaret paid for the gas as Charlie drove.
  • Al L. was a “fiat accompli” – yeah, that one’s a stretch!!
  • Larry C. really likes vanilla ice cream.

All in all, a very good day with good friends and beautiful country roads to drive.


June Coffee – Cars and Conversation, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Linda Muscelli

There are social events where you need to go just to be seen and then there are social events you just want to go to and be social. Well thanks again to Rob and Jim for hosting the social event you just wanted to hang out at and have a great time. They host in their “garage” and I only use the term because Rob and Jim use the term. I know garages and this is certainly no garage. The venue is spectacular and conducive to just hangin’ out, conversing and oh yes eating. No one goes away hungry and everyone leaves feeling better for attending. This year we had 30+ members attending and a great mix of cars. The club runs our Coffee – Cars and Conversation (CCC) monthly on the 1st Saturday of the month and this one certainly tops the list. Besides the eclectic mix of members cars, Rob and Jim have quite the stable and the Packard in the center of the “garage” is quite stunning. I won’t apologize, but the “63” split window is my favorite. There I said it. I’m on record favoring a non-British car!!

The weather was perfect for the event. The conversations were lively and made you feel good about being a LANCO MG Club member. Thanks to Rob and Jim for making the day possible by hosting the event. It was a great day with great people and something to cherish building memories and friendships.


Some of the “Usual Suspects”

Lots of Cars!



The TC is here

The “Garage”

Snacks and Chats


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LANCO MG CLUB (07/11/22)

The View from Behind the Wheel, By Ralph Spayd

As they say, “things are moving along swimmingly”. Now I’m not sure who says that or how it ever became a saying, but I’ll go with it and agree. Well, I kind of have to since I wrote it! On the evening of Saturday, June 4th, we were invited to Pam and Bob Preston’s house in Lancaster for an outdoor movie night – the featured film was “Ford vs. Ferrari”. Free popcorn! On Wednesday, June 15th, our ice cream night was enhanced with our 1st ever “double dipper” day where we found out who are the real ice cream lovers in the club.  We met at noon at the Haines Shoe House for ice cream and then that night at Scoops for more of the same. We held our 1st miniature golf tourney with 3 stalwart competitors vying for free ice cream. Rumor has it that Steve R won, but he was also the score keeper … hmmmm!

Movie Night at Pam and Bob’s

Good Movie Crowd!

Free Popcorn!!

Haines Shoe House

Haines Dog House

Shoe House Tour

Then as the month unfolded, we caravanned to the Lancaster Rotary Wheels and Wings car show on June 25th at the Lancaster Airport. A nice crew attending, but it was a hot n humid day in Central PA. The show is a general car show and not make/model specific and our LBC’s are always a hit. We had a very good turnout for CCC on July 2nd at Jim Mack’s roadside restaurant. The mix of cars was exceptional with approximately 15 little British Cars and it was very nice to see Skip out with us again and snapping pictures. Today, July 10th, we held our July club meeting at the Centerville Diner. Now typically we get 20+ members attending, but today the stars aligned, and we had 37 attending the meeting and we welcomed in 4 new members to the LANCO fold. Thanks to all who helped to make these events a success.

Ready to head for Wheels & Wings

The “Wings”

On the Wheels & Wings Field

Best British in Show

July CCC

July CCC

Seeking the Shade

Talking MGAs

Hi Al!!

July Meeting Stable

Pre-Meeting Discussions


Our preview of coming attractions includes our 2nd annual drive in movie night at Haar’s on July 15th. Don’t forget TOB on August 28th. Our “Taste of Britain “car show at Forney Field in Rothsville and registration this year has gone online with Eventbrite, it’s very easy peasey to register. The August meeting is our annual club picnic at Rocky Ridge Park. We’ll start at 1 PM and remember to bring a covered dish to share. Finally, don’t forget, our September meeting has moved back a week to September 18th at 2 PM. We’ll be at the Morgan Car Dealership (Europa Machina) in Lewisberry, PA.

Some multi club related stuff, I want to thank both Pam P and Rich R from their respective AH and CPTC clubs for promoting and attending our club events and inviting LANCO to join with them at their events. We’ve worked on this concept for some time and its working and making us stronger as a larger car community. Thank you both for the support.

I’m an acronym fan and now it’s SBT or soapbox time. Linda and I took a wonderful vacation in June to Canada. We spent 11 days traveling across Canada from Victoria BC to Toronto with 5 days and 4 nights on the CN train having just a great time. Besides seeing lots of spectacular Canadian landscape we had the great opportunity to meet people from all around the world. Investing time getting to know people from Wales, Viet Nam, Japan, Great Britain and all over the US including a couple from Morgantown, PA about 30 miles from my house! It absolutely amazes me how similar we all are. You might expect some cultural similarity from Europe and the US, but mix in Asian culture and viola we’re all the same, wanting the same things. All with interesting stories to share about family and life. It’s fascinating to me how alike the diverse roads are that we’ve all traveled. Today’s meeting reinforced that concept for me. We had 37 individuals today all traveling different roads converging at the same point in time laughing, sharing and enjoying our time together. All very different, but all very much alike, a club, an amalgamation a family of sorts bonded together by cars…..amazing!

People are pretty much alike. It's only that our differences are more susceptible to definition than our similarities.
   Linda Ellerbee

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

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LANCO MG CLUB (08/15/22)

The View from Behind the Wheel By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

Ok, here’s the tally year to date, 20 out of 24 “Views” have been written by me. That’s approximately 14,000 words or 64,000 characters. If you’re still reading this it’s clear to me we both have too much time on our hands….but hang in there as here come approximately another 700 words!

Just to recap the last 30 days:  Drive in movie night, Lancaster Rotary Wheels n Wings, Das Awkscht Fest, Ice Cream Run, CCC, and a club meeting. It takes more than just words to make all that happen during a month. It takes you and you and you. It takes participation, commitment and planning. Our club is growing, connecting and having fun. I can’t really adequately put that into words as to how it makes me feel, but it make me feel proud to be a member of The LANCO MG club.

Members this year have picked up the slack for our Taste of Britain (TOB) car show, stepped forward to collect and share info on the plethora of car shows. Volunteered to provide prizes and games at TOB, planned our summer picnic and Christmas luncheon and coordinated various events for the club. Hosted meetings at their “Garage” and just stepped forward to keep our web site up and running and the British Marque current. I can’t even begin to mention everyone who has helped this year. Kudos to our sister clubs the CPTC and AH Club for participating with LANCO, but more importantly inviting us to participate with their respective clubs. This doesn’t just happen with words; it happens by motivated members sharing their passion for our hobby and keeping the spirit of British motoring alive. I applaud each of you.

I’m not going to recap any specific event this month as they were all very successful and enjoyed by many. I do want to mention TOB which will have come and gone by the time you read this. This represents a new committee, a new method of registration and a new beginning to keep the ball moving forward. Again, this is not done by words, but by our collective actions. We brought in new members this month, met some really interesting people at CCC and enjoyed each other company at numerous events during the month. Oh wow, makes me want to share some more words next month. I apologize as this month was more just a soapbox for me, but I’m so impressed with the level of activity in the club that our participation by the membership deserved to be so noted. And with that blah, blah, blah, blah. Sorry, just a cheap way to buck up the word count!!!!! And I can’t top old Ben on this:

“Well done is better than well said.” – Benjamin Franklin

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on Facebook and Meetup. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.

Das Awkscht Fescht Photos


1936 Morris 8 Tourer 


“Bar and Grill”

Minis and Land Rovers


August CCC and Picnic By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Skip Partlow and Charlie Baldwin

Saturday August 6th we held our monthly CCC soiree, but in true Lucas Electric form it wasn’t in the evening but at 10 AM. Technically, I’m not sure if it then qualifies as a soiree, but I’ll leave that to the club language experts. I’m sure Al L. might know….anyway we had a nice turnout for the event. Skip took some really nice photos of the eclectic gathering of cars. The surprise for the morning was that a couple from Georgia was traveling through the area and noticed the collection of LBC’s at Jim Mack’s. They stopped to take a look as they are car people and they were also having their local CCC that morning at the same time. We all introduced ourselves, snapped some selfies so they could send them to their CCC. What a pleasant coincidence to meet them on Saturday. Just never know who or how you might connect with someone. Our Saturday CCC event continues to be a great meet n greet event and recruiting tool and we did sign up a new member that morning!






Then on the 14th, we held our annual club Picnic at Rocky Ridge Park in York County. This is an annual event for us, and we had 38 members attending. The weather was great and as usual the food was both delicious and plentiful. Thanks to Gloria and Larry for coordinating and Larry and Dennis for cooking burgers, dogs and chicken. These events don’t just happen without the effort of many club members. Thanks to everyone for making this another successful event for LANCO. Good food and good conversation. What a winning combo on a beautiful day.








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LANCO MG CLUB (09/12/22)

The View from Behind the Wheel By Ralph Spayd

Hard to believe, but we’re about to put a “fork” in summer 2022 and sadly the end of the driving season is in sight. But not quite yet as we still have some life in our planned activities for the coming weeks. Before we get too far into recapping the past month, I need to remind everyone that it’s time to think about officers and elections for next year. Any club is only as good as its leadership and we’re fortunate to be chocked full of competent leaders. Don’t be bashful…step up and take a leadership role in YOUR club. It’s certainly not difficult and it’s a very satisfying job with a great supporting membership.

Now back to the past month. We had all the usual events e.g. CCC and our monthly ice cream nite. The club meeting in August was our annual picnic at Rocky Ridge Park. The turnout was great, the food outstanding and the weather cooperated. Thanks to everyone for planning the event and our premier chiefs, Dennis B and Larry C. The month also held our 32nd annual TOB (Taste of Britain) car show. This year we made the switch to Eventbrite on-line registration. Again, thanks to Andy S and Dennis B for working out the details and our Board of Directors for picking up the mantle and making the event a success. We can only do the things we do because our members keep stepping up to make it happen. I can’t thank everyone adequately for the support for our programming this year. It’s truly impressive and gratifying to be part of such a wonderful group of friends and British motoring buffs. Last but certainly not least this month was our contribution to John Griffith’s 80th surprise birthday celebration with a ride in Cliff and Diane’s MG TF. I’ll let them tell the whole story, but it was just an awesome experience and a privilege to be part of the celebration. The club proved again that we’re more than just a group of people with “different” cars. We’re certainly individually and collectively different and together we helped to bring some real joy into the hearts of some new friends that day. What an outstanding effort, thank you Cliff and Diane.

We have some life left in the driving season and we’ll be taking a road trip to the Hunt Country Classic in Middleburg, VA on the 8th and 9th of October with an overnight stay in Winchester, VA. There is still plenty of ice cream to be had on the 3rd Wednesday night of the month. We continue to solve the world’s problems at our CCC event on the 1st Saturday of the month and we conduct our most serious business on the 2nd Sunday of the month at our club meeting. See, we are more than just an assemblage of “different” cars….

But, now to my soapbox message. I’m not sure where to start this month. My 280i TVR project is on the road and running after extensive electrical machinations.  The handbrake assembly is re-assembled in situ after the naysayers said it couldn’t be done. All of that feels really good as I put some miles on the car and I could elaborate on my feelings, but all that pales in comparison to “A Ride in an MG TF”.  You need to query Cliff and Diane M. on the details of who/what/how it all happened, but I can tell you we made the club proud that day and put a big smile on John Griffith’s face. It’s so easy to ignore or just not have the time to participate in an event like this. We’re all very busy people, but sometimes we just need to become less busy, step back and share what we all have in common. What we all have in common is time. No one that day lost any time by being there. We all gained time that day by sharing our time with each other. I’m sure there is some metaphysical explanation for this, but its way past me to explain or understand. I’m just pleased I was able to be part of the celebration and part of an organization that understands we’re more than just our cars. I can and do spend time with my car, but it pales in comparison to spending and sharing my time with caring people. We’re a growing and successful club because of our members, not because of our cars. It’s certainly a privilege to be part of LANCO.

Your abundance is not measured by what you have; it is created by what you share.       
 Heidi Catherine Culbertson
Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


32nd Annual “A Taste of Britain” By Steve Dellinger and Andy Schneggenburger, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

After several years of rain (and COVID), Mother Nature FINALLY cooperated! The 32nd Annual “A Taste of Britain” British Vehicle Show on Sunday, August 28th was held under sunny and partly cloudy skies – with temps reaching the mid-80s in the afternoon. There were 60 cars pre-registered; 55 day of show; and 5 no-shows for a total of 110 cars on the field. Included were 50 MGs, 18 Triumphs, 11 Jaguars, 7 Lotus’s, 7 Sunbeams and a small number of other marques. According to Registrar Andy Schneggenburger and Webmaster Dennis Blevins, the Club’s first attempt at online registration (through Eventbrite) worked well with a manageable learning curve. “We’ll implement some improvements next year to speed up data entry for day of show forms.” The rented tent provided an appreciated escape from the sun. The food cart provided by David Lopez (Race to Taste Curbside Grill) was well received. The “Proper English Hat Contest” was held again this year (see article below). Thanks to all the participants and volunteers that made this year’s TOB a success!

Royal Enfield, 3 Ts and an A

Lots of MGs!

Morris and Volvo Powered TD



Jensen Healey MkII

Austin Mini

Electric MINI Cooper



British Hat Contest By Diane Maurer and Steve Dellinger, Photos by Diane Maurer

The annual “Proper English Hat Contest” run by Diane (and Cliff) Maurer) was held as part of the “A Taste of Britain” event on August 28th. This year, prizes were donated by Moss Motors, including car blankets, thermal lunch bags, mesh men’s Flat caps and MG earring sets! There were thirteen Entrants. First place went to Ted Casey in his bright plaid Flat cap that he got in 1962 with the purchase of his new Sunbeam Alpine, which he still drives and brought to the show!! Second place was Gale Mellinger’s white Fascinator, worn at a Proper UK wedding by her Sister! Third place was Charlie Baldwin wearing a Menswear wool Flat cap. Fourth place went to Ian Reed’s Deerstalker from England. Other British hats included a Pith Helmet, Two Goodwood UK Event caps, other Flat caps, a Newsboy Cap , a Baker Boy Hat and Two lovely Stylish Big Brimmed Straw hats. 

1st Place Winner

2nd Place Winner

3rd Place Winner

4th Place Winner

September Coffee, Cars, and Conversation By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Charlie Baldwin

Since the September 3rd CC&C was scheduled for Labor Day weekend, and some of the regular LANCO crew was off doing something else club-related, we were'nt sure how many cars would show up at Jim Mack’s. Fortunately, the weather was good, and 10 cars showed up! First timer Bob Schied showed up in his recently purchased Healey. Steve Rineer was back from his trip to the UK (look for a write-up in a future issue of the Marque). Pete and Marty Lobianco were there with their granddaughter – but the granddaughter did not drive there in the Lotus! Since no rain was in the forecast, Steve D. drove the Midget (gotta work on fixing the window regulator!).







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LANCO MG CLUB (10/17/22)

The View from Behind the Wheel, By Ralph Spayd

Lots have happened since my last contribution to the British Marque. I anticipate this being a rambling message for the month. But let me start with a recap of the club events for the past month. A schedule change forced a move of our monthly ice cream night from the Jigger shop to the Sonic Drive-In at Mount Joy. The attendance was sparse, but lively. Gregg S. started the evening with a flat tire - not a brown wire award winning event, but still noteworthy and it did answer the question “how many LANCO members does it take to change a tire”!! Coffee, cars and conversation was a rainy bust, but Steve R. did win the award for attending. Unfortunately, no one was there to present the award. But the weather won’t be an issue for November as we’ll be back at the Burger King in Columbia.  We had a nice turnout for our road trip to the Hunt Country Classic in Marshall, VA. We left on Saturday and caravanned to Winchester and visited the James Charles Winery. Then we dined in downtown Winchester at the Union Jack Pub on Loudoun Street. The next morning, we were off to the show.  We were joined on our trip by CPTC members Jerry and Jenn in their outstanding TR6. The show was productive for Larry and Gloria as they were award winners and got the official blessing by John Twist. That is nothing short of being knighted by the new king!!

Jerry, Jenn and Gregg at the Pub

Magnettes (and Gregg’s Midget)


Today we had our annual rally ride to Woody’s in North East, MD for crabs. The turnout was outstanding with about 30 members attending. The weather was perfect, the food and service was great and the fellowship outstanding. It was just a great day to wind down the driving season. For me, it was especially sweet as Linda and I drove the TVR on its first long road trip since I purchased the car earlier this year. Both the car and Linda did well….

Ready to Head out

Ralph’s “New” TVR


Heading in for food


We still have some events planned for the balance of the year. Our CCC events for the 1st Saturday of the month will shift to the Burger King in Columbia, PA. We’ll be there thru April of 2023. The ice cream events have wrapped up for the year and will kick off again in January. The annual club Holiday celebration will be held on December 3rd at the Historic Strasburg Inn at 1 pm this year. It’s a new time as we shift to an afternoon gathering. And last but not least are the nominations for officers. I’ve received interest from 2 club members for board of director positions. Hopefully we’ll have more members step forward.

Now for the soapbox….this is difficult to write but yet cathartic. As all of you know by now, we lost our good friend and LANCO member Cliff Maurer last month. Cliff was a larger than life “character”. Cliff and his wife Diane were more than just active members, they were a light, a motivation and leaders in our club. Always smiling, participating and just making the day brighter for all who had the privilege to be in their presence. Cliff was active with Das Awkscht Fescht, TOB, or the multitude of LANCO activities. The list just goes on and on and not just being a part of the club but driving from Kutztown to attend and participate in our events. Last month I wrote to check with Cliff and Diane for the “ride in an MGTF” event. I now have the honor of speaking on Cliff’s behalf. Cliff and Diane were contacted some time ago by the family of a resident at Willow Valley in Willow Street, PA. You see, John Griffith was turning 80 and owned an MGTF years ago. His daughter thought it would be a real treat for John’s birthday if he could get a ride in a TF. She researched clubs and found Cliff and Diane. Without any hesitation, Cliff agreed, and we arranged the surprise for John The drive from Kutztown to Willow Street is not a walk in the park. It’s a long drive but didn’t matter to Cliff and Diane. John was completely surprised, and he and Cliff took a long 1 hour drive through the countryside. We were all honored to be part of the day, but Cliff and Diane made the real commitment and made it all happen for John. We as a club were like John Griffith, just the benefactor of their kindness. I can ramble on and on but need to stop. The club lost a great member and friend. On a personal note I lost a dear friend, confident and fellow British Motoring enthusiast. You will be missed Cliff. I’ll use your memory to help motivate me whenever I think I’m too busy, too tired or whatever to lend a hand. You will live on in our hearts.

John and Cliff

We’ll Miss You!

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose.
All that we love deeply becomes a part of us.
Helen Keller

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.



September Meeting at Europa Macchina, By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow

Thanks to the efforts of Charlie Baldwin, our September 2022 Club meeting was held at Europa Macchina in Lewisberry. Given their award-winning restorations of classic European sports cars and motorcycles Europa Macchina was invited in 2011 to be the Mid-Atlantic region dealer for the Morgan Motor Company - offering sales, parts, and restorations of Morgan automobiles. Our gracious hosts, Lori and Dennis Frick, provided a tour of their facility and current restoration projects, space for a brief club meeting, and snacks! Unfortunately, Morgan has delayed the USA Super 3 introduction until December/January, and the Plus 4 until late in the first quarter of 2023 (guess we’ll have to stop back next year!). After the meeting, many of the attendees headed across the street to Francesco’s Pizzeria for dinner.

September Meeting Venue

Our Hosts

The Crew!

Beginning the Tour



Rocks - 2022, By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Gloria Ciarrocca

On Saturday, September 24th, approximately twenty LANCO Members headed to the Rocks State Park 4H Camp in rural Harford County, Maryland for the 43rd Annual “MGs On The Rocks” British Car Show. The Show is put on by the MGs of Baltimore Club. The weather was good – as was the food!

Club members winning awards included the following:

  • MGB Roadsters, 1962-1967, 1st – Jeff Shank, ‘67 MGB; 2nd – Dave &T Trout, ’65 MGB
  • MGB Roadsters, 1968-1974, 1st - Brooks Thompson, ’72 MGB
  • MGB/GT – 1st - Forrest Collier, ‘67 MGB/GT
  • MGTC, TD, TF, All Years – 3rd  - Charlie Baldwin, ’52 MG-TD
  • Jaguar – 3rd – Dennis Blevins, ’94 Jaguar XJS

Dave &T Trout also won the Murphy Cup – for the Best MGB of the Show!

Murphy Cup Winner!!


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LANCO MG CLUB (11/14/22)

The View from Behind the Wheel By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Steve Dellinger

This is my last “official” British Marque article for the year. To all I hope you have a healthy and happy New Year although this does seem strange writing this before Thanksgiving! But the sentiment is genuine. We’ve had quite the year with LANCO. This year we welcomed 20 new members and lost several good friends. It certainly reinforces the endless cycle of life. We had lots of rides, events, ice cream and BS the past year. Our last CCC event on November 5th was just outstanding as we enjoyed 25 members attending at the Burger King. What a way to wrap up the event for the year. Today we held our monthly club meeting with another great turnout. I’m not sure how it happened, but we broke the drought and had a name tag winner. It was the perfect storm as Steve D generated the random number as Gloria C was handing out the new formatted name tags. And then in walked Gregg S…..our winner of the $110 rolling jackpot. Well done Gregg.  As you read this we will have concluded our annual Holiday banquet hosting as an afternoon event. Hope everyone enjoyed the new time. Several events really encouraged me this year. We switched to an online registration for our TOB car show with great success and for 2023 the Board has agreed to open up the registration to all European cars. We had several people volunteer to serve on the board of directors for the coming 2 year term and the club committed to donate to 2 local charities to share our collective blessings. Members stepped up to help plan and execute events for the club and host meetings and we expanded our interactions with the AH and CPTC clubs. But more importantly, collectively we laughed, shared our sorrow, shared our stories and welcomed new members to the club. But LANCO is not just a car club. That would be a great injustice to say we’re just a car club. You can’t do the things we do and get accomplish if we were just a car club. We are a diverse family of friends brought together by a common denominator, our cars. The cars are a very important part of us all, but LANCO is way more interested in the owners. The coming year is going to be an exciting time with some new events being planned. Of course, we’ll continue to include ice cream and food in the mix. As we wrap up 2022 is it the end or the beginning of a new adventure. Where do you fall in that thought process? Are you ending or beginning your adventures? To me the years present one big journey and a year end is not a destination but part of life’s journey. It’s all just part of the road we’re traveling. Let’s keep traveling the road together and share our journey in whatever you choose drive.

A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles – Tim Cahill

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.


Winner – with new Nametag!

Pre-Meeting Discussions

Time to Eat

Waiting for Food

Midget and Jags

Jaguar XJS

Deb Drove the TC

November CC&C By Steve Dellinger, Photos by Skip Partlow

Well … Saturday, November 5th was SUPPOSED to be our first time in “Winter Quarters” at the Burger King in Columbia. HOWEVER, the weather started out in the high 60s and got up to the early 70s later in the day! (I guess we should have been at Jim Mack’s for ice cream instead.) Needless to say, we had a great turnout – with most in attendance driving their LBCs. Twenty-five members and friends showed up, along with 17 British cars. There was a wide range of marques and ages of cars – ranging from Deb Eckert’s MG TC to Ben Roth’s wife’s 2019 Jaguar EV. Some new faces showed up in addition to the CC&C regulars! [It should be noted that Charlie Baldwin, Margaret Sultner and George Wagman did stop at Mack’s for ice cream on their way back to York.]
Due to the Club’s Annual Holiday Banquet, there will be no scheduled CC&C on December 3rd.

Great Turnout

Smile for the Camera!

More of the Crew!

Nice Mix of Brits

More Cars!

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