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FREE to any one interested:

1. 4 issues of Safety Fast….the chronicle of the MG Car Club, England.  Sept, Oct., Nov, Dec 1975.
2. 10 issues (the last of the paper editions) of the Abingdon Rough Rider Review, 2007……the MG-TC club in San Francisco, Ca
3. 1998 Moss Motors Triumph TR250 & TR6 catalog ( good illustrations)
4. 1981 Abingdon Spares, Ltd. catalog
5. 6th edition, M&G Vintage Auto Company catalog…MG-TC,TD,TF, MGA, MGB
6. The Roadster Factory Christmas Idea Book (Triumph and MGB)  Date unknown
7. The Roadster Factory MGB and MGB-GT Preliminary Spare Parts Catalog.  Date unknown
8. 1965 Haan spots car accessories catalog (source of insight into the appropriate 60’s accessories)
9. Oct. 1957 issue of Speed Week (comparisons of Austin A-35, Hillman Minx,and Morris 1000)
10. 15 issues of  T-Talk….The newsletter of the Delaware Valley Classic MG , Chapter of the New England MG-T Register, 1977 and 1978.

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Apr. 18

For sale - MGB's and assorted post-'68 MGB parts. I had purchased 19 cars, parted out 10, and refurbished 8.  At present I have 3 roadsters for sale - 1971, 1974, 1979.  All are roadworthy drivers priced between $4,000 and $8,000.  It’s the parts left over from the 10 cars that I need to liquidate as I am selling the building they are in.  Of course I want to sell the cars ,too; and I will work with anyone interested in any or all of it.  Located near Martinsburg WV. - about 2 hrs from Carlisle PA.  Call me at 304-268-9440 or e-mail anytime for more information. Bob Mullen

robertseanmullen@outlook.com <robertseanmullen@outlook.com>

Mar. 18

Free to good home - Complete chrome trim set for 1980 MGB. I sold my MGB last year. While cleaning the garage I found a complete set of chrome trim that came with the car when I bought it. The previous owner must have installed all new trim so these are the originals and they're in nice shape. Located in Fallston, MD. Contact Jim Fisher. 410-598-6102.

Mar. 18

Wanted to Buy - MGC. I am looking for an MGC to buy. If anyone knows of one out there or someone who is contemplating selling one, please reach out to me. Don Dean, Clustered Spires British Car Club president. csbcc2008@live.com

Mar. 18


FOR SALE- Removable Hard Top for 1980 MGB.  Made by Parrish Plastics.  The top is in good condition but might need a few replacement parts which are available through Smooth Line, 1-877-368-4533.  The top might need new weather seals, and lock down hardware.  Asking $125.00.  Please email charing235@aol.com for additional information.

Jan. 18