Past Events

Most of the past events of interest to the club are covered in our British Marque articles and found in those pages. Others which don't make it there and that we are aware of (tell us!) will be summarized here.

LancoMG Events - May and June 2023.

Our club holds lots of events every year outside of our monthly membership "meetings". Many of those repeat year after year. But many are "something new". After all, "You can't please everyone, all the time", so our President, Ralph Spayd, works extremely hard, and twists many arms, to add things that are different and might appeal to those members that we don't see very often. And then, some folks step forward and say "I could .............." and offer to put something together that others might enjoy.

There were three such events in this May and June that were truly outstanding and deserve recognition as noted below by President Spayd.


May 20th "BBQ Bash" by Mark and Cat Litwin and Jim and Kerry Warner

Mark, Cat, Jim and Kerry,
For the LANCO MG Club, we can't thank you enough for hosting and feeding the club. Jim and Kerry, the venue was spectacular. Your efforts to restore/preserve your barn are impressive and well done. Mark and Cat, we all enjoyed the BBQ brisket and the other delicious foods. It was just a fantastic day. Thank you all again. Our club is so much more then just our cars, it's the members and especially people like you all who make LANCO so special. You took the the time and effort to host a wonderful event for us to enjoy. Our club is growing and it's all because of members like you. Helping to keep us interesting, connected and relevant. 
Thanks again,
Ralph Spayd


May 21st Club "Tech session" held at Jim Harbold's shop, with partner Bonnie Caldwell "Hooking"

Jim and Bonnie,
Missed you at the meeting today, but wanted to personally thank you for graciously hosting both the tech session and the "hooking" session. Bonnie, we had great fun with your class, but seriously appreciate you sharing your time. Jim, your shop is wonderful and was a great place for our session. It takes time and energy to host an event and you both help to make LANCO a better place to be. We're growing and can't do it without members like both of you.


June 3rd "Coffee, Cars, and Conversation held at Rob Shingle and Jim Keener's "Garage"

Rob and Jim,
What can I say, again it was just a spectacular day and very gracious of both of you to host our June Coffee - Cars and Conversation. The venue and your friendship are very special gifts that you both share with LANCO and we thank you. Our club continues to grow because of members like you, helping to keep us a vibrant and interesting group of people who share a common bond in cars, but more importantly each other. Thank you.
Ralph Spay


In case you missed it, see the write-ups on these in our June "British Marque" article.