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LANCO MG CLUB (06/13/22)

The View from Behind the Wheel, By Ralph Spayd

May and early June was a great time for the club. A nice ice cream runs to Sarah’s Creamery in Dover. A great covered bridge tour through southern Lancaster County, albeit a tad too hot, and a spectacular Coffee – Cars and Conversation hosted by Rob and Jim. The weather for the bridge tour was August-like, but we still had 12 participants. Ice cream is always a hit and we worked to accommodate the York County coalition by meeting in Dover. The “premier” event was our CCC on June 4th. Rob and Jim are very gracious hosts with a very comfortable venue to enjoy some good food, cars and friends. The weather for that event was picture perfect. We held our monthly club meeting on May 15th at the Centerville Diner. It was a great turnout with approximately 25 members attending the monthly meeting. We were oh so close to a name tag winner, but Deb just missed it by a hair, coming in after the announcement. Whew, we dodged another one….

Our drive in movie night is schedule for July 15th, with the movie TBD, but does it really matter. We’ll be caravanning to the Lancaster Rotary Wheels-n-Wings car show on June 25th and we have another ice cream night on June 15th at Scoops in Mountville with our first mini golf competition. But just to satisfy the ice cream aficionado’s in the club, we’re have a double dip event that day with the first scoop at the Haine’s Shoe house at noon and then the second serving at 6:30 at Scoops….yikes!! We can work it off with a rousing round of mini golf. The year is just flying by, but it’s exciting and we’re growing. We picked up another new member at the CCC in June. We have a planned meeting date and time change for September. We’ll move back a week to September 18th at 1 PM so we can tour the Morgan dealership in Lewisberry. We did that several years ago and it’s a great tour.

Now that I have to club stuff covered it’s time for my soapbox ramblings. What to write about this month? My TVR project is coming along nicely and I’m slowly unraveling the mysteries of Lucas and previous owner’s wisdom. But that’s not my message this month. What really struck me this past month was Rob and Jim’s hosting of our June CCC. It’s a very gracious offer to say the least. But as I sat there enjoying the ambiance of the venue drinking a great cup of coffee and munching on a killer slice of coffee cake I basked in the “vibe” of just being exactly where I wanted to be. I was observing everyone enjoying each other’s company and just having a great time being together. Time stood still for me. When you can find those elusive moments of true peace it’s exhilarating and something to cherish. For me, LANCO provides many of those moments. Hanging out at the Strasburg Creamery after the covered bridge tour with Linda and distributing a “cow quiz”. Conducting the now infamous “name tag drawing” at our club meetings or the other silly things we do together as a club. Truly time to cherish.

“The key is in not spending time, but in investing it.” – Stephen R. Covey.

Thank you all for allowing me the “investment” opportunity to make time stand still for brief moments.

Stay safe and positive and remember to check out our web site at  and follow us on Meetup and Facebook. Mark your calendars for the upcoming events.



May Covered Bridge Tour

By Ralph Spayd

This was put on the schedule in early January as May is a really nice month for a road trip. Wellllll, not so fast buddy! On this particular day in May it was 92 degrees and humid, just lovely for a British car ride through 50 miles of Southern Lancaster County back roads and touring 4 covered bridges. But in spite of it all, we did have 12 cars loaded with brave souls making the tour. Linda and I opted for the Jaguar with the top up and the AC blasting which made perfect sense to us! Our announcement on social media did work as we were joined by a lovely young couple in a 2007 Corvette (possible members….). Linda and I laid out the route and it’s amazing how many times you can make changes. What seemed clear on the last check-out run didn’t seem so clear the next time around. But I think we did finally nail down all the turns and mileage.  I only assume that as no one complained. We started and finished in Strasburg at the Creamery. Now if you’ve been to any events this year that I have a hand in planning, it’s gonna involve ice cream and this was no exception and welcomed after the drive. Hummmm, maybe that’s why no one bothered to complain about the directions! The tour is lovely and on a Sunday we had to keep dodging the Amish Buggies. As an added treat and since we were in farm country, we had a “Cow Quiz” at the end with cow tails for everyone.

I think everything we do presents a learning experience.  So, what did we all learn on the tour:

  • Dennis B. knows more about the 4 cow stomachs then anyone should know.
  • Greg S. can lead solo, read direction and open a water bottle all by himself.
  • Cor E. discovered that motor mounts do matter and it’s not just British cars that have quirks.
  • Scott and Lucie are the true heroes for driving the LBC
  • Linda, Ralph, Bruce, Sue, Franz, Kathi, Jim and Bonnie used good judgement!
  • Brooks and Andrea looked like savants by installing AC in their BGT
  • Margaret paid for the gas as Charlie drove.
  • Al L. was a “fiat accompli” – yeah, that one’s a stretch!!
  • Larry C. really likes vanilla ice cream.

All in all, a very good day with good friends and beautiful country roads to drive.


June Coffee – Cars and Conversation, By Ralph Spayd, Photos by Linda Muscelli

There are social events where you need to go just to be seen and then there are social events you just want to go to and be social. Well thanks again to Rob and Jim for hosting the social event you just wanted to hang out at and have a great time. They host in their “garage” and I only use the term because Rob and Jim use the term. I know garages and this is certainly no garage. The venue is spectacular and conducive to just hangin’ out, conversing and oh yes eating. No one goes away hungry and everyone leaves feeling better for attending. This year we had 30+ members attending and a great mix of cars. The club runs our Coffee – Cars and Conversation (CCC) monthly on the 1st Saturday of the month and this one certainly tops the list. Besides the eclectic mix of members cars, Rob and Jim have quite the stable and the Packard in the center of the “garage” is quite stunning. I won’t apologize, but the “63” split window is my favorite. There I said it. I’m on record favoring a non-British car!!

The weather was perfect for the event. The conversations were lively and made you feel good about being a LANCO MG Club member. Thanks to Rob and Jim for making the day possible by hosting the event. It was a great day with great people and something to cherish building memories and friendships.


Some of the “Usual Suspects”

Lots of Cars!



The TC is here

The “Garage”

Snacks and Chats


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LANCO MG CLUB (September)



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LANCO MG CLUB (November)

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